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Simply swap the DKC-850 for your existing piano control unit or connect it via MIDI, to enjoy the latest in Disklavier functionality.
The DKC-850 comes with 128MB of internal memory that allows you to record and play back your own performances with ease. Connect to the Internet and enjoy “DisklavierRadio,” which lets you listen to songs from a diverse range of genres, or use the video synchronization function to record the sights and sounds of those treasured family moments. The DKC-850 comes with a CD containing 460 carefully-chosen songs in 13 categories, for a total of 17 hours of music that you can enjoy from the day it arrives at your doorstep.
The KX61 USB Keyboard Studio has been created to optimally complement software-based music production and improve workflow.
The KX61 is now available from Digital Village - online, in-store or via telephone mail-order - at a new low price!
Featuring FlashROM Expansion, the entry-level Yamaha PSR-S650 now offers MegaVoice enhanced Styles found on higher-end Yamaha arrangers. The PSR-S650 internal FlashROM Expansion can store up to 16MB of sample data, which is great for augmenting the existing set of 864 internal sounds with new samples. Users can record songs or their performances during jam sessions to the built-in 16-track sequencer and use the PSR-S650's USB TO DEVICE port to store songs, Styles and custom registrations on a flash drive. A musical instrument is a device created or adapted for the purpose of making musical sounds.
Professional audio, also 'pro audio', refers to both an activity and a type of audio equipment.
Music instruction books, videos, and dvds for learning guitar, bass, piano, drums, voice, songwriting, music business and production, for educating and training musicians. Shop our online music instrument accessories store and save big on Guitars, DJ Gear and much more!
The PSR-I455 can replicate a diverse range of instruments and musical genres from countries and regions all over the world, not just India.
Featuring 16 patterns with five different sections, the PSR-I455 faithfully recreates the sound of the electronic tabla and tampura, rivaling stand-alone machines in the process.
Add to this a diverse array of voices and styles from Mexican, Arabic, Brazilian, Chinese, and other genres, and it is easy to see why this portable keyboard is ideal for many different types of ethnic music from all over the world. The PSR-I455 also comes complete with ten different raga-mode practice songs* which will prove highly useful in instrument or voice training. With a USB flash memory device plugged into the keyboard’s USB TO DEVICE terminal, you can easily save and load your own songs, as well as exchange data with a PC or another connected device. With an even greater and wider selection of Voices, enhanced effects, an amazing variety of music genres and new Styles, the PSR-S910 provides stunning musical power and enormous value. Display with full dot for an easy-to-read screen: The screen on the PSR-550 changes color according to the selected mode making operation even easier and more intuitive. Adds realism to voices: The addition of extra Wave ROM allows for more voices — 713 voices total (233 Panel and 480 XG) — and they sound more realistic.
Presently there are approximately 45 million XG users in the world and this opens up a lot of unique opportunities to XG-compatible keyboards. Provide the most realistic voices: Yamaha dedicates extra time and resources to these special voices.
Instantly call up specific functions in the LCD screen: We've all experienced drilling down through pages and pages to get to the function we want.

