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Yamaha Motif XS Sounds and 88 Weighted Keys -- To Go!When you're on stage, your focus is on connecting with your audience and making every moment magical.
A Lean, Mean, Gigging MachineThe sleek look and low-profile of the Yamaha S90 XS testify to its role as a finely tuned performance instrument. Powerful Motif XS Synth SoundsThe Yamaha S90 XS may do without the arranging, sequencing and compositional tools of its workstation brethren, but that doesn't mean it doesn't boast extensive sound-sculpting options. 142MB Of All-New Acoustic Piano SoundsThe perfect gigging keyboard needs to have great synthesizer capabilities, but it also needs to have great acoustic piano sounds. If you've played the last-generation S90ES, you already know what a powerful performance machine it is. Yamaha S90XS 88-Key Weighted SynthesizerDesigned specifically for players, particularly those who want the highest quality piano sounds and expression, the Yahama S90 XS is a performer's dream. Sounds That SatisfyThe best musical instruments start with top-quality sounds, and the Yamaha S90 XS delivers all that - and more. Streamline Your PerformanceThe Yamaha S90 XS also lets you quickly and conveniently create your own custom Performances, with the amazingly fast and easy Performance Creator feature. Plus the panel controls of the Yamaha S90 XS have been designed and positioned for optimum, intuitive operation, especially for live performance. Ideal for Live PerformersThe Yamaha S90 XS has a host of other features that live performers will appreciate - such as the combo input jack that accepts mic input. And keep in mind that anything you've recorded to the memory device, even audio files created on your computer, can be played back on the Yamaha S90 XS - which means you can create your own custom audio backing tracks and perform along with them. 88 key keyboardThe S90 XS provides an 88-key balanced hammer effect keyboard for those players who need a full-range, full-scale keyboard.
DAW Remote FunctionThe Yamaha S90 XS is a perfect companion for your computer music production system, too, serving both as a master keyboard and a full-function, multi-timbral tone generator.
The engine is the same as the “flagship” MOTIF XS… so there are endless possibilities with sounds.
Don’t get me wrong, if you are just looking for a keyboard that you only need limited sounds for playing… the Yamaha C300 or the Yamaha C30…might be a better “stage piano” for you… although I have lugged a C300 around for the past summer and it weighs 70+ pounds…with case and is a back breaker to lift out of the case on to the stand.
Understand, that there are no speakers with this keyboard… but I come from the “old school” that if it has speakers… it just one step away from being a Casio… sorry… I know that this is not the case today… but this can be a concern for some. Yamaha MOXF8 88-key Synth WorkstationYamaha MOXF8 features an 88-key GHS keyboard that provides authentic, realistic keyboard response, much like the playing feel of an acoustic piano.
Fuji T-160 HQ VHS Video Tape, 160 minutes recording time, High Quality Multi-Purpose Videotape, up to 6 hours recording time (HQ 160 HQ-160 HQ160 T160 T160HQ 23022161)2. You don't need some clunky workstation keyboard, with its complex sequencing and arranging functions getting in the way. Not all are lucky enough to have a road crew haul their gear around, but with a weight less than 50 pounds you won't mind carrying your keyboard around by yourself. Just like the Motif, the Yamaha S90 XS has a huge and varied sonic palette, and gives you the ability to tweak every aspect of those sounds. There is no point in making it lightweight if you're going to be lugging a second "digital piano" around with you anyway. The Yamaha S90 XS steps up the live game even more by adding a microphone input (with dedicated input gain and peak metering) and a whole suite of effects specifically tailored for vocal processing-including a robo-tastic vocoder effect.

