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The Casio CTK-2100 is a 61-key portable keyboard that is built with beginners and intermediate players in mind.
Casio CTK-2100 comes with a detailed list of functions including 150 rhythms and an impressive 400 tones as well as a sampling function and audio-in-jack for playing your favorite tunes anytime you want. The Yamaha DGX-230 delivers awesome sounds in 76 piano-style keys that are further enhanced with Graded Soft Touch technology.
The Yamaha DGX delivers 30 built-in songs as well as an extra 70 on the pre-included CD-ROM that teaches you how to advance your skills via the Yamaha Education Suite.
The YPG-535 includes a wide array of piano-style features in addition to an easily accessible panel and top-level stereo sounds.
Yamaha YPG-235 provides superior quality sounds and more keys to meet the demands of music students and professional musicians. The Yamaha YPG-235 comes with a total of 100 pre-included songs, 30 built-in and an extra 70 on the CR-ROM it comes with. Additionally, this keyboard comes with separate woofers and tweeters that provide precision-guided and crisp sounds. The Casio SA-76 offers superior functionalities suitable for children to grab the essentials of keyboard playing as well as advanced skills to be able to play more sophisticated keyboards in future. The Casio SA-76 includes 44 keys in addition to an LC Display that eases the process of selecting different music options. Huntington KB61 is an excellent electronic keyboard that comes with incredible instrument features at an unbeatable value.
The Huntington KB61 is packed with 100 rhythms, 16 levels of volume, as well as 8 stereo demo songs and Teaching Type keyboard for effective practice. The Yamaha YPT-230 delivers amazing playing pleasure for beginners and experienced players alike, thanks to an impressive 385 natural sounding voices. It comes with a Portable Grand Button that supports instant retrievals of any authentic stereo grand piano effect as well as a dedicated button that is exceptionally sensitive to touch and results in authentic sounds. To enhance your keyboard playing experience, you can choose from many different parts and accessories that will give you memorable experiences whether as a professional musician or hobbyist. If you are a beginner, it is important to find a keyboard that is beginner-friendly and the good news is that tons of these keyboards are available on eBay.
Conclusion An electronic keyboard is a great device for playing great sounds and whether you aspire to become a professional musician or just love playing and listening to tunes in your spare time, these electronic devices can come in handy for you. Modern technology has made otherwise bulky instruments as lightweight, functional, and affordable as possible. The YPG-235 is a quality entry-level keyboard that gives you the freedom to explore with pitch bend, included Survival Guide resources for learning the instrument, and USB connectivity for computer compatibility. You get an affordable, fully functional electronic keyboard with the CTK2400 and its array of sound controls. Yamaha gives you the feel of playing on a classic piano with the DGX-650 and its graded hammer action.
This 88-key digital keyboard features a graded hammer system for exceptional tactile response, while maintaining a lightweight, compact profile.
When you need a digital piano with excellent simulated piano sound, the PX850 might fit just right. The SA-76 is a mini keyboard with 44 non-weighted keys, but it still provides flexible sound and effect options for users. With a functional pedal system to effectively simulate piano use, and 88 keys with scaled hammer action, the PX-150 makes a great choice for intermediate and professional players.
The YPT240 from Yamaha is an MIDI compatible 61-key electronic keyboard that features ultra wide stereo, reverb and chorus, and a master equalizer for great control.
If you are a beginner keyboard or piano student and you are on a budget, the best thing for you is to buy an electronic keyboard. The best keyboard for beginners will have at least 61 keys, (76 keys is even better!) and will have a great clear piano sound. Serious piano beginners will be able to use this piano keyboard for at least their first 3 or 4 years playing the piano and even when they become ‘pros’they can still use it to entertain friends and family members! Here you will find the best keyboards for beginners based on price, sound quality and effectiveness. The greatest thing about an electronic keyboard when you are beginning your piano lessons is that you can practice anywhere! It is specially great for an older child or teenager beginner, because they can easily take it with them to recitals or their friend’s houses!
This cool lighted keyboard from Yamaha will have you playing songs from the very first day!
It also has a very important feature when learning how to play the piano: touch response keys.
It means that when you strike a key harder, the sound will be louder and if you strike a key softer, the sound will be soft and light.
