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Flying may be one of the best experiences one can have in his or her lifetime but it doesn’t come without a price. It is not uncommon for us to know that the job of a firefighter is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.
Power line workers assemble, maintain and fix overhead and underground electrical power transmission and distribution systems including switches, transformers and other electrically related wirings. As the name suggests, underwater welders work and weld stuffs at elevated pressures under water.
In addition to the possible electric shock, other hazards include decompression sickness, hypothermia and even drowning for the reason that they need to submerge themselves at a specific depth under water.
Military personnel are members of armed forces who are deployed on specific assignments to protect and defend the welfare of the state and its people. Loggers are also considered as having the most risky jobs in the world mainly because of the equipments they use as well as the falling trees. If the tree reaches the ground safely without hitting anyone, loggers should still maintain careful distance as there might be severely bent limbs that can injure them.
Lastly, on the list of top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world is none other than “Fishing”. Every job is important and every job is uniquely designed to suit the capacity of an individual being hired. Though there are many easy jobs out there, some people are still willing to do jobs that not everyone is very keen to have.
This article not only tells you what is the slowest car in the world but also lists other cars meeting this category. Fiat Qubo 1.4 Natural Power was launched in the year 2009 and is claimed to be yet another slowest car in the world.
Since 1997, over 2 million Prius hybrids of Toyota have been sold in 70 different countries.
This good-looking and made in USA car is hard to believe if we had to put in the category “Slow”. This 3-seated automotive is yet another world’s slowest car, which takes about half-a-minute to reach 60 mph.
All the three versions have 2 battery options with a standard 8 kWh lithium ion battery, which can be replaced with a bigger 12 kWh battery. Most low top-speed cars are either hybrid or electric cars, which is the main reason why they give you extremely low speeds. According to Guinness, the smallest car in the world Peel P50 is just 53-inches in length and 39-inches in width.
Yet, there are also people who are already blessed with good looks but are not yet contented with the beauty that God has given them. Being a celebrity requires 2 important things: you should look good in front and off the camera.
The celebrity plastic surgery before and after has been a constant and well-loved topic over the years. Renowned designer, Donatella Versace, may be famous for her Versace designs that many women are dying to set their hands on it, but she is also famous for a very wrong reason… plastic surgery.
Heidi was known for having 10 plastic surgeries all within a day at just the age of 23 including an F-cup breast size in 2010. Yet another example of bad plastic surgeries before and after is none other than Rapper Lil Kim. Meg Ryan who was America’s sweetheart and became famous internationally for her lead portrayal as Sally in When Harry Met Sally in 1989, had undergone lip fillers and botox injections to maintain or rather improve her looks.
Priscilla Presley, the wife of Elvis Presley, wanted to preserve her youthful look, which was exactly the time when she decided to have a plastic surgery done. Janice Dickinson, the world’s first supermodel, was never embarrassed to admit that she had several plastic surgeries done on her body.
Undeniably one of the most handsome and devilishly good looking actors of his generation, Mickey Rourke, had an aggressive transformation that not only earned him rolling eyeballs from netizens but also several criticisms as well. A New York City socialite through marriage with Alec Wildenstein that ended in divorce, Jocelyn underwent several surgeries to achieve a cat-like appearance to please her ex-husband, Alec.
Sarah Jessica Parker rose to fame as that famous girl, Carrie Bradshaw, in Sex and the City.
Patrick Dempsey is definitely one of the most handsome and attractive actors ever graced on screen. The Kardashians have subjected themselves to plastic surgeries (rumors that they have denied but are evident if we compare their before and after pictures). Yet another example of best celebrity plastic surgery before and after is Kiera Knightley, who is best known for her portrayal as Elizabeth Swann in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. The Best Strategies to Invest Your Money Wisely Laura answers a podcast listener's question about how to invest money for higher returns. Now is the perfect time to explore ways to invest that don't involve the stock market.
Office jobs and other white-collared jobs may be safe but there are some that are really dangerous. It is not merely about driving and transporting goods from one place to the other but more on how to operate a truck with a capacity of at least 26,000 lbs per vehicle.
Flying a craft and being a pilot is also considered as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world because you never know what will happen midair.
Braving through fire and falling debris, every mission that a firefighter has can be considered a suicide. Though this is still a great number, it significantly decreased from 2013’s 97 deaths. In addition to their tiring job, comes the great risk of danger in terms of injuries and even deaths on their working area.
