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Yamaha is a popular brand that has dominated the electronic piano keyboard and piano world is the legend from Japan, Yamaha. The Yamaha Arius YDP141 Digital Piano is a versatile instrument that will grow as a player advances from student to professional.
Just like most pianos, the Yamaha Arius Digital Piano has 88 keys, allowing players of all levels to perform works in any range.
Parents looking to buy a first piano for their budding virtuoso will be pleased to learn that the Yamaha Arius YDP141 comes with several songs already programmed into the memory. The Yamaha Clavinova CLP320 Digital Piano is an excellent choice for a beginning student who is serious about learning to play the piano. The Clavinova comes equipped with a music book which includes fifty songs which are programmed in. The Yamaha Clavinova CLP320 Digital Piano is designed for any pianist, beginner to advanced.
Both the YDP-142 and YDP-162 provide unique benefits, including dual headphone jacks that allow two pianists to sit at the bench to practice or play in total privacy.
The new Arius YDP-162 and YDP-142 digital pianos provide authentic piano touch and tone fit for pianists and aspiring pianists alike. Using a special design and position within the instrument, the Acoustic Optimizer physically adjusts the acoustical flow, which controls resonances and enriches the overall sound.
The GH action with Synthetic Ivory Keytops, available with the YDP-162, gives players that classical piano touch and provides a moisture-absorbing surface for sustainable comfort during extended playing sessions. Echoing the superb sound and playability of the AvantGrand Series in a stylish, compact form. Yamaha introduces the NU1, a new hybrid piano that combines the traditional sound and feel of an acoustic instrument with the industry's most innovative digital technology. NU1 is part of a newly established hybrid category that also features the AvantGrand Series of pianos. With the same action and natural wood keys used in Yamaha's finest upright pianos, the NU1 offers a realistic feel that is sure to inspire. The elegant simplicity of the Yamaha NU1 blends effortlessly into any setting, adding an air of distinction without being imposing. The touch and feel of a piano is vitally important to any pianist, whether they’re just starting out or playing at a professional level.
The NU1 features sound carefully sampled from one of the finest instruments that Yamaha has ever made—the CFX full concert grand piano. The elegant simplicity of the NU1 blends effortlessly into any setting, adding an air of distinction without being imposing.
Gives true Grand Piano Performance from a Vertical Grand that is minimal in design and ascetically gratifying. Although this digital piano has built in amplification, with line outs for a sound enginer (if required), we can supply external sound reinforcement for both the piano, CD backgound music and Microphones for speech.
If there are any special requirements regarding delivery like stairs etc please speak to us before booking.

It is a great supplemental instrument which will get the user some really smooth, genuine voices. It costs comparably less than a traditional piano, but unlike many other digital models, the Arius feels the most like an acoustic piano. Young players can learn how to play along with the recordings, further enhancing their technical skills.
Not only is it a great choice for the novice pianist, it is also a wise investment for the highly trained. This digital piano includes many features which beginning students may find helpful, but also features a full sized keyboard and a real grand piano feel which are desirable features for a more advanced student.
There is a key-off feature which duplicates the sound of a piano when playing light and delicate passages. It responds to a light touch with a soft and delicate sound, just like a real piano, whereas a more powerful sound is produced when the keys are struck harder. This allows pianists to stream Radio Service for Piano and listen to a variety of different types of piano music on the piano itself.
It has excellent features which experienced players will enjoy as well as helpful teaching aids for beginners. Intelligent Acoustic Control automatically adjusts EQ to your preferred volume setting, ensuring the absolute best tone at any playing level. The Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action of the YDP-142 builds proper fingering technique for an easy transition to playing on acoustic pianos, while PureCF sampling delivers expressive recordings of Yamaha's CFIIIS 9-foot concert grand piano, a first for the Arius line.
Available in either rosewood or black walnut finishes, customers can choose between the Arius YDP-142's 32" cabinet or the taller 33" cabinet of the more upright YDP-162. Featuring the same acoustic piano action used in Yamaha upright pianos, housed in a refined, compact design, the NU1 brings the renowned sound of Yamaha to any home.
Introduced in 2009, the acclaimed technology of the AvantGrand offers advanced piano sound reproduction without the tuning, cost or footprint of a comparable stringed instrument. The NU1 utilizes Yamaha's newly-developed acoustic technology to reproduce the characteristic resonance felt when playing an acoustic piano.
Echoing the superb sound and playability of the AvantGrand Series, the NU1 offers the warmth and natural presence of an acoustic instrument in a stylish, compact form. The NU1 delivers an authentic playing experience that is almost indistinguishable from that of an acoustic piano. To complement its sparkling highs and full-bodied bass, the NU1 utilizes newly-developed acoustic technology unique to Yamaha to reproduce the characteristic resonance felt when playing an acoustic piano. Inheriting the superb sound and playability of the AvantGrand series of pianos, the NU1 offers the warmth and natural presence of an acoustic instrument in a stylish, compact form. If you need to cancel the hire more than 7 days before the start of the hire, we will refund 50% of the fee. Yamaha keyboards come with built-in USB connectivity and flash storage and are typically found on really expensive synthesizers and keyboards.
Older pianists will also appreciate how seamlessly they can transition their finger technique to this instrument.

The metronome will help solidify counting and performing, by keeping the pianist on beat at all times. This instrument perfectly blends the feel of an acoustic piano with the technical advances of a digital piano. These new Arius models, which will be unveiled at the 2013 NAMM Show, offer users a digital alternative to an acoustic upright piano for the home and are suitable for pianists ranging from beginner to intermediate, respectively.
A two-track song recorder allows players to practice with one hand while the Arius plays the other, at a comfortable tempo the player can select. Additionally, both models feature Duo Mode, which splits the keyboard into two 44-note keyboards each with their own middle-C, perfect for side-by-side or group practice environments.
This hybrid category caters to serious players who live in small spaces, as well as families on limited budgets, offering them the feel and sound of an acoustic grand. This authentic action is complemented by remarkable sound sampled directly from Yamaha's elite fleet of hand-built concert grand pianos. With the same action and natural wood keys as used in Yamaha’s finest upright pianos, the NU1 offers a realistic feel that is sure to inspire. Yamaha keyboards offer built-in authentic voices which are extremely useful for professional musical work. A half pedal effect is also possible by controlling how far the damper pedal is pushed, creating more control over sustains.
The instrument selections can even be changed after a piece has been recorded, allowing the composer to find the perfect ensemble.
This way, students can play off of the written music while the lights indicate the correct notes. There is also a resonance feature which means that the sound of other strings resonating when a single string is struck by a hammer on an acoustic piano is imitated in this digital piano, giving it a much more realistic sound.
These are used in combinations of three to five levels to provide an exponential amount of dynamic options. They also come with the ability to bend pitch and different preset levels of touch-sensitivity. The lower notes are heavier, while the upper octaves have a lighter touch, perfectly mimicking an acoustic piano. Many famous musicians are known to endorse Yamaha products because of their specially optimised and unique features.
This model even has variable touch sensitivity, allowing the player to customise the key response to their personal preference. The keyboards also come with special easy to learn playing program enabling beginners to learn the basics.

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