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En algun momento, seguramente has sentido que te hace falta uno o varios emojis para poder expresar algo que quieres decir a traves del chat y es que actualmente tanto iOS para Apple o el WhatsApp que muchas personas usan, tiene limitadas opciones de estos famosos coloridos iconos.
Como dato curioso, para la seleccion de los emojis multiraciales, Apple utilizo la paleta extendida de tonos de piel, Unicode, que utiliza la escala Fitzpatrick, originalmente desarrollada por dermatologos para clasificar los diferentes tipos de piel. Following is the list of hand picked Top 10 Shortcut Keys of Excel to help Accountants in their work. Hold down Ctrl and Shift together and press Space bar to have the selection of the whole table. How handy it would be if you can navigate through different worksheets within one workbook and even jump from one workbook to other without even touching your mouse. These navigation shortcuts can work only if you have multiple worksheets and workbooks active or opened. Think about a situation where you have to copy a formula from a cell and then paste it in the cell just below it and have to edit it. The cell containing formula must be immediately above the cell where we want the modified formula. If any of the two above conditions are not present we cannot use this technique to its best.
Although it would have been tremendously awesome if we had the shortcut to know what cells are depending on a particular cell value or what formula is depending on a particular cell, however, this command only helps you find the opposite i.e. Ever wanted to select all the cells to the right, left, up or down to the last cell within a specified range? Hold down Ctrl together with Shift and press the appropriate direction key to select all the cells within relevant range in that direction.
The major advantage in terms of accuracy is that through this technique selection is made up to the point a blank cell is reached. During a busy data entry day one would be happy over the moon if excel starts entering data automatically or at least some part of this hectic job is automated. Press F8 once and use direction keys to move the selection in the appropriate direction to select desired cells.
If you are doing something on repetitive basis let it be a formula, pasting, formatting etc then instead of pushing key combination over and over again you can do it just by pressing F4 while in non-editing mode. Take another example, you want to underline certain cell values then instead of clicking underline button in home tab or hitting combination of Ctrl + U, just do this once and later only press F4 to underline other values. However, the brainy heads at Microsoft understood correctly that just a dedicated button to insert sum function is not enough. Select the cells first for which you need the sum and extend the selection by one cell i.e. Simply select the last empty cell of relevant range and hit the combo and it will do the autosum for you by automatically selecting the range at left or above the cell selected. Sir kindly can you share information regarding making of Data loader where we have hell of data and how it is imported to data loader. This post is written for anyone who would like to learn the top 10 (and easiest) keyboard shortcuts that will help you wireframe much more efficiently in Omnigraffle. Best used when: You would like to easily select and move around related elements without needing to select them individually. Best used when: You would like to copy an object from one canvas to another in the exact same place. Best used when: You would like to copy the style of an object to several others with minimal work. Best used when: You would like to have full control when changing object sizes, without having to disable Smart Alignment and Smart Distance Guides. You may think you know all the Word and Excel keyboard shortcuts you need, but check this list first:A These 10 will help everyone work faster. Shortcuts have evolved into an onscreen, menu-driven template with multiple options for each command in the program, also known as Ribbon shortcuts or access keys. Because we all make a lot of typos and errors while working, the first ones on this list have to be Undo and Redo: Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y. For Paste, ita€™s Alt+H-V-K for Home, Paste, Keep Source Formatting in Word, and Alt+H-V-P for Home, Paste, Paste in Excel.
Another shortcut thata€™s often used with Cut, Copy, Paste is Ctrl+A, which means Select All: That is, select the entire document, spreadsheet, or file.
Print is simple, but many users go straight to Print Preview as a final sanity check on margins and layout.
You save constantly (or you should), which is why you'll want to use theseA ribbon shortcuts for Save and Save As, plus Print and Print Preview.
In Word, Home moves the cursor to the beginning of the line or row of your cursora€™s current location. In Word, Shift+End highlights from the cursor position to the end of the line, and Shift+Home highlights to the beginning of the line.

