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Grammarly is a free spell checker and grammar checker which can be used as an extension to your browser. Grammarly allows you to correct grammatical mistakes while catching contextual spelling errors and poor vocabulary usage. Additionally, Vicky coaches her students to use Grammarly to check the originality of the work they submit.
Copy and paste your text into the Hemingway web app and you will be offered color coded suggestions highlighting sentences that are hard or very hard to read, simpler word alternatives, adverb and passive voice replacements.
Besides these suggestions, the app includes word count and an index of readability by grade level. A nice feature is the ability to switch from Writing to Editing mode.

To find more writing tools for students, read all the writing tips in Vicki’s article on her site and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter! He is going away to university in October but would like to be able to drive our shared car occasionally.
Like us, Vicky is a big fan of dictation in Google Docs as a way to help slow typists write assignments faster.
The former removes all suggestions and provide a distraction-free interface to write with only the most basic formatting options.
We wanted to briefly share here two more tools Vicky discovered which constitute valuable writing tools for students.

But would this mean that I'll have to keep to curfews and limits on mileage that they impose, or is it possible for the "black box" to be used just when he is driving? Some insurers will offer a discount for a curfew, of 10pm for example, and a cap on your mileage.

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