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Free check engine light code pep boys tires auto, Free check engine light code retrieval service. Auto repair check engine light obd2 scanner pep boys, The pep boys free engine light code pull service includes: quick and quality service performed by a professional pep boys technician a scan of your vehicle’s on. How diagnose check engine light problem free, How to diagnose your check engine light problem for free.
Around Charlotte NC there are several local auto parts stores that offer a free code scan or check engine light diagnosic test. As an example, lets say you bring your vehicle down to the local auto parts store and they scan your check engine light. What you have to remember is that local auto part stores in Charlotte NC and surrounding SELL AUTO PARTS. The best way to find the solution for your auto problem is to have the check engine light diagnosed by qualified, certified technicians with proper scanners and tools. Even if you find a good mechanic, if you’re like me, you shiver at the thought of paying hundreds of dollars for major vehicle repairs. Every vehicle recently sold in the United States has an onboard diagnostic system that self-diagnoses a variety of vehicle issues through the vehicle’s diagnostic computer. OBD-II codes, or PID’s can help diagnose powertrain, emission, and other vehicle issues when diagnostic readings are out of accepted ranges. I was relieved to find out that the cause for the light to go on in my car was a possible vapor leak coming from my gas cap, caused by a weak spring in the cap. If you want to take things yet a step further and not go to the auto parts store every time, you can purchase your own OBD-II scanner. I’ve owned an automotive repair shop for almost 30 years, The first thing we check is the gas cap, and there is no charge for that! Hello, you seem like a person who is up front and honest, that is why I would like to ask you a question , and I hope you might be able to help, I bought a used car, I traded in mine ,and gave the guy cash, so all together I ended up paying like $5500, for a 1999 lexes, nice car motor is wonderful, but about 2 months down the road the check engine light when on , and so did the traction light, I went to see the guy I bought the car from , and he said oh it could be the cat. If my check engine light came on and someone scanned it real quick and got a code would that tell me the problem with my car? Unfortunately auto parts store, have quit coding cars and will no longer turn the check engine light off.
I don’t mean to be rude, but may I ask what a single mother with little money was doing buying a lexus? Shareah nailed it on the head, if your that broke you shouldnt have bought something like that.
I can tell you from experience you’re never going to get a good deal from any dealer or private seller. Im a certified buttwiper I guess I shouldnt still be rolling in my 21 year old cadillac that I have had for 8 years! Hi my name is Linda and I have a problem that’s very similar to what you went through Lisa. Here in NC a yearly inspection is required so the dreaded engine light can really be a nuisance when it comes on right before inspection is due. ACTUALLY THOSE SCANNERS ARE VERY INACCURATE THE CHEAP ONES FROM ADVANCE THAT IS JUST MY OPINION. I took my vehicle to my mechanic (rated the best in the city)he read the code for free, (gas cap) reset the computer for free…same thing happened.
If your gas cap is not properly sealing, it causes pressure issues and your check engine light will come on.
How uncanny to read this article considering i just came back from the Toyota dealership that gave me an estimate of $94 to run diagnostics on my car to figure out why the check engine light was on.
But the good thing about getting the error code was that i googled it before going to the dealer and had a pretty good idea of what the problem was and how much it would cost so that i could level head with the dealership instead of them taking advantage of me not knowing anything about cars and charging me a ridiculous amount.
Coming from a family of mechanics, while this could be a good place to start, I wouldn’t rely on those stores to have the most up to date diagnostic equipment.
Yeah, Fred, you’re the kind of money-grubbing dirtbag that give mechanics a BAD reputation. It’s easy to ignore, but your check engine light is designed to warn you of potential problems. Name That Part is a weekly challenge where fans and friends of Advance can showcase their wide range of DIY knowledge—bumper to bumper and every auto part in between. Cp9125 obd ii pocketscan™ code reader - actron, Cp9125 obd ii pocketscan™ code reader for use with obd ii compliant vehicles 1 2 3 4 lcd display - is a single line display with 8 characters.

