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It is that time of year that I like to remind us all to take a look at our emergency preparedness status.
The first, pictured on the left above, is a sheet of a list of things to pack in your 72 hour kit.
When McKenna was born, I wasn't sure exactly when I was going to start sleep training with her. A really difficult time to navigate is the time when your baby starts to wake in the night around 5-6 AM.

Want a printable version of this list?  Just sign up for the ZSG newsletter and I will email it to you! I left some blank space so you can add things if you have other ideas you want to add to the list. Under "Family Information," you will put who is in the family--names of parents, spouse, children, etc. Be sure you have some long-distance phone numbers listed--they say long distance phone calls are the first to be restored in emergency situations.

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