As a matter of fact, oil drilling is considered as one of America’s most dangerous profession. Around 30-50 electrical power line workers in every 100,000 gets killed on their job every year just to make sure that we have our lights and electricity on. Workers in this area face the risk of electric shock under water as the diver and the electrodes are directly exposed to water. Most workers who have been in this field have been reported problems related to cognitive and musculoskeletal areas, which includes problems with memory, hearing and muscle aches. Apart from the risk of deaths and injuries on the war zone, military personnel also experience emotional trauma — being away from their families. The fatality rate for loggers is 127.8 per 100,000 workers plus thousands more are injured per year.
As a matter of fact, the fatality rate for fishermen is 39 times higher than the US national average and more than half of these fatalities usually happened following a vessel catastrophe followed by falling overboard. To help prevent further accidents and fatalities in the different work fields, we as individuals should also know where we stand, the quality of our training, importance of our education and ability to complete the job safely. We have compiled it in reverse chronological order just to make you curious which car occupied the first position (in terms of slowest). This manufacturer’s 500C is reported to be one of the most inexpensive sedans in the Italian market.
Unbelievably, United States is reported to be the single biggest market for Prius, with over 1 million cars purchased in the year 2008.
Believe it or not, scion in trend right now, as it is claimed to be one of the high-quality sedans on the small side.
Aging is a normal process but some are scared of those wrinkles and the sagging of their skin.
Let’s go over 20 celebrities who we have seen transform because of plastic surgery whether they admit it or not.
Donatella went under the knife and her face extremely changed with all of the things done to her. She may still look beautiful after the number of surgeries she had but this did not come without a price.

She had so much of work done on her body that a time came where she was literally unrecognizable. However, Pam was not contented and had to undergo several plastic surgeries, even including boob augmentation which resulted to bigger boobs (she went under another surgery to decrease its size though), lip surgery which made her lips fuller, a face lift as well as a nose job. Due to taking up a profession in boxing which resulted to his face being smashed and damaged, Mickey confessed that he had to undergo a reconstructive surgery but this did more harm than good. We don’t care if they confirm or deny but as long as we like what we see and we do like the effects of those surgeries that happened to Kim.
Find out how much and where to put your money so you create financial security without taking too much risk.
But investing also means that you could possibly lose money.The potential for investment risk creates a tension that keeps many people from getting started investing in the first place.
The kind of profession you choose depends on your passion, educational background and qualification. Truck accidents can be the consequence of many factors which can also endanger the lives of passengers from other vehicles or even by-standers.
Unlike engine troubles on land, engine troubles mid-air can result in hazardous crashes and can be fatal to its pilot as well as passengers. Frequently, the cause of firefighters’ death is heart attack which constitutes a great 44% from the total death percentage, followed by trauma with 27%, fire truck collisions at 20-25% and asphyxia and burns with only 20%.
The leading causes of death among workers in a construction site include falls, being struck by a sharp object, trapped in the middle or being electrocuted. These workers may be unnoticed but just like firefighters, they also do their best to provide consumers with what we need, especially during an electric block-out caused by a storm.
To prevent an electric shock from happening, a waterproof electrode should be properly insulated so that the welding current can be controlled and further, does not harm the workers.
The reported fatalities for this work ranges from 6 to 13 in every 10,000 workers a year which is already high compared to other fields.
As of 1 October 2015, there were reports of about 2326 US military deaths in the War of Afghanistan alone while 20,083 members badly injured in action during the war.
Being on the battlefield can also cause mental stress on them, which may carry up in their old age. This rose to almost 25% mainly because of inexperienced loggers being hired by the different logging companies to meet the demand for logs. Loggers can now sit in a protective cab while a steel arm is holding the chainsaw to cut the trunk of a certain tree. Furthermore, unexpected changes in weather can cause ship to crash and needless to say about those heavy equipments aboard can also cause ship fatalities. Let us refrain from applying for a job where we know that our skills are not enough to maintain safety from an impending disaster no matter how tempting the salary is.
For that reason, we should thank them for their willingness to such jobs in the best possible way to provide us with our needs.
People’s craze for cars have always fascinated automobile industrialists to come up with new launches and this is exactly why you will see new cars being manufactured and released every year. The Mia automotive collections were through a network at France, which specialized in electric mobility.
It was designed with an intention to entice middle-class families to use cars and ditch their 2-wheelers.
It has just 1 door, which opens on the left, Until now only 45-50 cars have been manufactured.
