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Urban survival gear emergency preparedness urban survival life - Equipped to survive® is the most comprehensive online resource for independent reviews of survival equipment and outdoors gear, as well as survival and search andMy passion our mission. I used to stress about changing the clothes out for the different seasons but I read somewhere that you can just cut off the pants and the shirt if it is THAT hot and now you have summer clothes. I am thinking of tying the shoes to the outside of the pack because I am out of room inside.
1 gallon of water per person per day is recommended, but my kids can’t carry that much weight so I went with 1 water bottle per day in their packs and then I have some water purifying tablets in my pack if we can find water. I used to stress about rotating the food and having enough calories from what I put in, but then I found these emergency food bars at an emergency preparedness store.
The batteries need to be rotated every so often and make sure to include an extra set (not pictured).
If you have a reason to use your packs, your kids will have a reason be stressed and most likely scared.
One important thing not pictured is to have your child’s records, even if it is a copy.
For a complete (expert) list of what is recommended, the American Red Cross has a list for you.
Also, I mentioned in the post I did about raising money for Japan about wanting to do something hands on that kids could help out with. Taken from their website, “Our mission is to provide comfort and a message of love to the kids of Japan who have lost everything in the recent earthquake and tsunami.

They have a list of ideas of what to put in the pack and an address of where to ship it when you are ready.  They are  accepting donations until May 15th, so get one put together this week and give it time to ship over there.
You always come up with such useful, well -thought- through info about things that make a difference. This post gave me a kick in the pants, but I am still feeling overwhelmed, I seriously need it broken down in very simple, do-able steps, so that I feel like I can really do it! I read from several others that they use wheeled backpacks or small wheeled suitcases for their younger children-much easier for them to navigate rather than on their backs.
I have a handicapped parent and one of the things that was discussed was getting a wagon to help pull their packs or if she cant walk we could have her sit in and pull her if necessary. Top 10 ways to reduce water use and save money, Top 10 ways to reduce water use and save northern california water resource that is home to southern steelhead salmon reduce your water use,.
Surprising ways we use water and why we - sustainability, Water is used for household use, 7 ways to reduce co2 emissions in how do we use water and why conserve? Water conservation facts and tips - national geographic, Household use, or take public transportation to reduce both your energy and water use. 10 tips on saving water at home, reducing use - eden, Save money and carbon with these top 10 top water saving tips from the water saving tips. If you have to walk a long distance, little ones might have a hard time carrying the backpack all the way. We have 72 hr kits but every time I rotate them I realize that there is no way my little ones could handle carrying what is recomended for a 72 hr pack.

My daughter is 10 and we still have her wagon so if she cant handle her pack for long she can have a little fun pulling it along. This is something I’ve been trying to get on top of this month along with food storage and checking out coupons to save while doing it. That makes it so much easier to see what I have, what I need to get, and what needs rotated.
Yes I am the one who just got a kick in the pants because I don’t have my 72 hour kits ready. Also, a small laminated picture of the whole family on a string necklace with contact info (including an out of state contact)on the back. Received an e-mail from a freind in Japan with a list of things she would have never thought to have but wishes she did. That way if your family gets separated, emergency workers can actually see who belongs with who.
I’ve been stressing about 72 hour kits forever, haven’t made them yet, but this was a very helpful reminder!! It seems the Japan disaster was a blessing in disguise to the rest of us so that we may have time to prepare in case of an emergency.

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