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Yamaha Weighted Keyboard models have keys that are harder, heavier and resemble those on a real piano. Have you always been playing on synth-action keys, the ones made of plastic and which you find on most of the 61-keys keyboard?
A weighted keys keyboard offers several advantages for those who intend to buy a new one or intend to upgrade to an 88-key keyboard with weighted keys. In case you have always played on the arranger keyboards, you may find it a bit uneasy to play on these ones, but slowly you’ll get used to the weighted piano keys. When buying a Yamaha keyboard with weighted keys, decode what type of weighted keyboard you want. The higher-priced digital pianos have keys that are designed to perfectly emulate the keys on a real piano, so these come with graded hammer action.
Budget digital piano keyboards may have weighted keyboards, but perhaps it may not feel like the real piano keys. On the other hand, beginners or someone who is making the transition to a piano, may prefer weighted keys which are somewhat lighter.

Before you proceed, you may want to familiarize yourself with the various terms that Yamaha uses for their various weighted keys. There are several brands out there that make these keyboard instruments, but then Yamaha does stand out because of their wide range, which is designed to suit most pockets. And if you’re already a fan of Yamaha, then their weighted keys keyboard will make perfect sense for you. Yamaha weighted keyboards have great sounds and realistic piano touch, making them great keyboards for practicing & performing. Here are the series of keyboards from Yamaha that you should checkout if you are looking for weighted keys.
All the big names in the piano business are constantly trying to improve their digital pianos with the aim of getting that perfect sound and key touch. Compared to a synth-action keyboard, a Yamaha weighted keyboard with GHS or GHE action is a much better option to practice piano, if you have recently started learning to play the piano. A weighted keyboard with 88 keys is what pianists prefer to practice on, and even piano students should aim to buy one eventually.

If you’re serious about your piano playing, do consider buying a Yamaha 88-key weighted keyboard. Mind you, Yamaha makes some of the best digital pianos in business so you can be assured of the quality and finish of the end product. Though they are not there yet, it is just a matter of time before they get it all right on their digital pianos. On the other hand, if you want the closest experience to the real thing, go in for a graded hammer GH3 or natural wood action yamaha piano keyboard if you want the perfect acoustic piano feel. Depending on the model you choose, the degree (weight of the keys) could vary from semi-weighted to proper graded ones.

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