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Roland has announced V-Piano Evolution, a system program update which adds two new stunning Vintage and Vanguard piano models to enhance the sonic possibilities for the groundbreaking V-Piano. Support rekkerd.orgIf you appreciate this website, you can become a patron below, or make a donation through PayPal (no account required). Many thanks to James Wiltshire, Richard Hasiba, Pavel Vladykin, Shannon McDowell, and Sami Younes for showing their support through Patreon! The Roland V-Piano Professional Stage Piano is a total revolution in digital stage pianos.
The Roland V-Piano allows you too choose from vintage grand-piano presets or with its highly intuitive user interface, you can create your own custom sounds. If you are registered with us you may log in to add additional videos related to this product.
Before I start, I do not own a V-Piano, but as this is a relatively new piece of kit, I thought it would be nice to write a helpful review for those that may be considering purchasing one. We will compare prices for new, direct from manufacturer items, excluding any add-ons, options, or other special features which may affect price. The item must be new and must be the exact same make and model (ie, the same size, version, etc.). Since our postage charges are lower than most of the shops, the comparison price must be a "delivered cost" to the consumer. If we are unable to verify the previous condition, we will notify you that we require additional information to verify the Price Match request.
The price you have found must be the Internet Retailer's regular, advertised price for a current and available item. Price Matching requests may not be combined with any other promotional discounts, specials or other price incentives. Prices and price sources you have found which do not meet the above criteria or in which incomplete or inaccurate information is provided to us, will not be approved for our Price Match. Please note, 95% of orders are sent using our tracked next day service, on occasion we will send using royal mail on a 2-3 day service. We have temporarily suspended processing of EUR payments, all orders will be charged in GBP. Roland's 88-key V-Piano provides more than just an incredibly rich and expressive keyboard experience; it puts the authentic, natural sound and detail of a real piano into a standalone digital stage piano you simply have to hear to believe. Stage Piano · Roland V PianoNo review for this product available.› Be the first to rate this product! Vo V-Piano najdete nielen krasne spracovane presety vintage kridla, ale mozete si vytvorit i svoju vlastnu zvukovu zbiekru snov.
Dokonca aj ti najnarocnejsi klaviristi ocenia novu klaviaturu PHA-III Ivory Feel s technologiou Escapement, ktorou je vybavene nove V-Piano. Ani spickove technologie vsak nemusia vzdy vychadzat v ustrety vysoko komplexnym potrebam klaviristov.
This channel provides information of the Roland's best quality electronic musical instruments.
Since 1972, Roland has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies and “world’s first” products. Chris Tomlin talks about his ministry, songwriting, and special songs on the Burning Lights tour, in which he plays solo on the V-Piano. Composer, arranger and keyboardist Brian Culbertson takes us on a tour of his home studio and shares his thoughts on the V-Piano. Musical director and keyboardist Paul Mirkovich (CBS's "Rockstar INXS") talks to Roland about the V-Piano.

Journey keyboardist, Jonathan Cain, talks about his first experience with the V-Piano Grand and how it saved his gig. Producer and keyboardist, Mano Hanes (CeCe Winans, Andrae' Crouch, Israel Houghton) plays the V-Piano and talks about using it in live performance. Choose from a variety of vintage piano models to vanguard (sounds beyond the capabilities of a traditional piano).
With the V-Piano, you can choose from beautifully crafted vintage grand-piano presets or you can create your own custom dream collection. Even the most demanding pianist will appreciate the V-Piano’s new PHA-III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement. This well-built, real-feel pedal comes with a non-slip rubber plate — essential when performing on hardwood or slip-prone surfaces — and an extended cable (2.2m) for stacked multi-keyboard setups. Two switches in one, BOSS’s FS-6 combines latch- and momentary-type switching into one unit.
A portable keyboard amplifier featuring five channels of stereo input, 320 watts of power and Roland’s famous DSP effects — perfect for keyboards, vocals, and more. This contains information on the Digital Piano driver compatible with Microsoft Windows 10.
The latest version of V-Piano Editor, a software that allows you to use your personal computer to customize the V-Piano's tone parameters in real time.
This is the RD-300GX, RD-300SX, FP-7, FP-4, and V-Piano driver for Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Vista(TM) 64-bit Operating Systems. If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions. In addition, we have a library of Owner’s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference. This new instrument combines award-winning V-Piano technology with an innovative multi-channel sound system in a stylish polished ebony grand piano cabinet, providing unparalleled touch, playability, and sound for even the most discerning pianist.
At the heart of the V-Piano Grand is its revolutionary piano component-based modeling technology, which meticulously recreates the complex interactions of the components inside an acoustic piano, resulting in rich, realistic, organic grand-piano sound and performance.
Soaring beyond the limits of previous sample-based instruments, the V-Piano’s revolutionary Component Object Sound Modeling creates a “living” piano engine that has won acclaim from the world’s finest pianists.
Vintage replicates the sound of the world’s finest acoustic pianos, while Vanguard allows the pianist to create new and innovative instruments beyond the limitations of the traditional acoustic piano. In the Vintage category, Vertical faithfully reproduces the warm sound of an upright piano, and V1 Impactance features a Vintage 1 piano equipped with heavier hammers for more power and energy. Whilst I do not own a V-Piano, I did have the opportunity to spend a fair amount of time with one, and Roland\'s excellent staff at LIMS 2009, where I also spent 15-20 minutes playing the instrument. The first thing to note is that this is a completely different way of producing a piano sound. The price you found cannot be a closeout, discontinued, blemished, year-end, inventory reduction, or any other type of advertised sale price. The Roland V-Piano lets you create your own dream piano, offering amazing presets as well as sound choices that extend to the smallest details, down to the hardness of the hammer felts. Vo V-Piane neexistuje prepinanie dynamiky, takze poskytuje makke a prirodzene doznenie zvukov, ktore musite pocut, aby ste im uverili. The Roland Worldwide Social Network keeps you connected to the latest products, exciting events, and much more. In recent decades, no family of Roland instruments has won more respect and acclaim than the revolutionary “V” series: V-Accordion, V-Bass, V-Drums, V-Guitar, and V-Synth. With its innovative approach to digital-piano synthesis, the V-Piano soars beyond the limits of previous sample-based instruments. With the V-Piano, there is no velocity switching, and it provides a smooth, natural decay that must be heard to be believed.

