Frankenstein complex

Created for Ludum Dare #25 by Beercave Games

How to play

You are Mad Doctor Mad. Send your minions forth from your Evil Lair of Evil to conquer the land and SHOW THEM ALL!!!

Bottom left of the screen is your Evil Lair of Evil. Click on it to review your status and create new minions in your lab through the power of SCIENCE!!!

Your current roster of minions is shown, along with their creation cost in GOLD, BODYPARTS and LIGHTNING.

LIGHTNING will periodically strike your tower, where it is collected ready for use in your EXPERIMENTS

Click on one of the locations around the land to see its stats. You can attempt to either ATTACK or CONQUER locations.

A successful ATTACK will result in your minions returning with a fresh crop of BODY PARTS for your lab. CONQUERed locations will periodically send you tribute in GOLD.

The greater the population, the more tribute you will receive.

When you have successfully conquered or wiped out the population of all locations, you have SHOWED THEM ALL!!! Thus you win.

TIP: Start by conquering farms for gold and attacking weak villages for body parts.