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If you are interested in a product that you do not see on the site, please call or email us for price and availability.
Standing behind the FX325 is the long standing tradition of excellence found in every Yamaha Guitar. YAMAHA APX1000 ELECTRIC ACOUSTIC GUITAR PRODUCT NEWSRETAIL STOREHIRECONTACT USSearch MUSIC INSTRUMENTS . The FX730C features a spruce top, nato back and sides, an ultra-thin polyurethane finish and high-spec hardware to ensure the looks, sound and playability of this guitar are all at the top of their game. I haven't read all the posts here but in answer to the original question I'd say the top of the line Yamahas are as good as anything else available. Biggest bang for the buck (along with Taks) and high-ends compare well with most guitars on the market. I own a fg700s and I do love it however I don't think it will be my last acoustic guitar and only a couple of days ago I came to the realisation that I would much prefer a high end Yamaha than an entry level martin.

The Yamaha acoustic guitars that are sold in a cardboard box at Costco are entry level guitars.
Truthfully, I'm not as up to speed on Yamaha's product line as I might be, so I can't tell you where their entry level product line ends and their midrange instruments begin, but with midrange instruments you typically get better materials (solid wood tops mated to laminate back and sides,) better set ups, even better guitar cases sometimes. But it's a fuzzy line at the lower end of the market, and sometimes that stuff can be hard to pin down. Our guitars are not a product of a single shop or factory – Yamaha utilizes a worldwide network of the best design, development, and production facilities available to bring you a product we're proud to call Yamaha.
I heard a LJ26 played on a live local radio show about a year ago and I seriously thought I'd never heard a guitar sound so good. Yamaha are a vast company producing motorbikes, sewing machines audio stuff and best of all, great pianos but their guitars are at best, boring! The L series is where I would love to get to one day, LL36 are what dreams are made of The fg700s is my second acoustic but my first solid top and although I don't think of myself as a 'beginner' it still is a great guitar for an intermediate player!

Meet the new benchmark.APX’s thin-line body combines incredible comfort, easy top-fret access and a sound perfectly suited to on-stage use with bright, clear mids, balanced highs and controlled lows. Specially designed non-scalloped X-type bracing allows the guitar’s top to sing and maximizes the resonance of the unique body shape for a full, natural tone. You may purchase on line or over the counter.Our qualified Personnel are always keen to see you into a Yamaha of your choosing at a price that satisfies!
If you are unsure of which model will best suit your needs please consult with our friendly staff whom are only to happy assist with appropriate advice ??TEXT the dealphone, low prices fast!

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