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The PSR-OR700 Arranger Workstation from Yamaha features some very cool content, dedicated "Scale Setting" panel buttons for on-the-fly scale tuning, MegaVoice and Modeling Technology, and USB jack for connecting peripheral storage devices.
The PSR-OR700 has an intuitive control section located on the left side of the panel for changing tuning on the fly. First introduced in Tyros, MegaVoice brings a new level of realism to the PSR-OR700 keyboard.
USB to HOST is plug and play simple for recording and playing back MIDI files from your computer. PSR-OR700 Compact Flash USB to DEVICE is for connecting optional peripheral USB devices like floppy disk drives, thumb drives and hard drives for storing data like song and Style files. For that great vintage organ sound, the Organ Flutes on the PSR-OR700 use Modeling Technology – independently oscillating voices to simulate the rotating tone generation wheels found in classic organs. There are many tools in the keyboard that make it easy to be a power user from the first day you own it. Direct Access button : Press this button and the parameter you would like to adjust, for example pitch bend, and the LCD screen instantly goes there. One Touch Setting (OTS) : Provides you with a recommended voice with effects for each section of a Style (4 per style). Multi Pads : These four buttons change to match the genre of each Style (or you can change them yourself) and can be used to play a number of short pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences that can be used to add impact and variety to your keyboard playing. Demo : In addition to the main demos showing some of the more advanced features found in the keyboard, there is also a short demo for every sound.
Mixing Console : To change voices, adjust levels, panning, transpose, tuning, pitch bend and effects on various tracks or parts that you play, simply press the Mixing Console button and make adjustments using graphical representations of rotary pots and faders.

Registration Memory : Set the keyboard up just the way you like and take a digital snapshot by memorizing it to one of the Registration buttons.
The PSR-OR700 features Styles (accompaniment patterns) in a variety of Western musical genres including Rock, Dance, Jazz, Latin, and World genres like Arabic, Maghrebi, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish and Greek. Portable Keyboard Kit, PSR up Passenger Grab Tank Bar Black Ducati & Yamaha - See Below For Fitments, Clutch.
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PSR OR700 Portable Arranger Workstation Keyboard With X Style Stand Plus Three Position Stool And Large Dust Cover Interesting source. The keyboard has 61 touch-sensitive keys, 96-note polyphony, 314 accompaniment Styles featuring 146 special World Styles, large screen, a special selection of World Voices and 22 Drum Kits.
Designed to be incredibly flexible, the player simply presses one or more tuning buttons to, for example, lower that note a quarter tone. The MegaVoices feature various playing techniques and performance sounds – such as finger slides and fret noise on guitar Voices – designed specifically to enhance playback of the built-in Styles. The screen on the PSR-OR700 is able to show you mixer settings at a glance, the chords you are playing, what sounds are on the right and left side of the keyboard, what Style or MIDI file is currently playing, virtual drawbars, score and lyrics. The keyboard selects an appropriate voice for the right hand melody, the correct musical style and the correct tempo.
Recording starts as soon as you start playing the keyboard and will record everything you play ? As you play chords with your left hand, the selected Style will automatically provide drums, bass, guitar, strings, organ and other relevant musical instrument parts.

The stereo speaker system in the PSR-OR700 has been specially designed to faithfully reproduce the powerful dynamics and subtle overtones of the onboard voices and music styles. Compare prices, read reviews, and save on Musical Instruments & Accessories at Bizrate.
Below the tuning buttons are memory buttons for instant recall of the player's favorite or most used tuning settings. Simply hold down a chord while you play, and enjoy some of the most astonishingly realist, expressive accompaniment you've ever heard. The bottom line is that since it's your window into how the music is being created, you might as well make it a big one. For example, on a jazz style, one OTS might be piano, the next jazz guitar with a little echo, the third sax with reverb and the forth might be piano and vibes layered. Select an XF compatible song, press the Performance Assistant button and every note you play will fit the music.
The keyboard comes with 862 Voices, is 96-note polyphonic and has 4 Effects blocks plus Reverb and Chorus.
Additional sound features include a selection of special samples called MegaVoice, Sweet!, Live! Play a perfect arpeggio, or play chords in time with the music, or really go for it and play a solo.

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