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ANAHEIM (January 23, 2014) — Yamaha today introduced the new P-255 contemporary digital piano at the 2014 NAMM Show, a keyboard for experienced musicians looking for a portable, self-amplified instrument for both serious practice and live performance. As suitable in the home as it is on stage, this powerhouse model boasts Pure CF Sampling from a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand for its piano tone, outstanding responsive touch via Graded Hammer action and Synthetic Ivory Keytops designed for maximum comfort even during long playing sessions.
When performing with a group, Sound Boost helps players cut through the mix of other musicians by compressing the dynamic range of the keyboard's sound to raise volume output. Paired with the optional L-255 matching stand and LP-255 piano-style, three-pedal unit, the P-255 provides an attractive contemporary piano appearance that doesn't take up too much space in the home. In October 2012, Yamaha marked the beginning of the 125th anniversary year of the Company’s operations, founded under the leadership of Torakusu Yamaha in 1887. At the Kakegawa piano factory, Yamaha combines traditional crafting skills with the latest technologies to manufacture the models in this new series. Music wires made in Europe, which have distinctive sustained overtones, have been* used in the CX Series, thus giving these instruments a wide, natural resonance with rich overtones. Yamaha developed and launched its first C Series grand piano model in 1967 with the goal of offering a professional-quality grand piano for both the home and studio. In 2010, Yamaha unveiled their new flagship model full-sized concert grand piano, the CFX, which was created using new design methods. New York, NY – January 17, 2012 – Yamaha Music Interactive, Inc., a subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation, today announced the launch of NoteStar, Yamaha’s iPad app designed to provide keyboard players with the experience of playing their favorite songs with a real band.
The best-selling Yamaha P-Series set the industry standard for what a compact, stylish digital piano should be. The Yamaha P-255 contemporary digital piano is for all musicians looking for an instrument suitable for both serious practice and live performance.
Despite its slim, portable design, the P-255 offers an impressive range of performance capabilities.
Key-off Samples- This feature reproduces the slight change in sound at the instant you remove your fingers from the keys. Sustain Sampling- The resonance of the soundboard and strings heard when the damper pedal is used has been sampled in order to recreate this acoustic effect. String Resonance- When the hammer of a grand piano strikes its string, the other strings will also resonate. With a heavier touch in the low keys and a lighter touch in the high keys, the Graded Hammer (GH) action makes the P-255 feel and respond more like a real grand piano. The P-255’s circular speakers vibrate in a highly natural manner to produce a well-balanced tone.
The P-255 is the only instrument from our P-Series that offers functions to conveniently customize the Voice, volume and tone settings based on the environment in which you’re playing. At the touch of a button, you can easily make the sound of the P-255 louder and enhance its presence.
The P-255 is equipped with EQ sliders—one each for the low, mid and high frequency ranges.
Rhythm Tracks - The P-255 comes complete with ten different rhythm patterns that are perfectly suited to pop, jazz, bossa nova and many other types of music regularly performed on the piano.
More than just a piano - In addition to piano Voices, you can enjoy playing organs, a string section, basses and a wide variety of other instrument sounds on the P-255. Speaker Cut-Off - When the P-255 is connected to external speakers, its built-in speakers can be conveniently muted. Panel Lock button - The control panel can be temporarily locked to prevent settings being changed by accidentally pressing buttons while playing. Adjustable response - The P-255 keyboard can also be set to four different sensitivity levels depending if you have a heavier or lighter playing style. The free P-255 Controller App for iPhone or iPad can be downloaded from the App Store here. If you are a proud owner of a Yamaha keyboard or digital piano, you may have already heard about the wide range of apps they have available for iOS users completely free of charge!
Sound Controller is a fabulous app for adding a little extra to your performance – it includes features like pitch cutoff filters, reverb and chorus levels that can all be modified and adjusted to suit your performance. Repertoire finder is perfect for those of you looking for some inspiration on music to play or sounds you want to use. My music recorder is an innovative way to encourage your child to practice more and keep them motivated.
Many of Yamaha’s digital pianos feature quite a simplistic design and a lot of them do not have an LCD screen like the portable keyboards do, so I think the Digital Piano Controller gives you that accessible, colourful interface you may find easier to use.
