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ANAHEIM (January 23, 2014) — Yamaha today introduced the new P-255 contemporary digital piano at the 2014 NAMM Show, a keyboard for experienced musicians looking for a portable, self-amplified instrument for both serious practice and live performance.
As suitable in the home as it is on stage, this powerhouse model boasts Pure CF Sampling from a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand for its piano tone, outstanding responsive touch via Graded Hammer action and Synthetic Ivory Keytops designed for maximum comfort even during long playing sessions.
When performing with a group, Sound Boost helps players cut through the mix of other musicians by compressing the dynamic range of the keyboard's sound to raise volume output. Paired with the optional L-255 matching stand and LP-255 piano-style, three-pedal unit, the P-255 provides an attractive contemporary piano appearance that doesn't take up too much space in the home. Normal 0 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 World-renowned Japanese Company, Yamaha introduces the New Contemporary Piano, the Yamaha P-155 Digital Piano. In addition, Yamaha DSS (Dynamic Stereo Sampling) technology is a breakthrough for digital piano. The P-155 features 88-keys Graded Hammer keyboard technology with maximum 128 note Polyphony, Effects; brilliance and reverb effects, and weight 41 lbs.
February 27, 2009 Yamaha’s new Avant Grand digital piano fuses twenty-first century technology with Yamaha’s more than a century of piano-crafting experience.

At less than half the size of a nine-foot grand, the Avant Grand is designed for music aficionados with limited space and at nearly USD$20,000, is nearly $100,000 cheaper. The Avant Grand also features Yamaha’s newly-developed Tactile Response System (TRS) that focuses on reproducing reverberation and is designed to resonate the sound of the piano throughout its entire body thereby providing tactile feedback to the player. First deliveries of the Yamaha Avant Grand N3 are expected in July 2009 with the unit attracting a USD$20,000 price tag. For solo appearances, a comprehensive set of built-in rhythm patterns adds great sounding drums and percussion to any performance. Additionally, mobile devices can be connected to the mini-jack AUX input, allowing music to play through the model's built-in speakers, or even through a connected external amplifier. Yamaha has strive to  produce the P-155 with superior quality in acoustics, technology, design, craftsmanship and customer oriented services.
This fully functional digital piano has all the features you need for practicing, playing and performing. The result is a digital piano that mimics the touch of an acoustic piano by using the same key, level, and hammer mechanisms of an acoustic piano combined with special embedded speakers to recreate the feel of an acoustic piano's keys to the player's hands.

The piano features upgradeable software and comes loaded with samples derived from Yamaha's $120,000 CFIIIS concert grand piano. This system, which can be disabled, features two transducers in the soundboard, the area underneath the keyboard, resonating natural reverberation throughout the entire instrument. By incorporating Yamaha’s advanced technologies like Pure CF Sampling technology and Graded Hammer keyboard, I must say that this contemporary piano produces the finest grand piano sound and touch. For those who loves to hammer the keyboard, hammering more forcefully will triggers separate samples at different levels whereas, hammering softly does not lower the volume but creates quiet recording of piano notes.
The Contemporary design P-155 comes in three different colors for you to choose from, Black with Mahogany top-board, Black with Ebony and Silver with Cherry.
The four speakers on the piano’s soundboard are located in the same positions as the four microphones that were used to sample the nine-foot grand source instrument while the bottom panel of the Avant Grand houses four subwoofers with each speaker powered by a dedicated amplifier.

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