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I have just tried the new ipad control interface app for Kawai’s CN25 and CN35 Digital Pianos. This entry was posted in Kawai Digital Pianos, Uncategorized, Using an ipad with your piano and tagged Digital Piano Controller App, Kawai CN25, Kawai CN35, Kawai Virtual Technician, Mark Ireland Pianos on January 15, 2015 by mi-blog.
Logic Remote for iPad, a companion app to the new Logic Pro X application for Mac, is now available to download from the App Store.Logic Remote is an iPad companion app for Logic Pro X on the Mac. Can a song be played here and have tunes where it reads the instruments and play it like it's in parts. IK Multimedia has announced the release of iGrand Piano, which is described as "a concert-quality piano app for iPad that features 17 different world-class sampled pianos".
Modartt tell us that the Pianoteq K1, C3 and M3 virtual grand pianos now offer an extended keyboard range of 105 keys. MODARTT takes up the challenge by providing an unprecedented extra-large key range for its exclusive grand pianos K1, C3 and M3, with no less than 105 keys (17 keys more than the standard keyboard range), ranging from ultra-low rumbling bass to very high bird-like pitches. The keyboard range expansion was developed to correspond to an increasing demand from Pianoteq users for additional notes. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission from Sonic State is prohibited. GarageBand for iPad is an 8-track recorder, virtual synth, drum machine, virtual guitar, complete virtual amp modeler, competent virtual sampler, and a fun, loop-based song-making app all in one.
One of the biggest impediments to starting a band (in your parents' garage or otherwise) is acquiring instruments.

GarageBand offers an array of virtual "touch" instruments that can be played on the iPad's touchscreen.
GarageBand offers a virtual Ford Econoline-full of gear that fits into the confines of the slim iPad for a measly $5. We'll discuss the all virtual instruments first, since GarageBand prompts you to pick an instrument as the first action when launching it for the first time or starting a new song.
With an ipad in control the settings within the Virtual Technician of the piano can be adjusted more easily than through the menus on the piano itself.
A very well-known example of such a high class instrument is the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand, with its 97 keys expanding the bass range.
The extended sound palette, obtained thanks to the powerful Pianoteq physical modelling, can be used e.g. At just $4.99, GarageBand could potentially replace at least a half dozen or more music apps, all the while integrating with its 8-track recording ability for songwriting on-the-go.
While there are some interface issues and limitations that might frustrate more experienced musicians or recording pros, the breadth of GarageBand's music creation capabilities will certainly appeal to mobile music professionals as much as they might fascinate budding musicians, or even just those with the inclination to explore and experiment.
Shoddy, cheap drum sets and guitars churned out of Chinese factories are available from a variety of mass retailers, but even those will cost in the range of $100-$150.
This won't necessarily replace real instruments, especially for serious musicians, but especially in the case of synths or drum machines, it certainly could. There are also four "smart" instruments: Smart Guitar, Smart Bass, Smart Keyboard, and Smart Drums.

We'll then discuss the recording features in-depth, including recording with Smart Instruments, mixing, song structure, and more. Stuart & Sons have also built innovative 102 keys pianos, increasing both the bass and the treble range of the piano.
But GarageBand is a completely new app that brings a slimmed down, slightly re-imagined version of Apple's entry-level audio recording software from the Mac to the iPad.
Add in costs like amps and tuners for guitars, stands and cymbals for drums, and mics and PAs for singers, and even the original $100 investment can quickly turn into a few hundred dollars.
Additionally, there is a simple virtual sampler, which aside from the sample recording and editing, works just like the regular keyboard.
As we go along, you'll see that GarageBand for the iPad invites users to experiment with different instruments and explore song ideas in a very casual way, while still including enough attention to detail to make the app accessible and usable by more experienced songwriters.
If playing gentle octave chords, the extended bass notes will add a rumbling sound that will strenghten the effect.
On top of this, the instruments will take up space and have to be lugged around to practice spaces or gigs. A complete amp and effects modeler, called "Guitar Amp," as well as a simple audio recorder, mainly intended for vocals, are lumped in the instruments list within the app, but we'll delve into those in a later section.

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