Shift+Page Up and Shift+Page Down move the cursor up and down one screen at a time (about one third of a page).
End plus any arrow key moves the cursor to the last occupied cell in a column or row of data just before a blank, empty cell. D14 has no data, but ita€™s formatted for a date; therefore, the matrix range isA extended through G14.
In the example above, the grid has data in cells A1 through G11, but D14 has been formatted as a date. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Research In Motion (RIMM) reported a net loss for the third consecutive quarter on Thursday, but the struggling smartphone vendor shocked the Street with better than expected performance and its stock jumped as much as 23% in after-hours trading as a result. RIM on Thursday reaffirmed its intention to launch both devices in the first quarter next year, with the company’s full touchscreen phone set to launch first followed by the QWERTY device at a later date. Remember last week when Piper Jaffray said the price hike would have minimal impact on subs and NFLX could even push it to $15? Around the world excel is the most active computer application in the hands of accountants. But surprisingly not much attention has been given in this regard and the work for accountants in excel is still old-school. You must select one of the cells within the range to correctly select the relevant data table. You have to do it to be believe it, it saves much time and make work practically efficient. It will paste the formula in the above cell and automatically enters in editing mode thus saved you many clicks and strokes to copy, paste and enter in edit mode. Situation gets more complicated when one cell contains a formula that depends on data in many other cells. If you are thinking of usual auto complete feature that appears in the cell while typing can be of help to certain extent but most of the time it is annoying. Usually excel users have to double click the cell to view the formula and that only reveals formula in just one cell.
If you want to make a clean, smooth selection of cells but without using mouse, you can make as big selections as you like with our next shortcut which is one short to be our king of list. For example if you have copied a certain value and wants to paste it in several cells then you don’t have to click paste button with mouse or Ctrl + V again and again. It is probably one of those formula which is learned by everyone who is using excel for the first time. It won’t work if you try to get autosum by selecting the far right cell of the range or the cell which is above or at top of the relevant range. Once you hit the combo it will put the formula in place and you will see result when you hit enter or direction key or tab key. Very useful by taking the guesswork out of consistent placement of objects across canvases. Before you start dragging, click and hold Control + Command, and then drag the object to transform. But don't worry, the original simultaneous and combination shortcut keys are still available and working great!A Please note that in this article, the letter 'F' followed by a number (1 through 12) refers to the function keys. Ita€™s Ctrl+G or F5, followed by a dialog box that opens for additional inputa€”the same dialog boxes as the Ribbon shortcuts.
For example, if your cursor is on the ninth word of the third line, Home moves the cursor to the beginning of that line.A Ctrl+Home moves the cursor to the Home positiona€”that is, the beginning of the document.
It also moves the cursor to the beginning of a line or formula inside a cell while in Edit Mode.A Ctrl+Home moves the cursor to cell A1. Ctrl+Page Up and Ctrl+Page Down move through the tabs (additional inserted worksheets) one at a time: Page Up for left-to-right, and Page Down for right-to-left.
When youa€™re in Edit Mode, it moves the cursor to the end of a line only inside a text or formula cell.
For example, if the cursor is in A1 and the entire column contains empty cells, End-Down Arrow moves the cursor to the bottom of the entire workbook. Regardless of the current cursor position, when you press Ctrl+End, the cursor moves to the last, bottom, right cell of the matrixa€”in this case, G11.
Even though there's no data in that cell, ita€™s still considered an active cell, so itA changes the matrix range from A1 through G11 to A1 through G14. RIM is still more than three months away from launching its first BlackBerry 10 smartphones, however, and it expects to post another loss for the third quarter of fiscal 2013. The device looks like many of RIM’s earlier QWERTY-equipped smartphones but the touchscreen above the physical keyboard is taller than the display on the Bold 9900. Even if accountants have some other accounting software at their disposal they always like to involve excel.

But it does not mean at all that excel does not have the potential to aid accountant’s work. But after shortlisting several times over, we have come up with these 10 shortcuts which every accountant must know. Things would become so easy to understand if you are able to know each and ever cell on which a cell is directly or indirectly dependent. And if a data has blank cells in it, then it would be even more unpredictable and disjointed. However, if it is not working then click the ribbon once and then hit the combo it will work! Find the object you’d like to apply the style to, hold down W key, and click the object.
Shift+Home highlights from the cursor position to the beginning of any row (with or without data). For the overall spreadsheet, the End key works with the cursor keys to determine direction.
The same rule applies horizontally: If an entire row is full of blank cells, your cursor is located at A1, and you select End-Right Arrow, the cursor moves to column XFD, row 1. If, however, youa€™ve formatted your cells outside of the original matrix or have anything (even a space or a comma) in any cell outside the matrix range, Ctrl+End will move to the cell at the end of the last column and row that contains any data or formatting.
Therefore, Ctrl+End moves the cursor to the last row and column of the matrix that contains an active cell (or G14). All eyes are on the company’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 phones as the potential start to a major turnaround, and company executives are currently touring the world as they try to keep their carrier partners on board.
Most common example is that data entry work is carried out in specialized accounting software but report work is done in Excel.
Just try to imagine the right clicks and double clicks and then right click and then double clicking to do what you want to do. What if all the data entered in the same coloumn above appears before you in a list from which you can select precisely?
One of the key benefit of this shortcut is that you can use this feature above the range or below the relevant range. This one very function key can do wonders in the way you structure and populate your excel sheet. I have to admit, this very key deserves respect and each of the two uses must be explained at full length separately. But do you know that it can be minimized and maximized when you want it easily using a shortcut?
However, in Word, Redo is shown as a circular arrow, and in Excel, ita€™s an arrow that curves to the right. The Ribbon version is Alt+F-P for both File, Print and Print Preview, because when you select Print, the Preview displays as well. Unlike autosum function, you don’t have to be always at the bottom of the range to execute the command. This switch is probably the loudest, compared to the other four.A popular choice for typers due to the louder clicks and the slight bump when pressing the key. However, one limitation is that the list will be display only that data which is entered in the same coloumn in which active cell is where you applied this shortcut. Marketed as a gaming switch, the Cherry MX Red switches are known for its high actuation force.
So you have to be in the same coloumn where your desired data is to have it in the pick from the list drop down selection. The Cherry MX Brown switch is just as fast as the Cherry MX Red.The Cherry MX Black SwitchAnother linear switch with a quick spring back due to its stronger resistance, has found its niche among RTS gamers. I wouldn’t have minded a Happy Hacking keyboard, but the price was a little out of my range. Although I only casually game, this keyboard makes a much better gaming companion than the Happy Hacking keyboard. It has a fairly standard layout for a mini keyboard and has all the necessary keys for gaming, including the arrow keys. The Black version has white lights for Num, Caps, and Scroll and the Red version lights are red. After spending considerable time researching mechanical keyboards, I purchased the Logitech G710+ because it was the only one which satisfied all of my criteria. There is no flex at all and the soft rubberized finish and dark black keys and bright blue lighting gives it a sleek and expensive look that you don’t really notice in the pictures.
I have to say that this board beats them all, the feel of a cherry brown with the speed of the a cherry black, rolled into one beautiful feel.

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