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Failure: as soon as it is necessary to go through the menus is much more complex because of the 2-line LCD. Oh anyway, it is not compatible GM (General Midi), so at the beginning when I connected to my PC, I was really disappointed, and then I have used that more 'individually. The selection of sounds and styles is by two-tabulations, plus three other buttons to select variations.

Of course there is the sentimental attachment to the first instrument, but even if it is technically outdated, I think it has a very good value in use, since it has no major defect or lack of large .
The sounds are still and always significantly better on the Technics (especially piano, pan flute, organ). Here we are dealing with a synth, which sounds good saxophone for example, however, there is not splitable correctly.

This keyboard technics does not seem to have a lot of styles (they are also all written on the dashboard), but there are three variations, so in the end, we arrive at a fairly attractive.

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