Sadly, most people would want to deal with people who look great and appealing on their eyes. Hence, they do their best to maintain their looks or try the tougher path to become even more beautiful. Just 3 years after, she experienced major problems with the size of her breasts as it hampered her everyday life due to severe back and neck pain in addition to the numbness on her arms.
However, instead of enhancing her beauty, we think that it certainly changed her natural looks into something we wished we hadn’t seen.
Her mother confessed once that whenever they have make-up in their house, it was Dolly who would grab and use it first.
It has been said that her beauty though came with the help of the knives as she subjected herself to botox, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Kim’s nose became shorter and more defined which must have been a result of a rhinoplasty job. In fact, even after a rumored plastic surgery, she still looked so natural, as if she did not undergo any of them.
However, you cannot deny the fact that they risk their very own lives just to save other lives. It should also be noted that in the past decade, there was a 6% increase in fatality during training for firefighters that still needs to be prevented. These 4 are claimed to be the major causes for more than half of the deaths in the construction industry. Oil and gas rig workers in this industry are exposed to flammable gases and vapors which can easily cause fire and even explosion. If they are lucky enough to live after an accident, they lose their limbs due to electrical burns and mechanical trauma. Moreover, there were also 121 American soldiers who died serving the Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) where 54 are confirmed dead in Africa, Southeast Asia and Cuba while 67 deaths occurred outside the war zone while helping combat missions in Afghanistan. The average workplace death rate for the commercial fishing industry was estimated to be 124 deaths per 100,000 fishermen. Indeed, every person has his or her unique part in this world and we are sure that you have too.
This car is primarily intended for urban use, where the clean-burning methane fuel offers the biggest advantage. What buyers actually loved about this car is its spacious interiors, user-friendliness, cheap navigation radio, low price, exceptional fuel-economy with Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission (CVT) and standard Bluetooth. However, this semi-convertible automotive makes you feel as if you are driving a sports car.
Smart Fortwo CDI was launched back in the year 2008 and since then it has been successful in sales. The production started during June 2011 and the sales were restricted to fleet customers in Germany and France. Amazingly, this small car does not have a reverse gear because it is so light that the person driving it can easily pick this car up and turn it around. There is a great stigma on those who do not look great on the physical aspect, which leaves them hurt and unhappy of how they look. Ugliness and fear has encouraged science and technology to alter what was already gifted – obviously the so-called “plastic surgeries”. Though she denied the nasty rumors of having plastic surgeries, it is quite evident that she had an obvious face lift and a nose job. The doctor had already been charged and imprisoned due to his illegal practice and surgery techniques.
As a teenager, she wanted perfection – right from her clothes to her make-up and down on her nails. Upon divorced, she was given $2.5 billion and $100 million dollars for 13 years after but with the provision that she cannot use it on plastic surgeries anymore. He was open about getting his nose done to make it look thinner as well as having botox injections to get rid of creases and wrinkles that are very common among people of his age. Her boobs have turned rounder and fuller compared to her previous size which must have been the result of breast implants.
7 big ways to invest your money in 2015 - MarketWatch Put your tax refund to work: How to invest , 000 - Apr. The number of people who died due to truck accidents increased a great leap of 14% during 2009 to 2013.
In 2014 alone, there had been a total of 4679 fatal work injuries, which is 2% higher than the 2013 records.

In addition to risks like fire and explosion, workers have to deal with cranes that carry heavy equipments above their heads. Other causes of injury and fatalities for electrical workers aside from electrocution include falls from posts and injuries from other falling objects. These cases may have been prevented though if safety precautions are being set such as wearing proper gears and listening to weather forecasts.
You better choose your profession carefully and always remember that whatever occupation you decide, you should know the consequences of it and what you are facing so that you can prepare and arm yourself with the necessary precautions and safety training needed for your chosen profession.
If you prefer to own a small yet slow car, then Smart Fortwo CDI is the right option for you.
Moreover, it is a stable car, thus, making it very helpful for people, who are just learning to drive.
High power, reliability, reasonable price and advanced technology are few factors that differentiate Chevrolet from other cars in the market.
If you are truly looking forward to buy the world’s slowest car, Scion IQ is one option to prefer and not to mention, it is one of the top competitors for other slow as well as small cars. Later, the sales went on internationally, even including Belgium, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Canada, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa and New Caledonia. Small size, speed limit, size, price and engine are few features that has made Peel P50 to be entitled as the “slowest”. Through time, a lot of people submit themselves under the knife just to obtain the beauty they have always wanted to.
Heidi also confessed that she regretted having those surgeries she made earlier and advised women not to go under such operations anymore.