Choose a song from the 100 songs built-in to the keyboard, select if you’d like to play the left or right hand part and hit “Start”.
After you are really good at playing both hands separately and know where they are supposed to go and are familiar with the melody, then you will attempt to practice playing with both hands at the same time. The keyboard will light up the key that you’re supposed to play, and in fact, the song will actually stop and wait for you to find the correct key! This Casio keyboard is an excellent option for beginners because it has at least 61 keys (which is enough for now…), it has a lighted keyboard, to show you exactly which notes you are pressing and the best of all, you get the stand and headphones too! It is a great piano keyboard for pre-teens as well, since they can have it in their bedroom and practice using the headphones!

What I most loved about it was the fact that I could take it with me everywhere to practice! If you really want to learn how to play the piano, but cannot afford a piano teacher just yet, I would strongly recommend this piano for dummies starter pack. It comes with a 61 key beginner keyboard and a complete piano tutorial, to guide you step by step on your musical journey. This keyboard for beginners make an awesome gift idea for any aspiring piano players in your family! This keyboard also offers two sensitivity levels, so students can learn how to play softer or stronger, according to the songs they are learning. This keyboard is also very lightweight and perfect to take with you to your family or friend’s houses and show off your new piano skills! Even older people, over 50 or 60 can start learning the piano with this cool Casio keyboard. Casio Privia PX-150 88-Key: Awesome Digital Piano Bundle for a Teenager and Adult Beginner! I also LOVE this Casio Privia keyboard for a teen or adult beginner because it is very portable, compact but it has a touch sensitive keyboard, which is an excellent feature to help students learn how to control the intensity of their playing from the very beginning! Keyboards for beginners need to be simple, fun and easy enough to use to keep students interested! Even though this is a FULL SIZE digital piano, with all 88 keys, it is also extremely compact and will fit in most bedrooms! It also comes with the stand, sustain pedal, headphones, self-teaching book and dust cover!
This Casio keyboard is also an excellent option for adult beginners, because it has 76 keys!
Keyboards are a great option for the piano student on a budget, since most keyboards for beginners are very affordable. It also has 700 built-in tones and a tone editor, so teens can ‘create’ their very own original tones as well! It is perfect for the serious piano student who knows he wants to play for the rest of his life. The reason for that is you want to build on your excitement and keep looking forward to your next piano practice! It is proven that our brains will retain information better if you practice only for 30 minutes. When you achieve your intermediate level and are able to play a few songs, than you can start playing from 45 minutes to 1 hour a day if you want. The 61 Standard Piano Keys are perfect for anyone to learn the fundamentals of keyboard play and the step-by-step instructions teach you excellent skills. The complimentary chord dictionary teaches you how and when to play chords while the USB connectivity ensures access to your laptop computer or desktop. It comes with a quality built-in recorder that makes it easy to record your virtuoso performances for later play. It also comes with a power adapter that has been certified for saving energy as well as a sustain pedal and chord dictionary that teaches you how to play chords as well as which chords to play. It comes with 76-Graded Soft Touch keys with varying levels of resistance which enhances the development of skills necessary for transformation into digital or acoustic pianos.
This enhances your play and helps you improve your skills when you access the Yamaha Education Suite.
It also comes with a Bass Boost System that reproduces awesome bass sounds and a powerful true stereo sound quality.
It comes with built-in features such as 100 tones as well as 50 rhythms and 10 integrated songs to give kids access to a variety of sounds. It includes 61 Standard Piano Keys, a Calibrated Chip for excellent toning, as well as Teaching Type Keyboard and a host of functionalities that makes them perfect for novice and intermediate players. This keyboard is easy to play, thanks to features such as Finger Chord Function, Sustain and Vibrato, as well as an LED Display to keep you aware of keyboard parameters during play.
Some of these voices include 371 XGlite voices, stereo grand piano, and a host of others that ensure excellent sound quality during play.
Before logging onto the website to begin searching for a keyboard, it is important to know your skill level as well as the number of keys you want. There are also many others for intermediates and expert players looking for high-end devices. Make sure you invest in some keyboard accessories in order to be able to play tunes as soon as your order arrives in the mail.
This one is a good investment if you need a future-proof keyboard for when your needs grow.
