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It’s the end of the month, and you know what that means - it’s time for the latest Be My Eyes updates! This month, Procter & Gamble joined the Specialized Help platform to provide direct support to the hair-care experts at Herbal Essences. On Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we teamed up with our four Specialized Help partners to spread the message about the new standard of video customer support. On top of that, we were honored with a Blackwood Design Award. Read to the end to hear from the guy who answers when you make a call Microsoft, and to see a video about the new wearable that’s got everyone “buzzing”.

News & Updates

Someone uses Be My Eyes to read the label on two Herbal Essences bottles, coconut milk shampoo and conditioner accompanied by the  Herbal Essences logo along with the text ‘Now available on Specialized Help’.

NEW: Herbal Essences and Be My Eyes Join Forces to Make Hair Care More Accessible

Herbal Essences is already pioneering accessible hair care by making their shampoo and conditioner bottles distinguishable by touch. Now, they are taking the next step by offering Be My Eyes users free, live video support so that you can get everything you need to know from P&G’s hair care experts.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day visual depicting a blind user making a call with Be My Eyes, checking the timetable at a train station. Beside the image are four icons depicting cognitive, mobility, vision, and hearing disabilities.

Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 16th!

On this Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we rallied together to ring the bell for accessible customer support. Together with four household names in technology, consumer goods, and banking, Be My Eyes is working to set a new standard for video customer support.

Image of people touring the Bayes Centre at the University of Edinburgh, where the Blackwood Design Awards Judging Ceremony was taking place. On the right side of the image is written “Blackwood Design Awards 2019”.

NEW: Be My Eyes wins a Blackwood Design Award

Be My Eyes is pleased to be announced the winner of a Blackwood Design Award for Best New Product. The Blackwood Design Awards honor inventions, designs and concepts that enable people with a disability to live independently.

Featured Story of the Month

Listen to Mike’s story on YouTube.

Meet a Be My Eyes expert: Mike, from Microsoft

The experienced Microsoft support agent, Mike, has had the opportunity to help out thousands of customers. With Be My Eyes being a part of his daily work, Mike can help customers who are blind or have low-vision much more efficiently than previously.

Read Mike’s story

What People are Saying

“The main thing I love about Be My Eyes is that so far, nothing has been too strange for the volunteers. I can ring them up about basically anything I’m having trouble with, and they’ll look at it for me, and they don’t seem too worried about whatever it is I need looked at.”

– Adelle, blind user from Australia

“By helping people I feel better in myself, because I feel a bit better already without even taking a call.”

– Sally, volunteer from United Kingdom

“I think Be My Eyes is a wonderful tool for anybody who’s visually impaired, and it’s a unique way to connect and meet new people.”

– Michael, blind user from United States

Be My Eyes Loves

YouTube review of the Sunu Band by The Blind Life - video.

Sunu Band - Travel with Confidence

The Sunu Band is a smartwatch that uses sonar echolocation and a GPS navigation app to provide its users with a safe and smooth navigation experience.

Designed to be complementary and subtle, the Sunu Band works in collaboration with your white cane or guide dog, as it can detect obstacles from your knees and up (like poles, people or tree branches). People who use Sunu Band rave about detecting bicycles on the sidewalk, following people in a queue, navigating crowds and avoiding those evil tree branches.

The Sunu team has been kind enough to offer two special offers for the Be My Eyes newsletter subscribers:

Use Discount code: BEMYEYES to purchase Sunu Band with 15% discount.


Use discount code: SUNUSHOKZ to purchase Sunu Band with a free pair of Aftershokz (Bone Conducting Headphones).

Learn more about Sunu and shop the Sunu Band on Sunu’s website.

That’s all we had for you this time! We hope you enjoyed this little update - we’re already looking forward to check in with you again next month.

Until next time!
The Be My Eyes Team.

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