Dolly is not so new to plastic surgeries, as she admitted to having subjected herself into quite a number of procedures like breast implants, face lift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. The judge did the right thing as Jocelyn’s face has been quite unrecognizable from her own natural beauty. She kept it minimal and she only had two plastic surgeries: a nose job and a lip augmentation. 15, 2015 How to Invest , 0, and , 000 (and More) Learn how to invest money to fit your investing time frame and comfort level.
To prevent more accidents on the road, there is a federal regulation which only allows truck drivers to spend 70 hours of work on the road. Though construction is one of the most perilous jobs, there have been a lot of organizations that is currently exerting efforts to improve construction safety and working conditions for the laborers.
They may also experience sprains, strains, cuts or lacerations and even contusions during work. Also, the manufacturer is offering a diesel-version, which promises better efficiency and frugality.
Manx Peel Engineering Company once manufactured this 3-wheeled micro car in the year 1963 and 1964. Though she looks somewhat better compared to the other people on this list, we still prefer her old look and wished she maintained her beauty naturally.
She may have said that she is quite happy with her looks and the surgeries she had achieved so far but we still hope that she did not subject herself under the knife. It is best and should be implemented on all construction areas so that these laws can ensure the safety and security not only of the workers but also the companies they are working for. Hence, this is one of the jobs where the number of fatalities is great and exceeds expectations. With these accidents, it is very much a must that all employers should ensure their workers to follow regulations and safety precautions meant for the electric industry. If you are one among them, who prefers to buy one or just wants to know what is the slowest car in the world, then read the article further.
In short, we would want you to think twice before buying this car because it lacks protection, map pockets, air conditioning, power brakes and even antilock brakes. The nice thing about Renault Twizy’s range is its effectiveness in regenerative breaking and battery power. Though Angelina never confirmed anything aside from doing surgery for mastectomy, we don’t mind as long as she continues to be one of the beautiful beings in the world.
But if you invest the same amount over 30 years with an average 8% return, you’ll have close to $750,000 to spend.
If there are problems on off-shore rigs, the only rescue they have is coast guards and though they can respond at the soonest possible time, incidents like explosion occurs much faster and most often than not will result to a number of deaths among workers of the particular rig site.
According to survey reports, it offers better comfort and on-road stability to its occupants.
Rather than a gearstick, you will see a neatly designed button on the steering wheel’s left side, which says D (Drive), N (Neutral) and R (Reverse). However, in 2010, a new firm from England named “Peel Engineering Limited” launched it replica version.
That could make the difference between scraping by or being comfortable in retirement.Therefore, taking calculated investment risk is an important part of your financial life. But how much ever they work to avoid it, workers are bound to suffer from accidents, injuries, broken bones and sometimes even death. Four 6-foot adults can comfortably sit upright but their shoulders might touch each other, as the car is little narrow.
When it comes to equipments, it is more of “WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)”, meaning they are less. Even though this small yet slow car appeared similar to the one produced by the 1964 company, Peel made many mechanical changes.
Though such jobs are endless, we are here to list you the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world. Ditching few of its unappealing quirks, it has turned as a trend to own and drive these slowest cars.
With an EPA-calculated range of 62 miles, you will feel confident during city drives and small commutes.
Few basic features like heated windscreen, pedestrian horn, horn, window wipers, headlights, indicators and hazard lights are included as a standard.
However, you cannot deny the fact that teens sometimes may struggle paying off its insurance, which usually comes about $3560 per year. Keeping money safe and cozy in a low-interest savings account stunts its potential and doesn’t give it the opportunity to grow.The reality is that not taking enough investment risk might actually be the riskiest move of all! In fact, we advice you to think a 100 times before deciding one of these as your career option because your life is worth it. In short, Coupe S is great for kids, especially whose parents are worried about their safety while driving. During the year 2012, this battery powered electric vehicle was one of the top selling vehicles in Europe.
So I’d encourage the anonymous podcast listener to get started investing as quickly as possible. Its petite size and short of power above 50 mph makes it a real challenge during fast-moving traffic. As I mentioned, the timing for spending your money determines what you should do with it.The money you want to use for short-term goals should not be exposed to market volatility. Saving money involves looking for deals and buying the items you need at the best price, using coupons or by shopping around.
7 big ways to invest your money in 2015 - MarketWatch Best and Worst Investment Options Dec 18, 2014. Investors have been told that short-term bonds are the best port if they fear an interest rate.

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