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Sure we’ve seen illuminated keyboards before, but then we saw the Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard and stopped looking.
This full-size USB keyboard with handwriting recognition has a Fashionable super thin design. The world’s first digital music eyewear is now available in a new design with the option of even greater memory.
Think Outside's Stowaway Portable Keyboard is the only full size folding USB keyboard on the market.
The Plantronics CS50 Wireless Office Headset System brings the ultimate in mobility and handsfree conversations to your phone.
The Logitech® V20 Notebook Speakers offer a convenient, high-quality speaker system for your laptop with rich, full sound and deep bass--all in a lightweight, portable design. The Easy Flexable alternative to traditional Power It’s a power strip minus the strip! Compact enough to fit in your pocket, the Targus 40GB Ultra Slim Pocket Hard Drive goes wherever you go! The keyboard has a very sensitive handwriting¬†recognition system and is very useful for digitizing your handwriting.

Open the paper trays at the touch of a button, then start printing using the friendly menus and one-touch buttons.
The CS50 gives you eight hours of talk time and the wireless convenience to roam up to 300 feet with secure conversations.
Instantly connect a printer, mouse, digital camera, memory drive and more to your notebook. With a large storage capacity, the Pocket Hard Drive can hold the contents of an entire computer!
Compatible with many manufacturers’ models, including Averatec, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba and Winbook. It has a programmable keyboard surface which is much similar to customizable keyboard, the entire keyboard becomes a touchscreen. That’s 240 songs in a fully integrated design that frees you from dangling cords and wires.
With its genuine full-size 19 mm spacing between keys, the Stowaway Portable Keyboard allows you to quickly type email, memos, and reports in optimum comfort. And remotely taking or ending a call is as simple as pressing a button with the optional Plantronics HL10 Lifter.

Eliminate the hassle of cords and adapters with the use of the integrated USB port - just plug the hard drive into the USB port of your notebook or desktop and make your mobile life easier.
Everyone has his own hand size and shape and a distinct pattern of dodging monsters in a game, thus to no surprise this awesome keyboard was invented by a game enthusiast.
Listen to music virtually anywhere with speaker booms that adjust easily for a customized fit, and just swing them out of the way when you need to hear your environment.
The award winning, patented folding design is unique to the Stowaway Portable Keyboard and allows it to easily fit in a pocket or purse, so you can take it everywhere, yet opens to a full size keyboard when you need it. Cherry’s J84-2800 Series keyboard features a fully-sealed rubber casing rated to NEMA 4. Patented XYZ OPTICS® extends clarity to the lens periphery, allowing for contours that open peripheral vision. Moreover what’s cool about this keyboard is that it is like the awesome roll over keyboard that you can roll up and put it in your pocket.

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