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Emergency & survival food storage products augason, Easy back to school snacks and meal ideas from augason farms. Augason farms 12day emergency food pail walmartcom, Augason farms recognizes that today's consumers are more concerned than ever before about what kind of foods they eat and wants to provide their families with food. Augason farms food storage emergency all-in-one pail (30 - Emergency fire starter and water filter. Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Description: Dedicated to preserving the memory of this fine Canned Bacon made by Celebrity Foods in Hungary and imported many years ago for emergency disaster preparedness, camping, hiking and survival.
Televangelist Jim Bakker, known best for losing his multi-million dollar empire amid a sex and embezzlement scandal, is building his new brand around the end of the world.
Changing directions: Jim Bakker and his current wife Lori have a preaching television show and sell somewhat unusual items on their websiteBakker made headlines in the 1980s when he and his wife Tammy Faye took the airwaves by storm with their Christian evangelical broadcast and development of the Praise The Lord Television Network. Supplies: Buckets of emergency food (left, $2,000) and a fuel-less generator (right, $1,700) are for sale to help the followers prepare for the apocalypseEmergency room and board kits- that cost $500 or $1,000 a pop- are for sale, along with foldable fuel-less generators for $1,700 and packages of long-lasting food supplies. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Bmw efficientdynamics : bmw concept 5 series activehybrid, Can a car become constantly more efficient and at the same time constantly more dynamic? 2015 bmw 4 series gran coupe with m sport package – youtube, The new bmw 4 series gran coupe offers a choice of five engines. 2015 bmw 2 series convertible will flip its lid for $38,850, The bmw 2 series is dropping its top next year in the us with the new 228i and m235i convertible models.. Bmw 2-series coupe receives 1.5-liter 3-cylinder engine, Bmw has introduced a series of improvements for the 2-series coupe model. The disgraced pastor is now selling pricey cordless generators and survivalist food packs on his website in an effort to help earn money to pay off his debts to the IRS.
After amassing millions of viewers and becoming household names, their fortunes turned when Jim was accused of raping then-21-year-old secretary Jessica Hahn. Those charges accused him of keeping millions from the donation money his company accrued, and later sought after by the IRS for $6million in tax liens dating back to the 1980s.
Among his books is Prosperity And The Coming Apocalypse, in which he touts his belief in the undetermined return of Jesus, and urges his followers to be prepared.
The Jerry Jones Special is an unusual $2,000 grouping of 37 buckets of corn, green beans, tomato flakes and raspberries that are said to provide enough ingredients for 480 meals.

The most unusual item on the docket are the collection of enema kits for sale, perhaps in a nod to his late wife Tammy Faye who died after a long battle with colon cancer in 2007. He denied the charges, saying that their sex was consensual, and they settled out of court. He even has an entire section dedicated to health products, including a variety of vitamins, protein shakes and exercise equipment. The strangest by far is the so-called 'Silver Solution' enema kits, selling for $100.'He appears to have no shame. He's milking his worshippers for "end of the world" products and enemas too, which is bizarre,' a source told The National Enquirer.

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