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One of the most cult proclaimed keyboard instruments in the history of music is the Wurlitzer Electric Piano. The Wurlitzer's basic principles were developed in America in the middle of the 1930s by a man named Ben F. ROLAND S-50 Digitales Samplingkeyboard guter ZustandKürtenROLAND S-50 Digitales Sampling-Keyboard von 1987, sehr guter Zustand.
Fame SP 5100 Stage Piano - top ZustandNeussVerkaufe hier ein im Musicstore Köln gekauftes gut 2 Jahre altes Stagepiano von Fame SP 5100 incl.
Keyboard Technics KN 470HamburgKeyboard Technics KN 470, sehr gut erhalten, keine Gebrauchsspuren, weil sehr wenig benutzt. Yamaha - Keyboard PSR - S 750ErkelenzBiete hier mein Yamaha-Keyboard PSR-S 750 , Top-Zustand, keinerlei Gebrauchsspuren. Keyboard Bontempi, Model GT 960, gebraucht Preis: 19 EURAachenVerkaufe ein Keyboard von Bontempi, gebraucht, Das Instrument funkioniert einwandfrei, leider ist kein Netzteil ( 12 V ) dabei.

Keyboard von YamahaDüsseldorfHallo Biete hier ein kaum genutztes Keyboard der marke Yamaha an.
With its rough and phat sound, the Wurlitzer has left an immense mark on several classic recordings with a variety of performers such as Ray Charles, Steely Dan, the Doors, Sun Ra and Queen just to mention a few.
Biete hier ein intaktes und gut erhaltenes Yamaha PSR-4600 Keyboard (Technische Daten bitte googlen). In der Kategorie Musikinstrumente finden Sie viele gunstige Angebote zum Thema Keyboard in Ihrer Stadt oder sogar Ihrem Stadtteil. Meissner came up with the idea to place electromagnetic pickups on each string inside an ordinary acoustic piano.
In order to achieve a more powerful tone he added reeds inside the piano which he blew air into. His concept caused great interest from different piano manufactures around the country, and his ideas were sold to the Everett Piano Company who came to develop his original ideas.

They started to work on the concept but what from the start was supposed to be an electric form of a piano, instead became a more electric organ under the supervising of the Everett Piano Company. But the idea had now reached the big jukebox and organ company, Wurlitzer who realized that the invention had a far greater potential. They took over the development of the piano and instead tried to come up with a electric version of a piano more similar to the Rhodes, than to an organ.
To achieve their goals they designed a felt dressed hammer which was placed in the piano in order to stroke the metallic reeds. The vibrations from the stroke on the reeds produced a big fat and rich tone, which was picked up by a pickup system converting the tone into electric energy and leading the tone out of the built in speakers on the front of the piano.

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