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When a piano is properly voiced and regulated a good player will have access to the full potential of the piano's wide dynamic range with clear tone, and a smooth, consistent feel to express every human emotion musically. Action regulation means setting all of the piano's internal adjustments so that each key is as responsive and consistent as possible. Excellent results are only achieved by slowly building up the finish with numerous very thin coats of lacquer, and smoothing between coats. Player pianos have come a long way since the days of pumping with your feet to make a piano play music from paper rolls. We repair and restore all brands of grand pianos and upright pianos, including Kawai, Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, Young Chang, Chickering, Wurlitzer, old uprights and more. Pianos can last well over 100 years, but they do require some routine maintenance along the way to keep them functioning properly.
The floppy disk drive on my Yamaha PSR-9000 piano keyboard seems to be faulty and I need to get it replaced. Any suggestions on what floppy drive model number to buy for my Yamaha PSR 9000 piano keyboard, how to go about doing it, any site where I can find more DIY information, etc. The floppy drive is trying very hard to load my old floppy disks, but it just isn’t happening.

I could preserve the data on these discs by connecting the MIDI OUT from the Technics KN700 keyboard into my computer.
My computer has a sequencing program and should be able to respond to and preserve the data from these floppy disks. KN700 floppies I made years ago, and I could save that data onto my computer, and hopefully open up that data in my computer sequencing program. You need to open the Yamaha psr-9000 keyboard, removing all the screws located at the bottom with a Phillips Screwdriver, remove the cover, go to the floppy drive, remove the screws that hold it in place, remove the connectors, insert a new floppy, reconnect, and reverse all the steps. ANY floppy drive will work, although you might not find a black one, you can replace the front black plate of the old one and reinstall it in the new one. If you have done such sort of things before, like adding, removing, fixing hardware on your computer then you may probably give it a try on your Yamaha psr-9000.
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The brightness and softness of the tone can and should be adjusted (voiced) to bring out the best sound possible from the instrument. From sticky keys to beautiful first-class refinishing and everything in between, we'll do the work at a competitive price.

An electronic technician, whom I trusted, had got it fixed some time back but now he has moved city and I am unable to find someone who could fix it for me. He can also install a modern Pianomation or PianoDisc player piano system into almost any piano, new or old. This is often because the felt and leather parts of the piano action settle or get worn out. I have spent a lot of time to locate the right technician to do this and so I was wondering if it is possible to fix it myself?
Or you might hear that the sound has become muffled, harsh, or inconsistent from note to note.

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