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I had a few Sonata V6 sedans as rentals, when they still offered a normally-aspirated V6 a few years back, and I liked them a lot.
And although I understood the management decision by Hyundai to drop the V6 in favor of the 4-bangers, I think the luster came off the Hyundai brand when buyers could no longer opt for the V6 in the midsize sedans. Many potential buyers just can’t get excited about 4-bangers, no matter how gussied up they are. IMO, a 3-liter V6 should be the smallest engine in a midsize car or midsize truck, and 5-liter V8 the smallest engine in a half-ton truck.
As for the Sonata, the decision to go 4-cylinder only shaved a few hundred pounds off the car, and people who want the extra cylinders can buy the Azera. Sure, I understand that, and 4-bangers are cheaper to make than any V6, with fewer parts and simpler designs. The number of mid-sizers sold with v6s rounds to just about none, even in those that still offer them.
They’re easy to get to from anywhere in the US by flying in to El Paso International airport, and they are 50 miles NW off I-10.
My (now former) son-in-law years ago flew from LAX to ELP to pick up his (then new) Santa Fe, and the sales person picked him up at the airport for free. I work for at a Kia dealer I feel the main problem is past brand reputation and not having any enough Cuvs or any larger suv, trucks which make up a decent portion of the U.S.
And the interior is still pretty decent by today’s standards (the refresh improved the design of the dash), although spy shots of the new Optima indicates a leap up. And it’s not just a limited CUV lineup, but limited supply of what they do have (Toyota and Nissan have far more extensive CUV lineups and they also have much greater capacity to build them). This CUV capacity issue isn’t going to ameliorated somewhat until the new Kia plant in Mexico is finished. What also has been hurting them is the aggressive discounting by Toyota and Nissan due to the cheap Yen and Kia just starting to redo its lineup.
I was surprised how close Nissan and Honda are in sales, I would have thought Nissan would have been far ahead. In my area, Nissan is trying really hard to sell their Altima, often for as low as $18K plus tt&l, with many to choose from. The data relating to real estate for sale on this web site comes in part from the Internet Data Exchange Program. The property located at 6317 Skyview Lane Charlestown, IN 47111 is a Single Family property. The South African middle-distance runner Caster Semenya will compete in the women’s 800-meter final this Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, and she’s favored to win. At best, her detractors will give the credit for her win to the 25-year-old's body chemistry rather than her skill. His suspicions raised, Jay, who knew Ann’s passwords, read through her e-mails and Facebook messages. If Hillary Clinton wins the White House in November, it will be a historic moment, the smashing of the preeminent glass ceiling in American public life. A Clinton victory also promises to usher in four-to-eight years of the kind of down-and-dirty public misogyny you might expect from a stag party at Roger Ailes’s house. Choose your own adventure: You’re at a party, trying to have a good time, when someone brings up War and Peace. When 2,000 Britons were polled last year about tactics they’d used to try to appear more intelligent, 62 percent of them confessed to having chosen option C. If the Republican nominee is defeated in a landslide, the party may be powerless to influence Clinton's agenda and administration.