This advanced keyboard technology reproduces the real feel of ivory for the natural keys and ebony for the sharps, and provides a true grand-piano touch and response. With its clean control panel and logically designed user interface, the V-Piano is amazingly fast and friendly to navigate.
Stepping up from the previous generation, the V-Piano Grand’s sound generator has been further improved, and new piano models have been added to the onboard library.
In the Vanguard category, Triple Large features an extended piano body and tripled copper wrapped strings on each key, while Metallic SB is based on the previous All Silver model.
Its revolutionary “living piano core", allows every note to evolve naturally, seamlessly, and perfectly without using samples. Its revolutionary “living piano core", allows every note to evolve naturally, seamlessly, and perfectly without using samples.
However, in today’s market we may not always be aware of all the price fluctuations of the products we sell.
You get astoundingly natural feel and response from the keys, and an easy-to-use control panel makes it easy to get stunning sound after stunning sound from the Roland V-Piano.With the Roland V-Piano stage piano, you can choose from beautifully crafted vintage grand-piano presets or you can create your own custom dream collection. With a new virtual soundboard made of thin metal boards sandwiched between thin wooden boards, the Metallic SB piano sound creates a unique metallic tonal character.
This piano is a firm favourite with the one and only Gary Barlow and he knows his way around a piano or two. The action is exactly what y ou would expect as well, and because the instruments are modelled, rather than sampled - the expression is as real as a true piano. The next thing to note is that this is a pure Piano - there are no other sounds - no EP\'s, no drums - just Pianos, and there are a fair number of them on offer.
Ozivte pod svojim prstami slavne koncerne kridla alebo hrajte na futuristicke piano, ktore dosial nikto nepocul.
Put a world-famous grand under your fingertips or play a futuristic piano that has never been heard before. You’ll be customizing and creating new sounds within minutes of first touching the instrument. Because the Piano uses very sophisticated techniques to reproduce the sound, it is possible to do some things with the V-Piano, that you could not physically do in real life, for example use all steel strings across the piano, or continue using 3 strings per note, right down to the lowest note. These are somewhat gimicky, but show the potential of what is available to you. Now the important part, what does it play like?
Put a world-famous grand under your fingertips or play a futuristic piano that has never been heard before.Even the most demanding pianist will appreciate the Roland V-Piano’s new PHA-III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement. Well, it really is an amazing instrument to play, and because of the way the sound is produced, it gives a feeling of reality, that is unsurpassed by anything else digital that I have played. This advanced keyboard technology reproduces the feel of ivory for the natural keys and ebony for the sharps, and provides a true grand-piano touch and response.
The sound is beautifully reproduced, and the subtleties are faithfully included, whether you are playing a concert grand, or an upright chorus piano.
Even the subtle click feel when the hammer is released from the key, escapement is reproduced. There is easy access to things like tuning, which allows you to get a beautiful chorus effect, that you simply won\'t find on other instruments, no matter how good the effects are, because on the V-Piano, you are actually detuning strings. I could go on about how good this is, but you really need to experience it. I played Classical, Jazz, Blues and some contemporary pieces, and there was a piano to match each of these styles, as well as countless more. At A?4,500 - this is not an impulse purchase, neither is the weight, but if you have the need to replicate a number of real acoustic pianos, either on stage, or in a Studio, there is quite simply nothing to beat this.

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