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In preventing illness whenever possible, watch for the stress indicators in yourself and others you may be able to help. The Holidays are a whirlwind of activity, and tradition; from shopping, to parties, to concerts and recitals. Staying up late to get ahead the next day, means you’ll continue to play catch up when you crash at 12 and waste 2 hours trying to take a nap. The Holiday seasons are characterized by joyous carols and the quiet crying of stressed out mothers fretting about holiday to do’s and sugar-high children.
It starts with Halloween Costumes in October, juggling family, field trips and a banquet in November, and that whole time sewing, planning, and wrapping Christmas presents.

Jeffery R Holland reminded us “That if we do not take time to be well, we will most assuredly take time later on to be ill.” It made me think of the impending doom of the holidays, and how I was already pretty close to that edge. As with your automobile, be alert for rising temperatures, excessive speed, or a tank low on fuel. Ask yourself this one questions, “Does my family need this more than they need a happy me?” Your kids might love the newest gaming system and it may buy you some time to yourself later on, but do they need the crazed mom that has just returned from 4 hours of standing in line and fighting.
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Sure that concert sounds great, but would a quiet evening at home reading stories and playing games really be more uplifting.

Remember take care of yourself because you are the most important gift you can give your family. When you find you’re spending most of your day irritable and yelling at people, it’s a sign you’re nearing a crash. I told my husband the other day, exercise is like love, the more energy you give the more you receive.

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