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61-key touch responsive keyboard with 731 natural voices, an arpeggio feature and a fantastic sound system.
DJ Mode-- One press of the DJ button calls up a full toolbox of contemporary dance voices and design patterns, in addition to special DJ video games and songs. 186 powerful new styles from different musical genres are on-board together with arpeggios and patterns.
These easy-to-use professional features and cool design set this keyboard apart in its class.

Bass Boost System-- A special port on each speaker includes a powerful impact to bass noise reproduction. One Touch Setting-- This function instantly configures keyboard specifications, such as voice selection and tempo, to match the selected music design. Organ Variation-- Switch backward and forward between two kinds of organ tones-- impacted and normal-- merely by pressing a button. 16-note Polyphony-- Up to 16 notes can be recreated simultaneously for detailed musical plans.

Advanced Wave Memory (AWM)-- Yamaha Advanced Wave Memory innovation delivers incredibly practical noise. MIDI-- Musical Instrument Digital Interface lets electronic musical instruments work together and link to computers.

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