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I’ll start by telling you what my goals were with these kits and why I created them the way I did. Last, I’ll give you links where you can download menu labels for each day, handouts, and signup forms that you can use when planning your kits with your group! The cost of food adds up quickly and having to buy 3 days worth all at once in addition to your regular spending can seem daunting, especially for large families, which there are many of in our congregation.  I did not want the cost to deter people from taking this important step. I set a goal to keep the cost for each meal at $2 or less per person.  I ended up beating this goal! Third, many families do not already have a small portable stove, light weight mess kit etc.  This would be an added expense to them and may again deter them from getting their kits altogether. Give this handout to anyone you’d like to invite to join your group.  It should help them understand what it is you are trying to do and why you are building the kits this way!
Pass this form around a group meeting so people can sign up for what they want in each kit!

This was a lot of work to put together!  Over the last 3 years, I’ve received many requests from group leaders (mostly LDS Relief Society leaders) for such a post.  So, if you know a leader of a group who could benefit from this, send it to them!  It will save them a LOT of time (and hopefully money) while helping them create truly valuable kits for their families!  Thanks! BTW I love the idea of rotating the kit during conferences, what a way to make kids look forward to the event. The last time I bought them (about a year ago) I had to go to Amazon, and since then, I haven’t been able to find them. Several boys in our Boy Scout Troop have decided they are Preppers, so my husband and I want to put them to the test. We have a boy who once he enters a vehicle, starts eating and doesn’t stop until he arrives at his destination. I am not LDS but many of my friends are so my family could make it a Family day with movies and board games and have a blast with it. Some of them claim to have a bug out bag all ready to go, so they will need to pack all supplies in their own backpack.

Do you have recommendations for children’s kits or does this pretty much cover everyone? If all of your 72 hour kit is eaten on the road, how are you going to make it through the 72 hour period? You never know how prepared you are until you test it, and I think it will be a blast to actually live off of my kit and see how I’ve done.

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