With its depth of sonic variety and expressive playability, the Yamaha S90 XS could easily be that instrument for you, as well as the last performance synth you'll ever need to buy. Yet, casual players and hobby musicians will appreciate the exquisite sounds, advanced features and superb playability just as much as top professional artists.
It features all the Voices, Performances, arps and Virtual Circuit Modeling effects found on the flagship MOTIF XS Music Production Synthesizer. This time, however, Yamaha's development team set out to primarily satisfy the player instead.
It's never been easier to select a Voice, then quickly program Layers and Splits - even assigning a Drum Voice complete with arps to create your perfect Performance. Simply plug in a microphone, tweak the INPUT GAIN knob (while checking the convenient PEAK lamp), and you're all set! This remarkable feature lets you instantly capture what you play on the keyboard - including arpeggio playback - to your USB device.
For example, you can create a basic song track beforehand, then sing and solo over it during your performance. With the DAW Remote function and its 50 different control templates, you get amazingly easy, intuitive control over your main DAW software and VST instruments - directly from the panel controls! I went to the music store to listen to all the offerings and hands down the Yamaha sounds were the best. But I love exploring… and the more I learn… the more I find that they’ve gone that “extra mile” for the performer. It sure would be nice to have all of the premium piano and synth sounds that come in most workstations, though.
Once you've loaded it in and set it up, you'll find the controls are intuitively laid out, with each button and slider clearly labeled to eliminate guesswork. Whether you simply want to adjust EQ, reverb and LFO, or get into the nitty-gritty and edit waveforms, velocity curves and the like, the editing functions are self-explanatory and comprehensive. Luckily for you, the Yamaha S90 XS boasts amazing, stereo-sampled acoustic piano patches that'll have your audiences doubting their own eyes.
The ES also sported a bunch of studio friendly features that the XS preserves, and adds to. Plus they've added a huge 142 megabytes dedicated exclusively to high-quality piano waveforms, for a total of 456 MB of instrument samples. They reasoned that when the performer hears and experiences the best possible sound, the performance would be the best possible, too! Plus, you can use the Control Knobs to finely adjust the volume and even directly apply reverb or chorus to the sound. This provides convenient, comprehensive control over absolutely all the sounds, settings and functions. Moreover, the Voice Editor and Remote Editor software gives you convenient, comprehensive computer control over all the sounds, settings and functions of.
The large, super-bright LCD screen gives you instant feedback as to which patch is selected, what parameter is being manipulated, and what effect is active, and can be read even under low-light stage conditions. And don't worry about getting lost in a whirl of editing madness; if you ever feel like you've gotten too far from a patch's original character, a press of the "Compare" button will instantly switch between the preset sound and the edits you've made.

Across the entire digital keyboard line, Yamaha is proud of their stereo sampled grand piano sound, but the piano emulations are the cream of the crop. You can still connect to your computer via USB to turn it into a plug-in-host and DAW controller, but now the keyboard boasts its own internal flash memory for up to 18 minutes of recording time! There's also a useful Song Chain function that lets you string together separate recordings and create a convenient backing track "set list" for your gigs. TDK 90 Min High Bias Audio Cassettte, Super high-resolution, Excellent reproduction of digital sources, SP-AR mechanism for superior rigidity, 90 min, Anti-Resonance Rigid Construction III Cassette Mechanism, Super Avilyn Magnetic Particle (SA90 SA 90 SA-90) 5. The keyboard features the same powerful sound engine that's at the core of the incredible Motif XS workstation, but with a streamlined design and interface that's geared towards explosive live performance.
Of course, the factory presets already sound phenomenal; getting great synth tones is as easy or as complex as you want it to be. The keyboard's designers dedicated a whopping 142MB of sampling memory to the sophisticated acoustic piano sounds, all sampled from a hand-built Yamaha S6 concert grand piano. The Yamaha S90 XS is a genuine musician's instrument, one that truly inspires and stimulates the live performer as well as the music creator and arranger. No synth would be complete without a killer arpeggiator, and this keyboard's is second-to-none. By allocating so much on-board memory, Yamaha was able to construct the piano voices from longer stereo-sampled waves.
The keys themselves are full-sized, with weight, action, and rebound that respond like those on a real, top-notch piano.
You get 1,787 different arpeggio patterns included, and while they sound sweet on synths and drums, special things happen when you combine the arpeggiator with one of the keyboard's "Mega Voice" patches. The longer waves make for exceptionally natural pianissimo decay; on down tempo, sparse piano ballads, where other digital pianos are exposed as thin and lifeless, this keyboard remains full and complex. They're weighted just enough to feel like you can dig into them, but not so much so that you'll get fatigued, even during long, demanding sets. Select an electric guitar, for example, and the arpeggiated phrase will automatically generate hammer-ons, pull-offs and fret noises, turning an automated process into an breathtakingly organic musical passage. Special note should be made of the piano half-damper capabilities: when paired with the FC3 sustain pedal, the keyboard reads half-position movements to simulate the effects of a gently or partially applied damper, a huge improvement over most keyboards' rudimentary on-or-off operation. Make use of recorded audio in performance, too, for custom-tailored backing tracks or instant vocal harmonies.
The final touch on this intuitive instrument is the placement of the pitch and mod wheels--moved from their above-the-keyboard position on the older keyboard to the left of the keys for quick, painless access. This sophisticated playability, combined with incredible stereo sound, makes for one of the most expressive and realistic multi-sampled pianos available on any digital keyboard.

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