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To match this great feel, the DGX-640 comes loaded with Yamaha's acclaimed Sweet!, Cool!, and Live!
The Yamaha DGX-640 digital arranger piano is a blast to play and a great songwriting keyboard too! Sweetwater's friendly Sales Engineers are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the music industry, with extensive music backgrounds and intense training on the latest products and technologies. Sweetwater's Flexible Payment Plan is a convenient, interest-free way to buy gear now and stretch your purchase across three budget-friendly payments. The all new Yamaha DGX-620 is an amazing achievement in design, features, performance and value!
If you have always wanted the feel of a real grand piano, however cost and available space are an issue, then the DGX-620 is the perfect solution for you.
One Touch Setting (OTS): Provides you with a recommended voice with effects for each style. Registration Memory: Set the keyboard up just the way you like and take a digital snapshot by memorizing it to one of the Registration buttons. Performance Assistant Technology: Performance assistant technology is a feature from Yamaha that guarantees that you can't play a wrong melody note or chord. Melody: This type lets you play the melody of the selected song by playing any keys with just one finger. The DGX-620 has 30 built-in songs, plus 70 more on an included CD-ROM, for you to learn to play using the Yamaha Education Suite.
Waiting Mode – stops the playback of a song until you find the correct note and then continues. Repeat and Learn – The song location will move back four measures from the point at which you pressed the button, and playback will begin after a one measure count-in. Chord Dictionary – Shows you how to play chords and tells you which chords you are playing by displaying the notes and chord names on the LCD screen.
You can change the "feel", or arrangement, of songs by simply pressing the Easy Song Arranger button, allowing you to re-mix any MIDI file. In addition to the 100 songs mentioned above, the DGX-620 also has auto accompaniment styles that "follow" your playing.
The DGX-620 delivers on its piano theme with a special mode of fingering called Full Keyboard Mode.
Dual Mode allows you to combine two voices across the keyboard at the same time – for example piano and strings. Split Mode allows you to select a different voice for each hand – for example piano for your right and bass for your left.
Separate woofers and tweeters deliver sounds with clarity and precision for more lifelike instrument voices.

USB TO HOST is plug and play simple for recording and playing back MIDI files, as well as transferring data to and from your computer. USB TO DEVICE is for connecting optional peripheral USB storage devices like floppy disk drives and thumb drives*. All Yamaha portable keyboards and digital pianos feature a Quickstart DVD with introductory lessons to help you start playing real music today!
Pour voir le produit et son prix, cliquez sur la vignette, ou sur le lien en jaune au dessus de la vignette. A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly about the Yamaha DGX-640 - Walnut. Very fast shipping, and free shipping at that, made it possible to have my gear when I wanted it.
Simply choose the "3 Easy Payments" option in your cart, and we'll divide your purchase amount into three convenient payments, billed to your current MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express card.
This 88-key weighted graded hammer action product includes state of the art enhancements like USB MIDI for computer connectivity, USB TO DEVICE for connecting USB storage devices, and an amazing educational suite that will get you up and playing immediately. The keyboard selects an appropriate voice for the right hand melody, the correct musical style and the correct tempo. For example, on a jazz style OTS might be piano, for a Latin style it might be acoustic guitar and for a rock style it might be a guitar with overdrive etc.
Select a song, press the Performance Assistant button Chord Mode and play the keyboard – any notes you like. This type offers the greatest freedom, allowing you to play anything with both your left and right hands. The Chord type applies to only the left-hand section of the keyboard, allowing you to easily play chords to support the melody you are playing with your right hand.
Start playing melodies right away, even if you have never played a keyboard instrument before! The songs are separated into left and right hand parts, providing 7 levels of lessons plus a convenient chord dictionary. Simply select a style of music from the 150 built-in Styles (example Rock), play a chord and the DGX-620 will create a backup band (bass, drums, strings, guitar etc.) and "follow" you through the song.
This allows the player to play the keyboard like a piano; for example a chord with the right hand and bass notes with the left. In fact, Yamaha professional audio products are found in most professional recording studios around the world.
The DGX-620 can display the score to a song whether it comes from the Internet, the internal selections or ones that you record yourself, and the pages scroll automatically when a song is played back no more page turning! When a USB flash memory is inserted in this instrument's USB TO DEVICE terminal, user songs created on the instrument and the registered settings can be saved to or loaded from the memory medium.

Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.
Complete with a wide selection of piano voices, exciting playing modes, and an easy-to-use built-in recorder, the DGX-640 is an excellent arranger for anyone who loves to write and play great-sounding music. There is a $10 processing fee for using this service, and your billing address must be in the United States to be eligible.
Voices including Galaxy Electric Piano, Suitcase Electric Piano, Electric Piano, Organ and Rotor Organ and Live!
The DGX-620 takes full advantage of this know-how, giving you an extensive range of nine, top-quality reverb effects that simulate playing in everything from a small room to a large spacious concert hall and four chorus effects that add richness to electric pianos and guitars in particular. USB flash memory can also be used to transfer song data downloaded from the Internet to the instrument, where it can be used with the performance assistant technology and the Yamaha Education Suite features mentioned below. Before purchasing USB storage devices, please consult your Yamaha dealer, or an authorized Yamaha distributor (see list at end of the Owner's Manual) for advice. Vous pouvez rendre votre contenu inaccessible sur ce site - en l'excluant de l'indexation par le robot du moteur Bing. Plus, you get a ton of great effects that you can use to write your own music via the DGX-640's 6-track MIDI recorder. I definitely recommend the graded hammer action keys, they have a great feel and while it's not quite like a real grand piano, it's close enough--plus the Live!
There is nothing more to me that shows you care for your customers than communication with them.
Traditional portable keyboards normally require you to chord on the left side of the keyboard, in the bass section, which is foreign to most piano players.
Furthermore, user songs saved to USB flash memory in MIDI file format can also be used with these features. Just as a real grand piano does, the DGX-640's lower notes take a heavier touch, whereas the higher ones feel lighter and more responsive.
Add to that Yamaha's Performance Assistant Technology and a database of excellent songs to play along to, and the DGX-640 isn't just an amazing songwriting tool; it's an incredible performance piano as well. The other sounds are also pretty good; some are just for fun like the fireworks or explosions which are not quite as realistic but I doubt I'll be doing sound design with this thing anytime soon.
Play a perfect arpeggio, or play chords in time with the music, or really "go for it" and play a solo. Imagine being able to give a concert to your friends or relatives the very first day that you bring this remarkable keyboard home.

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