The Chord Tracker is an invaluable app not only for piano and keyboard players but also guitarists, singers and more!
Express yourself not only musically but also visually with Yamaha’s visual performer app!
The NoteStar app will completely transform the way you view sheet music an will make your practice sessions easier than ever!
Piano Diary is a versatile and convenient way to share your music with family and friends or upload it to social media.
Diana is the Piano & Strings specialist and looks after blogs and written content here at Normans. Instructional Guitar videos don’t always offer the same hands-on training that some guitarists need for practice or training.

Take a look at the best tenor saxophones for students, intermediate, advanced and professional players! For solo appearances, a comprehensive set of built-in rhythm patterns adds great sounding drums and percussion to any performance.
Additionally, mobile devices can be connected to the mini-jack AUX input, allowing music to play through the model's built-in speakers, or even through a connected external amplifier. Yamaha also conducts continual research and development towards the goal of creating pianos that are not only mechanically perfect, but also superb, top-quality musical instruments. Yamaha has drawn on the technology developed for creating the CFX, introduced in 2010, and these models incorporate Yamaha’s expertise in piano craftsmanship.
Just as the sounds made by a great singer reverberate throughout his or her body, so do the rich resonances that are projected when the vibration of the strings is transmitted to the soundboard. The CX Series also features a superior grade of hammer felts, similar to those used in the CFX. The C Series embodied the highest quality and also incorporated all of Yamaha’s piano building expertise acquired during the development of high-level concert grand pianos.
This Yamaha A piano table will help A steal the show by performing on an amazing little concert.
The app provides smooth flowing, easy-to-read sheet music, accompanied by real backing bands and vocals.
As the latest addition to this series, the P-255 offers a more authentic piano sound and feel than ever before.
Thanks to its portable design and built-in speaker system, the P-255 can be played in any place or setting you desire, with or without external amplification. In terms of keyboard, piano Voices and sound reinforcement, this is the very best digital piano in the P-Series.
As the only digital piano in our P-Series to feature the following three functions, the P-255 can also recreate the characteristic acoustics of the grand piano sound in a more realistic fashion.
Additionally, the white keys feature synthetic ivory keytops with excellent moisture absorption properties. Thanks to this design, lower notes in particular have a much richer sound than on pianos with oval speakers.
Does the audience have difficulty hearing your piano playing over the mix of a band or small combo? By simply moving these sliders, you can easily adjust the digital piano‘s sound to your liking or to better suit the current song or acoustic environment. This feature is perfect for singers who accompany themselves and for other live performers. This digital piano also lets you change Voices to suit individual songs and to layer different sounding Voices, allowing you to explore many other interesting sounds besides the piano. With it, you can control a wide range of the digital piano’s functions with an easy-to-use, touch-screen interface. Thanks to this improvement, you’ll find that notes sound more beautiful while sustaining. In this article, I am going to talk you through some of the most popular apps so you can see how much they can really benefit your performance, recordings and overall user experience. The app also has 20 preset arpeggio patterns that add more expression and fun to your playing experience. Simply find a song you want to perform and the Repertoire Finder will provide you with settings that are perfect for the track. This app will certainly be loved by parents as it keeps track of your child’s practice time and, when connected to the instrument, also counts the the number of notes they play. This app is perfect for easily accessing your piano settings, it is very enjoyable to navigate and you also have the option to save your favourite settings so that you can access them at a touch of a button.
This app analyses the chord progressions of your favourite tracks and displays the chords or guitar tabs so that you can easily learn. This application offers beautiful graphics that will work with any instrument that features Midi communication and responds to the volume and pitch changes to create stunning effects. It has a beautifully designed interface that is easy to use and lets you record the sound of your musical instruments to your iOS device via the built-in microphone.
This helpful application offers a sheet music library of popular pieces that are arranged for the piano and are accompanied by a high quality recording. With the piano diary you can track how long and how often you practice and the app rewards you by offering new sounds that you can try.
She is a singer songwriter, plays piano and speaks 3 languages and, in her spare time, she enjoys travelling as well as blogging about anything musical. That said, in our modern day of technology, we have more options available to us that allow a kind of “learn as you go” format and more controllable training with start and stop choices.