The days are shortening, the back-to-school sales are starting—and Donald Trump is approaching his last chance to turn a catastrophic campaign into an ordinarily unsuccessful campaign: to rise from Goldwater debacle to respectable Dukakis defeat.
Such hope seems to have inspired Trump’s speech in North Carolina yesterday: Its remarkable language of solidarity and its unprecedented—for Trump anyway—expression of regret for words that caused pain.
The difference between a Goldwater and Dukakis outcome is the difference between holding a Republican majority in at least one chamber  of Congress and a down-ballot deluge that would open the way to a new bout of Democratic legislative activism. Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was already in the midst of a rough spot when The New York Times published a story Sunday night, detailing millions in cash payments to Manafort listed in a secret ledger in Ukraine.
By Friday, Manafort had resigned from the Trump campaign, two days after the Republican nominee effectively sidelined him by hiring a new campaign chief executive and a new campaign manager. Set back on quiet College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, sits a dignified, four story, 19th-century house that belongs to Dr.
Migrants arrive at the central registration center for refugees and asylum seekers in Berlin.
Heimat is a German word with no direct translation in English, like schadenfreude, or zeitgeist. Making Heimat: Germany, Arrival Country is Germany’s publication for the starchitectural extravaganza that is the 2016 Venice Biennale. On August 21, more than 11,000 Olympic athletes will leave Rio, some carrying medals, others lugging the weight of falling short of expectations. This emotional drop, in its most acute form, might be called post-Olympic depression—or, to borrow a phrase from the sports psychologist Scott Goldman, the director of the Performance Psychology Center at the University of Michigan, an under-recovery.
In a StoryCorps animation, Patrick Haggerty remembers the remarkable advice he got from his dairy farmer dad.
Light trucks at General Motors – including a pickup range that grew its sales by 42% – jumped 36%. Even the non-turbo 4s are more than adequate for the overwhelming majority of people who buy this type of car.
They have almost no presence in China, they only sell a handful of cars in Europe, and they aren’t all that popular in Japan.
Nissans seem to be discounted more readily and they have a much wider variety of vehicle types. This property has a rural feel and located just on the outskirts of town and is extremely well-maintained, providing potential for your special flare in decorating. Built in 2004, the property at 6317 Skyview Lane is 1 story, has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, is approximately 1,502 square feet, and has 2 parking spaces. It might even prompt international sporting agencies to once again rethink what it means to be a female athlete. Quite the opposite: Some have suggested she should be taking drugs in order to bring her hormone levels more closely in line with those of average women. But according to a leaked medical test, Semenya’s testosterone levels are three times as high as those of most women, and she has internal testes instead of ovaries.
How digital tools are aiding the unfaithful and the untrusting—and may be mending some broken marriages.
It was a Tuesday evening in August 2013, and Jay, a 36-year-old IT manager, was at home in Indiana with their 5-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son when he made a jarring discovery.
As hyperpartisanship, grievance politics, and garden-variety rage shift from America’s first black commander-in-chief onto its first female one, so too will the focus of political bigotry. Finding yourself caught in the middle of a conversation about a book you haven’t read, do you: (A) listen quietly, (B) leave the area, or (C) say something about the book anyway, in an effort to seem smart?
Indeed, according to the survey (a promotional stunt by the nerd-loving TV show The Big Bang Theory), lying about having read classic books was the most popular strategy for appearing smarter.

When Michigan Republicans went to the polls in March, economists expected to see huge Trump turnout in areas with the most shuttered factories. It describes the relationship between a person and his built environment, somewhere between the feeling of home and homeland.
Featuring writing from prominent German architects, urban planners, and sociologists, Making Heimat examines how to create immigrant communities in today’s Germany, and builds on the lessons from Doug Saunders’s 2011 book, Arrival City.
Despite their varying degrees of success, many will have the same surprise waiting for them back home: a feeling that life suddenly seems ordinary. You personally might want more cubes to compensate for altitude issues, but that’s not a general concern. New Sonata even though got understated facelift has a better appointed and more premium looking interior and less boring exterior style than all its Japanese competitors. Their daughter had misplaced her iPad, so Jay used the app Find My iPhone to search for it. So Jay started using Find My iPhone for an altogether different purpose: to monitor his wife’s whereabouts. America’s daughters will at last have living, breathing, pantsuit-wearing proof that they too can grow up to be president.
Some of it will be driven by genuine gender grievance or discomfort among some at being led by a woman. Another strategy identified by the survey, wearing glasses, appears to be surprisingly effective.
Instead, they got the opposite: Trump’s support was strongest in towns that had gained manufacturing jobs.
Since August of 2015, Germany has become home to more than 1.1 million refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers. Published well before the current diaspora to Europe, Arrival City argues that the ad hoc, self-determined neighborhoods that emerge out of mass migrations, termed “arrival cities,” are integral to integrating newcomers in their destination country. The app found the missing tablet right away, but it also located all the other devices on the family’s plan. But in plenty of other cases, slamming Hillary as a bitch, a c**t (Thanks, Scott Baio!), or a menopausal nut-job (an enduringly popular theme on Twitter) will simply be an easy-peasy shortcut for dismissing her and delegitimizing her presidency. Guys on the assembly line, whose jobs are either being stolen by the Chinese or strangled to death by Obama’s regulations. This influx has German architects and urban planners asking the question: “Do we have a refugee crisis on our hands?
Hyundai volume rose to a record-setting January level of 82,804 sales, but the 1% gain severely trailed the industry.
And given his sky-high popularity among white men without a college degree, I’d argue this pitch is gaining traction. Comfortable pillows are never far from reach. The basement—with its own bed, living space, and private bathroom—often hosts a rotating cast of yogis and meditation teachers. Kia sales were up a little more than 3%, although the brand’s car division slid 3% on falling Optima and Cadenza volume. The real sanctuary, however, is on the third floor, where people come from all over to rent rooms, work with Britton, and rest.

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