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Major scales on piano and keyboard - How to form themLearn how to form major scales on piano and keyboard. Check out How To Read Music Fast: A 4-Step Beginner's Guide To Reading Music Quickly And Easily.
Amazing value digital piano sounds as good as an acoustic piano at a fraction of the cost and it never goes out of tune! This blog is a great way to stay up to date with reviews of the latest Yamaha keyboards on the market. Major piano scale charts in all keys.Continue reading "Major scales on piano and keyboard - How to form them"Learn piano chords - diminished and augmented chartsLearn piano chords here. 88 full size, weighted, graded hammer; action piano style keys - plays and feels just like a traditional upright piano.

Learn how to form augmented and diminished chords.Continue reading "Learn piano chords - diminished and augmented charts"How to build piano scales - major, minor, chromaticLearn how to build piano scales. Building major, natural and harmonic minor scales, and chromatic scales on piano.Continue reading "How to build piano scales - major, minor, chromatic"Learn basic piano chords and keysLearn how to play 14 of the most basic piano chords. High quality stereo sampled voices including: Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Pipe Organ and Strings.
Easy piano chords and keys for beginners.Continue reading "Learn basic piano chords and keys"Pentatonic scale on piano - major and minorHow to construct a pentatonic scale on piano in every major and minor key. What are the notes of each scale?Continue reading "Pentatonic scale on piano - major and minor"Piano keyboard diagram: keys with notesExplains the piano keyboard diagram.
This piano is actually preferred over our 35,000 Baby Grand, andContinue reading "Yamaha Clavinova piano CLP-920"Yamaha PSR-313 dead keys. Helps you choose one that meets your needs.Continue reading "Yamaha portable keyboards guide"Yamaha P35 reviewYamaha P35 review.
Continue reading "Yamaha P35 review"Yamaha MX61 and MX49 reviewsYamaha MX61 and MX49 reviews.

Continue reading "Yamaha MX61 and MX49 reviews"New Yamaha PSR keyboard modelsLatest Yamaha PSR keyboard reviews and comparisons.
The E series for beginners and S series for professionals.Continue reading "New Yamaha PSR keyboard models"Yamaha P155 reviewReview of the Yamaha P155 digital piano. Continue reading "Yamaha P155 review"Yamaha P105 reviewReview of the Yamaha P105 digital piano.
Yamaha PSR-S750 reviewed and compared to the PSR-S950.Continue reading "Yamaha PSR S750 review. PSR S-750 compared to PSR-S950"Yamaha PSR S950 reviewReview of the Yamaha PSR S950 keyboard.

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