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Not only were these filters offered in many poor areas, but with every filter that people purchase, a child in Africa gets to enjoy clean water for a year. This membrane is thick like cellophane, and it stops any contaminants and deposits from passing through the water you drink; a reverse osmosis water filter system can have several of those membranes. There have been attempts at making this situation a bit better, such as the recent project LifeStraw, which consisted of the invention of a portable water filter by a Swiss company. However, our subject for today is the reverse osmosis water filter system, a type of filter which is attached directly to your water pipes; unlike the LifeStraw, this is a more permanent solution, and it is used by people in all areas of the world, not just those without access to clean water.
Although most systems of this kind are alike in construction and principle, they differ in quality.
A reverse osmosis water filter functions thus: as you turn on the tap, the water starts running with pressure, and that pressure is used to push the water through a sort of membrane, which is partly permeable, and which stops any solids from passing through.
However, the performance of this system is also dependent on the water pressure, its temperature, and the concentration of deposits.

Both the quality of the materials and the build are important, so make sure you check out enough models before choosing one. By utilizing a system of this kind you will not only have cleaner, purer water, but it will also taste better, eliminates any odors, and all the pollution factors are flushed down the drain. Perhaps water filtration systems are a part of our future more than we know, especially if we don’t manage to cut back on pollution and reverse the effects of global warming.
Fischman (Indiana University School of Law–Bloomington), Sheila Foster (Fordham Law School), Eileen Gauna (University of New Mexico School of Law), Robert L.

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