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It's vital in any survival situation to make use of anything you find or already have with you. If you have a poncho or any kind of plastic sheeting, you can build several different types of shelters. If you have enough material and want to suspend yourself from the ground, you can create a cot. The one thing that sets the show apart from any other is that the host and star is all alone. Find two long, sturdy branches and roll them into the material on each side like a long scroll, leaving about a foot of wood exposed at each end. In the crash scenarios, he might have the wreckage from a small boat, airplane or raft to use.

A bit of discarded climbing rope, some ripped plastic sheeting or even an old hiking boot can be of great use in the woods.
For a basic shade shelter, all you need to do is spread the material out so you can get under it. If you have rope but no tree to tie into, tie it around a medium sized rock and bury it 6 to 8 inches into the ground. For seven days, Stroud hauls his camera equipment around and documents his journey in the first person.
Proceed aboard slowly, but your body weight should pull it tight as long as it's wrapped with enough material. You can fashion a tent shelter by running rope down the center of the poncho between two trees, then staking the sides into the ground with sharp sticks to create an A-frame.

Just get a 6-inch stick and attach it to the line a few inches from where it meets the material.
Another simple lean-to shelter can be made by tying two opposite corners of the poncho to trees. The other end slants diagonally to the ground and can be secured with stick stakes or heavy rocks.

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