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"You Are Your Thoughts: Four Methods to Change Your Thoughts and Your Life for the Better" is a brand new PLR report I've personally written for you on thought management along with a 10-email followup course to help add subscribers to your list.

The report covers the topics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), mindfulness, gratitude and habits. All four are powerful methods of changing changing your thinking and creating a better life. Combined, I believe they can truly transform your life.

All four are hot topics that people are actively seeking for information to help transform their lives.

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Thomas Holley


Here's what's included in this PLR package:

  • 14-page report, "You Are Your Thoughts: Four Methods to Change Your Thoughts and Your Life for the Better" (3,684 words)
  • 10 follow up emails
  • Cover art (flat and 3D models)
  • Source files for cover art
  • 5 images with quotes for Facebook posts
  • Opportunties for affiliates

Here are the high-resolution covers for you to use as your own!

Here are the five Facebook posts for you to use as your own!

The 14-page report, "You Are Your Thoughts: Four Methods to Change Your Thoughts and Your Life for the Better", provides practical tips and information for using NLP, mindfulness, gratitude and habits to change your thinking to create positive effects in your life.

Most people are help back due to negative thinking and are looking to change their unhealthy habit of negative thinking to a healthier habit of postive thinking.

Self-improvement is an evergreen topic with plenty of opportunities for affiliate marketers. Think positively and get this high-quality PLR product now!

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[PLR] You Are Your Thoughts: 4 Methods to Change Your Thoughts and Your Life