The C3X and higher models in the series are equipped with soundboards based on the soundboard technology of the CFX, and to project a richer resonance, the dimensions and the design of the back posts have also* been changed. Added to this is an unparalleled ability for changing musical nuances, which gives the CX Series pianos their outstanding expressiveness. They were created by combining the best of manufacturing technology together with the skills of experienced artisans. That same year, the gold prize winner of the International Chopin Piano Competition and in 2011 the winner of the silver medal at the International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition both performed on the CFX.

Now it is possible for your friends and family to sit comfortably on a variety of distances and positions.
Thanks to its highly portable design, this digital piano can be played in any place or setting you desire.
And with the first-of-its-kind Controller App for iOS, you can customize your piano sound or quickly adjust your favorite settings with touch-screen ease-of-use. The P-255 also features built-in tweeters aimed directly at the performer, so that higher notes sound brighter.
Replace old metronomes with your personal, versatile drummer complete with intros and endings. This visual approach to configuring the P-255 makes it easy to try out functions that you may not have considered using before. There’s no need to worry any more about sounds cutting out when you play busy passages with lots of notes and intricate pedal work.
Of course, there are many more of these available for use with other instruments too, so make sure to check out the full range here. The Sound Controller features a well-designed interface with pitch bend and modulation wheels in portrait mode and XY control pads in landscape mode. You can then transfer these settings to your keyboard so that you can control them on your instrument or via the app.
My Music Recorder rewards your child with stamps, so the more the practice, the more stamps they can collect. Digital Piano Controller is a great extension of your piano’s functions and it is a very useful app for performers and hobbyists alike.
You can even change the tempo and loop parts of the track to help you practice, transpose and eliminate lead vocal with melody suppressor to create backing music. Visual Performer supports AirPlay and can be displayed on any screen connected via Apple TV. The application is very enjoyable to use and allows you to edit your tracks, add some effects and upload them to your Souncloud so you can share your original ideas and covers with others! In your NoteStar app you can transpose the track and change tempo while enjoying a hands-free experience allowing you to focus on playing the piece instead of turning the pages. Almost everyone has a smartphone now, so that said here are some of the best practice and learning apps for guitarists who want to expand their style and technique. The dimensions of the back frame of the piano, where the entire tensile force of the piano comes together, have been made more than 20 percent thicker than in previous models.
Though there have been model changes and offshoots of new models in the C Series, these pianos have been* some of the most popular instruments ever made for much of their 45-year history.
The app is available immediately in 29 countries including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.The project is the initiative of the YMH Digital Music Publishing Company, a partnership between the Yamaha Corporation, Hal Leonard Corporation and The Music Sales Group. With Yamaha’s knowledge of digital audio and over 125 years of experience building fine acoustic pianos, you can rest assured that the P-255 will meet and exceed your expectations of a portable digital piano.
Graphically choose which Voices to layer, adjust the split point, manage songs you record to a USB device and more, all with the touch of a finger. It gives you an in-depth, detailed view of each setting and I think this can be a really great app especially if you are a performer or entertainer, or simply wish to recreate your favourite tunes. It is truly an excellent app for you to quickly pick up your favourite songs and practice them with others.
This is a fantastic way for live performers to express themselves visually and to have the option of stunning visual effects that respond to your music in real-time. A very useful app for the musician on the go or someone looking for a quick and simple way to record and share their music. If you wish to share your performances and original ideas to YouTube, this app can help you put together a slideshow with audio and upload it to YouTube so others can enjoy your music too!
The sleek, sophisticated external design of the CX Series was also influenced by the appearance of the CFX. Yamaha Product Design Laboratory has come up with a beautiful and sleek design a€?Key between Peoplea€? Concept. Yamaha led the development effort and licensed sheet music-rendering technology from the music technology company, Noteflight, LLC. Optional extras such as the matching L-255 furniture stand and the LP-255 piano-style 3-pedal unit make the P-255 a pleasure to look at and play, even at home. You can also use the app to store your favorite settings and recall them instantly whenever needed.
This application comes with three visualization patterns and another seven are available separately.
You can simply sit anywhere you want as this a€?Key between Peoplea€™ is inscribed in a circle.

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