It features an LCD screen for a great visual interface, 400 AHL keyboard voices, 10 digital effects, and 61-key format.
With 88 keys, excellent sound quality and keypress response, and a sizeable suite of effects, this one is well-loved by owners. The P35B exudes simplicity, while demonstrating great quality piano sound without any of the bells and whistles, making this an economical choice for many beginners. It feels just like playing on an acoustic piano, while slimming down the profile to help it fit most anywhere. It features a simple user interface with keys for changing effects, 88 weighted keys, stunning piano sound, and a durable design. The sound app lets you add pitch blend, mod wheels, and an arpeggiator, and the Ultra Wide stereo sound gives crisp output.

With an LCD screen, and Yamaha's educational suite, this keyboard is a great choice for young and experienced players alike. When looking to improve your musical prowess, pick only the greatest keyboard with which to do so. They are perfect for beginners because they are small, very portable, inexpensive (compared to a full-sized digital piano or a real piano) and they still sound great!
If you are serious about learning the piano, cool sound effects will do very little for you. No matter the reason you need an electronic keyboard, you probably know that there are limitless options out there for beginners, intermediates, and advanced players.
This keyboard essentially eliminates the need for a piano teacher, if you are just a beginner. This keyboard comes with a Full Keyboard Mode that allows anyone to play it like a standard piano. It gives you access to 88 Graded Soft Touch keys and the fact that it comes with USB ports gives you more connectivity options. This keyboard also includes a Melody Cut Rehearsal System that gives the right level of training to the right hand. This keyboard is perfect for church and concert hall performances due to its rich Reverb effect. My siblings and I all followed her musical trade by learning to play the Piano & various electronic keyboards then passing this on down to our children. By doing so, you make sure to invest in an electronic keyboard that gives you the longevity you deserve and ultimately helps you explore your creativity and improve your music.
The electronic keyboard can accommodate both professionals and beginners, which makes this a good investment for those looking to get serious. Make a great investment in great music, because a musician is nothing without his instrument.
Searching for the right type of electronic keyboard, especially if you are a beginner, can be a difficult process. My 7-year-old grandson Niko, has been wanting to learn how to play the Piano so we have been looking into a good, quality keyboard that he can play and maneuver easily. Fortunately, seven have been found to be perfect for players of all skill levels coming from varying backgrounds with different budget ranges.
Be sure there are not to many effects or features that will overwhelm them.Keyboard action- You want to be sure to select a keyboard with weighted keys, press down on the keys to see if they spring back up. Like I mentioned earlier the choice is often a bit overwhelming, we parents don’t want to spend or waste our hard-earned money on something that will not stand up to the job or has too much going on. Now days electronic keyboards reproduce a realistic sound to a real piano, replacing the sound of the felt hammers and wire strings with a digital recording. It also has a built-in sampling microphone with 26 varieties of sampling options: 10 effects for short sampling, 10 effects for long sampling, 5 short sampling and 1 long sampling. What’s also pretty neat is the Step-Up Lesson system making it easy to sharpen your playing skills and hearing your progress as you go along. The Step Up Lesson featured on this fabulous unit takes you through both left & right hand parts, breaking down shorter song phrases for easier learning.
Wow, this is perfect, my Niko will love being able to record his own voice while learning, playing and creating his own music!Because Niko will be a beginner the one feature I thought was pretty awesome is the musical information function that shows fingering as you play and staff notification. This allows the new sampler unit to be used with Windows or Mac computers without the need for downloading drivers. The USB MIDI also allows it to be used as a controller with the Apple iPad with the use of Apple’s Camera Connection Kit (sold separately).
This will certainly make a prefect gift for the holidays retailing for only $109.99 at the ShopCasio online store.
Our Niko will definitely be surprised on Christmas day!!The CTK-2400 has a huge library of 110 built-in songs and 400 tones.
The super easy Sound EFX Sampler with five Voice Pads will charm even the highest level pianist.
You can also connect a CD or MP3 player via the audio input and play along with your favorite songs for fun. As we were shopping around for a key board for my grandson we have found the Casio CTK-2400 Sampler has the better value and way more songs than any of its competitors. For more information on all the Casio CTK-2400 Sampler or any of their fine products just visit the website!
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