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Be included in a weekly draw for Waltons retail gift vouchers or Waltons World Masters concert tickets! The Yamaha PSR-I455 PortaTone has been specially optimized for recreating the unique sound of Indian instruments in your keyboard performances and sequences. Of the 753 voices and 206 styles built-in, 19 voices feature Indian instruments and 26 styles provide automatic accompaniment ideal for Indian music.
The PSR-I455 can replicate a diverse range of instruments and musical genres from countries and regions all over the world, not just India. Whether studying, playing for fun, or performing for others, you will find everything you need packed into the stylish silver and black body of this class-topping super keyboard. Featuring 16 patterns with five different sections, the PSR-I455 faithfully recreates the sound of the electronic Tabla and Tanpura, rivaling stand-alone machines in the process.
Now Musical instruments are available at your favorite store- Planet M ( Bangalore), Its actually for all music lovers.
The full lineup of 753 voices on the PSR-I455 features a total of 19 different Indian musical instruments, and of the 206 built-in styles, 23 provide automatic accompaniment perfect for Indian music. Add to this a diverse array of voices and styles from Mexican, Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, and other genres, and it is easy to see why this portable keyboard is ideal for many different types of ethnic music from all over the world.
The PSR-I455 also comes complete with ten different raga-mode practice songs* which will prove highly useful in instrument or voice training. With a USB flash memory device plugged into the keyboard’s USB TO DEVICE terminal, you can easily save and load your own songs, as well as exchange data with a PC or another connected device.
The PSR-I455 recorder supports a total of six tracks—five for melodies; one for styles and patterns.

The PSR-I455 comes with a selection of powerful effects that other keyboards in its class simply cannot match.
Using Registration Memory, you can store up to 32 complete setups of your favorite PSR-I455 settings for easy recall whenever needed.
A song book containing the sheet music for the keyboard’s built-in songs can be downloaded free-of-charge (online user-registration required).
Generation des state-of-the-art Keyboards  siehe Nachfolgemodell Yamaha TYROS 4   einem Softwarepaket VK-Wert 550.- ? einer Speichererweiterung (512MB) VK-Wert 150,- ?. Naturally, the electronic Tabla and Tanpura—which are indispensable to this type of music—can also be found here.
It has its own 10- song, 6-track sequencer, as well as a USB TO DEVICE terminal for rapid, convenient storage of songs, styles, and Registration Memory data.
Combined, these tracks can be used to record approximately 19,000 notes (almost twice that of the previous PSR-I425 models).
For dynamic control of the instrument’s overall sound, choose from nine types of reverb, chorus, harmony, and five different types of master EQ that can be used to sculpt the final output. The book also provides descriptions of how to play the song chords and other performance tips.
In fact, this keyboard’s Tabla and Tanpura can be set and played in exactly the same way as stand-alone instruments.
Meanwhile, a pair of knob-type controllers provides for more-expressive live performances—for example, they can be used for real-time control of assigned effects such as filters or to modify Arpeggio function patterns, of which 162 different types are included.
What’s more, the instrument also comes with Ultra Wide Stereo—an acclaimed Yamaha audio effect that can be used to create a wider, more vibrant stereo mixes.

What’s more, the PSR-I455 also comes with raga-mode practice songs that can be conveniently used for instrument and voice training.
Not only keyboard playing, but also DJ performances can be made much more dynamic and exciting using these controllers. Entdecken Sie die neue Klangvielfalt im Tyros3: 1540 Klangfarben und eine brandneue Tonerzeugung lassen keine Wunsche offen!
Neben neuen Mega Voices und Super Articulation Klangfarben verfugt Tyros3 uber die neue AEM-Technologie (Articulation-Element-Modeling), der die neuen Super Articulation2 Klangfarben zu Grunde liegen. Die 450 Begleit-Styles verwenden ab sofort zwei weitere DSP?s und sind mit echtem Gitarrenvoicing programmiert (Gtr.
Direkten Zugriff erlauben die neun Schieberegler, die zum Beispiel bei den Zugriegel-Orgeln, aber auch zum schnellen Zugriff im Mischer-Modus zum Einsatz kommen.
Das hochwertige TFT-Farbdisplay lasst sich aus jedem Blickwinkel hervorragend ablesen und gibt dank der OTS- und Registration-Info Funktion bereits vor Auswahl entsprechende Informationen preis. Im Harddisk-Rekorder steht jetzt eine weitere Spur zur Verfugung, die das Aufnehmen jetzt noch einfacher macht.
Features: 61 anschlagdynamische Tasten mit Aftertouch 128-stimmige Polyphonie 1540 Klangfarben insgesamt inklusive 23 Mega Voices 11 Super Articulation2 Voices, 53 Super Articulation Voices 26 Sweet!, 58 Cool!, 70 Live!

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