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Note from Claviers Baroques -- When we first saw this instrument in May 2007 it had been stored for some time and was not playing well -- sticky keys and a few broken strings. Note: the Universal Currency Converter will convert Canadian $ to to whatever currency you like, but be aware that this is a commercial (ie, large volume) mid-market (somewhere between buying and selling) rate.
Back to Main Page for Italian polygonal virginal after Pertici (1684) by Matthew Redsell (Toronto) 1980.
Hey this 88 key piano is in perfect condition, purchased for over 1000 dollars less than a year-ago.
Modern boylover magazine - issue 12 - scribd, For boylovers, and the open-minded international boylove day modern boylover magazine - issue 12. We investigated inside the instrument with a small digital camera through the keyboard opening to see if we could find out more about the long crack on the soundboard.
You can see that one of the soundbars is cracked as well, right where the soundboard is split.

We propped the soundboard up from the inside to force the edges of the split together and glued them with hide glue. The historic method of reinforcing repairs like this was hide glue reinforced with a piece of cloth, cotton or linen being the usual choice.
These are 'go-bars', strips of springy wood, oak in this case, wedged between the ceiling and the soundboard. We made a duplicate in maple to replace it and stained it to match the originals -- maybe you can tell if you know it's there and look really, really hard.
Well, because, if you are thinking of buying it, we think you should know a bit about its history, and to point out that like any good instrument, this virginal is a *long-term* investment. Current actual consumer rate to buy Canadian dollars from a bank of financial institution will be slightly *more* than calculated by the Universal Currency Calculator. The owner told us he had purchased it that way and that he did not think it affected the sound.

I mean, do you think that those Stradivarius violins have never been in a repair shop in 300 years? And even if you are not thinking of buying it, we thought you might find it interesting to see what goes on inside a virginal. We are very proud of our repairs, and we think this instrument is well worth good maintenance.

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