Many people from around the world are sharing styles that they have created on Yamaha keyboards using the Internet.
The PSR-550 is the first in the line to offer a "To Host" jack, as well as MIDI In & Out, for direct computer connectivity. There are 14 Drum kits to create percussion tracks including Standard Kits, Room & Rock Kits, Electronic & Analog Kits, Dance, Brush, Symphonic, Sound FX Kits and the first in the line to offer a Style Kit and an Arabic Kit. Create a dynamic sound system: The great looks of the PSR-550 are only surpassed by its great sound. The Watch & Learn Video Series is an in-home learning series for portable keyboard enthusiasts, featuring Tom Folenta, one of Yamaha's top product specialists.
This eliminates the need to swap floppy disks, and gives you easy access to the songs of your choice. What’s more, 24-hour access to “DisklavierRadio” (subscription required) gives you an even wider variety of music for your piano to play whenever you want.
With Yamaha and Steinberg total integration, the Yamaha KX 61 gives comprehensive control of Cubase. Styles with MegaVoices make non-keyboard instrument Voices (like guitars and basses) sound authentic using musical articulation previously not playable from black & white keys. The keyboard also offers 181 built-in Styles ready to perform with players when writing songs or just jamming. Load new samples into memory once, and they remain there even when you turn the instrument off. Most of the Indian musical instruments have evolved over centuries and has a unique history behind their evolution. In principle, any object that produces sound can serve as a musical instrument-it is through purpose that the object becomes a musical instrument.
Typically it encompasses the production or reproduction of sound for an audience, by individuals who do such work as an occupation like live event support, using sound reinforcement systems designed for the purpose.
It has its own 10- song, 6-track sequencer, as well as a USB TO DEVICE terminal for rapid, convenient storage of songs, styles, and Registration Memory data. The color of this product is subject to availability and whichever is in stock will be shipped to you. The PSR-550 is one of the first portable keyboards in its price range to include a backlit, multi-color LCD display. Choose from over 200 song titles in the database and the PSR-550 will set itself up for that song. There are special styles and songs available from Yamaha and on the Internet that take advantage of this wonderful technology. No matter what style of music you want to play, we're sure you'll find what you're looking for.
Just type "Yamaha Styles" into your search engine, copy the file(s) to a floppy disk and insert the disk into your PSR-550.
You can connect an optional PC or Mac cable directly from the PSR-550 to the serial port on your computer. The bass ports add that bottom end punch and the tweeters deliver that sizzle on the top end. These functions are saved, with all other settings, to any of the 128 Registration Setups for hands free operation of the keyboard.

Includes a two-year extended warranty, power adaptor, footswitch on models that require it, stereo headphones, bonus coupons and a DVD-ROM. You can also play in custom tunings, like Arabic or Pythagorean, using one of the nine preset scales. The USB TO HOST port connects to your computer and the PSR-S650 can be used as a 64-note, multi-timbral tone generator. Some instruments were developed in the country while some others came from foreign lands but, transformed and developed by skilled Indian artists with the passage of time. Meanwhile, a pair of knob-type controllers provides for more-expressive live performances-for example, they can be used for real-time control of assigned effects such as filters or to modify Arpeggio function patterns, of which 162 different types are included.
Yamaha improved the PSR-550's sound over its predecessor by more than doubling the voice memory and by adding new voices and styles. The PSR-550 is fully Yamaha XG compatible with a full complement of XG voices and XG effects. XG was created by Yamaha out of a need by musicians for more control and sounds than GM (General MIDI) has to offer. The "Cool" Electric Guitar is wonderful for playing songs from the 50's on up to the present.
Just press the Direct Access button and the button of the feature you want and the screen changes immediately to that feature.
Over 100 styles from standard 8 and 16-beat to ballad, swing and country, are provided — all of which have been arranged by top professional musicians from around the world.
Purchase music software, like Xgworks from Yamaha, and you'll have the ability to edit and print your own sheet music. Because Yamaha keyboards are stereo (not just 2 speakers) you can pan the different tracks you record to get the mix just right.
Not only keyboard playing, but also DJ performances can be made much more dynamic and exciting using these controllers. The EZ Navigator — Yamaha's great interactive help — has also been improved to make the PSR-550 still easier to use. Each database title configures the PSR-550 with the most appropriate instrument selection, style accompaniment, effect settings and tempo. It is the sound format for the 21st century; however, XG is fully backward compatible to GM for sharing your music with people that don't have the XG advantage.
For example: If you want to change the auto accompaniment from Fingered Mode (chords on the left side of the keyboard) to full keyboard mode (play the 550 just like a piano), simply press Direct Access and then press the Auto Accompaniment button. The PSR-550 lets you record up to three original User styles that can be used for auto accompaniment in the same way as the preset styles. And if you make a timing mistake, or want to change the sound or remix the volume on each track, the PSR-550 will let you get in and save these edits.
The Sweet Tenor and Sweet Trumpet are remarkable in their authenticity and you'll be absolutely amazed by the Sweet Flute. You can record directly to floppy disk and transfer the songs into a computer or simply connect the PSR-550 directly to your computer.

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