Actron cp9125 pocketscan code reader - tools - sears, Actron cp9125 pocketscan code reader •designed for novice and helps to read the status of why the check engine lights are on • compatible on all new domestic and.
Actron cp9125 pocketscan obd ii code reader review, We look at the actron cp9125 pocketscan reader and help you decide if this is the right model for you. Actron obd ii pocketscan code reader cp9125 manuals, Actron obd ii pocketscan code reader cp9125 pdf user manuals. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. We've heard many stories from customers that opt for this free option so they can self-fix their auto problem. You start calling auto repair shops, explaining what has happened to you and your car, what you have done so far -- spending money on different parts suggested by the auto parts store and wasting your time.
The connector to this diagnostic system is called OBD-II (on-board diagnostic, version 2) and it is standardized for every vehicle sold in the US, 1996 and newer.
But good luck finding one (perhaps, asking if they offer a free check engine light scan and their response is a good measuring stick for an honest mechanic). With that money, you could have found a newer car with probably less miles that would be cheaper to fix. If the average market value on a car is $10000 and you get one for $8000, be prepared to put in an extra $2000 to get it reliable. They’re looking to get the most out of their sale, and if they are asking less than average there is a reason.
I am just pissed at them taking a woman for granted, thinking we don’t know about cars. Over a year ago I purchased a Chrysler 300 from a dealership it was finance for me through a bank for $16,000 and course I had some problems with it I think I’ve paid a total of $400 for repair since I bought it. I have learned a lot from the Dodge forum and that is how I found out about pulling the codes myself. To my luck i had gone to Sears Auto first that gave me the error code by running the quick diagnostic as your article lists, free of charge, which i then took to Toyota and didn’t pay a dime because it turned out to be a warranty issue!:) How often does that happen?! You come in thinking you know what’s wrong with your car, assuming we are going to scam you, and make a huge stink.
Don’t bother running around town when your car is still under bumper to bumper warranty!!
The only places that have those are car dealerships as they are quite expensive and they have to pay all update patches.
When you take your vehicle in to a local auto parts store for a Free Check Engine Light Diagnostic Test, they will scan your check engine light and give you what "code" is signaling that check engine light to come on. Some shops will say different things that may be possibly wrong with your car, but the best way to find out the solution to your problem is to take it to a repair shop that will actually check your vehicle for the problem and solution, not just read a code. They WANT to sell you numerous parts and tools so you can 'fix' your auto problem, but keep coming back.
Here at Twin Automotive, we diagnose check engine lights all the time, free of charge with repair. The service engine light comes on in your vehicle because the computer has diagnosed that something ain’t quite right.
When your on-board computer detects a problem, it outputs a code through the output, and the code can be read by an OBD-II code scanner, or reader. The store can also reset the computer so that if the problem persists, the light will come on again. My business is in the Small town of Williston Florida, we put out 25-30 cars a day and do no advertising, it all word of mouth.
A good early 2000’s Honda civic or Toyota corolla has a low value and low repair cost and are usually owned by adults. A couple weeks ago I tried to get it inspected because inspection is due now and Mechanic tells me that my engine light should be on.
The dealership claimed that they knew what the issue was after me paying that much for extensive diagnostics. We have seen many customers get the run around by replacing several different parts recommended by these local auto part stores, but not being able to fix what caused this auto problem. Then they may tell you that to fix this problem, you need to change your spark plugs, since this is a possible cause for the code. After you bring your vehicle in, they check your vehicle to find out the code 302 is being caused by no power to the number 2 fuel injector and that is causing the misfire.

In most cases, the people staffed have had no experience working on vehicles, diagnosing problems, and are reading you what parts to buy from the store's suggested computer directory. We can diagnose your auto problem quickly and tell you what we can do to repair the car the right way, the first time -- without you having to spend money and time guessing at a solution.
I am a single mom with no money , and I told the guy that, I was like please this is all I have , and if there are things about this car please let me know, oh he swore it is beautiful, your going to love it.
A 90s sedan or SUV would have been far more cost effective to maintain and would have been something that could have been easily modified to fit different tastes. So I went to Napa, they coded it with the EXACT SAME CODE READER, it was the same code, gas cap, they reset it, so I purchased an OEM gas cap and the same thing is happening.
For something like a check engine light, the proper diagnostics must be run to be 100% sure what is wrong.
Then I paid another $90, was called to go pick my car, was told it was fixed, got half way home and the light came back on, took my car to a mom and pop service place the next day, was told it was simply a fuse needing to be replaced, replace it and bam no more problem. Then, realising that you may be able to change the spark plugs yourself, you take their advice, purchase the spark plugs, go home and take the rest of your afternoon to put the spark plugs in. You schedule the work to be done, realising the time and parts you already spent was a complete waste at the local auto parts store.
When you take your car in to get it checked out, the mechanic hooks up a little diagnostic computer to your vehicle’s computer. The auto part stores carry these to cater to DIY’ers in hopes that they, in turn, buy the auto parts at their store to make the fix on their own. There was a rattle under the car I told him about right away, so he give 30 warranties and make an appointment like for the following week after I bought it it was like 8 days later, he did that for a reason didn’t he?
Then I took it to the Chrysler dealership to have it checked and they found black tape covering the engine light!!I was in disbelief, I am livid that they would do something like that!!So when it comes down to it what car someone choose to buy is really their business but when someone does something illegal like that, that’s when it becomes a Criminal Offense. Now engine light on camry so I’m gonna replace that gas cap and keep my fingers crossed.
Would you go to your doctor, after Googling your symptoms, and demand that he give you medicine because that’s what you saw online? So yes it is wise for people to have a little knowledge about their own vehicle so that they can avoid wasting hundreds of dollars they don’t have. Afterwards, everything appears to have fixed your problem, until the next morning on your drive to work. Well he fixed it , but not really the problem was still there, I brought it back , but by then it was to late, Please tell me what can I do to some how recover from this. Owned my car for 12 years now and the check engine light I refer to now as the phantom light.
In 3 months get arrested, served with protection from abuse papers, get served divorce papers, and get laid of from your job.
Yup I’m going to go to some asshole who charges $75 to plug in a code reader and turn a key on.
I am NOT taking it lightly that someone did this to me I have went to the bank that finance my vehicle,I sent messages to the Better Business Bureau,I’ve called the Action News Jason Stougenke to blow the whistle and I’m reporting it to the DMV he will not get away with this!!!! You go back to the store that sold you these spark plugs and tell them it didn't fix the problem. I know it’s been a long time since this happened to you but it really touch my heart to see how people can judge you about what kind of car you bought but if they had READ FULL STATEMENT of what you had said they would have seen this was not so cut and dry!!
The guy at the counter checks your car again, reads the same code 302 and tells you that he thinks you need to put new wires on the car and that should solve the code problem. So, again, you buy the parts suggested, go home, and spend a few hours installing them yourself. Believe me God is going to take care of the man who did this to you!!I Pray that things are well with you and your children and that you are in a better place with your vehicle!! When all is said and done, you have spent a lot of time going back and forth to this auto parts store, spending money on parts that don't fix your car.

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