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Taking advantage of Yamaha's Advanced Wave Memory (AWM), a state-of-the-art digital sampling technology, a wealth of sounds from acoustic sounds like piano, strings and brass, to an impressive array of dynamic synthesizer-like sounds are available, and with the 28-note polyphony an ample supply of notes is available even when playing with auto accompaniment features. 15 professionally recorded demonstration songs featuring full arrangements, including rhythm patterns and accompaniment are provided. Lets you accompany demo songs, turning off the melody on each demonstration song so that you can play the melody part yourself. Combines two separate voices but one can be played on the left-hand section of the keyboard and the other on the right-hand section, ie. 50 professionally programmed Auto Accompaniment Styles, covering virtually every musical style, provide unmatched realism and musical impact.

Keyboard Percussion feature provides various drum and percussion sounds as well as special voice effects directly from the keyboard. A sophisticated Auto Harmony function fills out your sound by adding appropriate harmony notes to the single note melodies that you play. I m selling my Casio CT-670 Excellent Condition all functions are in working order and u never find this keyboard in the mentioned price.
Auto Accompaniment automatically provides rhythm, matching bass lines and chords to your play.
A total of 25 different sounds are available from a highly logical keyboard layout where graphic symbols above appropriate keys give you instant control of a complete drum kit.

Five different settings - Duet, Trio, Block, Country, and Octave - are available for recreating instrumental voicings often used in jazz, popular and country music. Single Finger mode lets you automatically produce fully orchestrated accompaniment, just by pressing a minimum number of keys. In Fingered mode you play all of the notes of the chords yourself as the PSR-200 creates appropriate accompaniment.

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