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This is a beautiful player piano built by the Baus Piano Company of New York City in about 1922. Marshall & Wendell is one of the oldest and most renowned piano manufacturers in American history. We have restored several Marshall & Wendell grand, player, and upright pianos, and they are consistently some of the best pianos we see. A player piano (also known as pianola or autopiano) is a self-playing piano, containing mechanisms that allow the piano to operate via pre-programmed music on perforated paper, or in some instances, metallic rolls. Sales peaked in 1924, as the improvement in phonograph recordings due to electrical recording methods developed in the mid-1920s. We also offer a conversion plan where just about any acoustic piano can be converted to a player piano with a little bit of work. These are some specifics associated with what a professional player piano restoration entails. Remove and number 88 pneumatic bellows, strip material and hinges, re-hinge and recover with new material. Remove 88 valve covers, remove valves, re-cover upper and lower leather and felt valve surfaces and install spacer and wobble flanges. Adjust valves, pouch travel, and ensure proper valve seating and sealing to prevent air leaks. Reassemble upper and lower stacks, connecting them together with new leather seals and gaskets.

Attach 88 new tracker bar hoses between tracker bar nipple flanges and pouch board connections for pneumatic controls.
Strip bellows of old material, replace leather valves, gaskets, hinges, recover with new materials.
Remove rust from pedals, polish, clean rubber surfaces or replace as required, apply clear coat to protect finish, replace connecting bearings as required, apply lubrication.
Strip old finish, replace missing veneer as needed, sand, apply stain as required, apply several coats of sanding sealer, then several coats of clear lacquer. Replace all bridal tapes, replace hammer springs if needed, butt plates, back checks, capstans.
Clean key bed, replace front rail felt punches, paper shims, back rail felt, and clean and polish key pins. The above represents a very much abbreviated outline of the fundamental player piano restoration and omits many specific details due to the complexity of the instrument, variations among brands, and usually some unanticipated additional requirements. The Baus Piano Company specialized in higher quality pianos and player pianos, and they were often made of beautiful woods and ornate cabinets. This beautiful player piano is a traditional "foot pump" player piano that uses perforated paper rolls. The advent of electrical amplification in home music reproduction via the wireless in the same period helped cause their eventual decline in popularity, and the stock market crash of 1929 virtually wiped out production. Recover, remove rust, polish crank, replace materials, set timing, clean and adjust gearing, chains, drive mechanism to spool box, restore air regulator.

Glue and clamp each to lower stack, replace and glue wooden flanges, polish control rods, reattach with new felt and leather nuts, adjust travel for each. This piano is a pneumatically operated player piano which plays from a perforated paper roll.
As for the finish, most player pianos originally used varnish, which crackles and darkens with age. It boasts a Mission style quarter sawn oak cabinet, and the wood grain is some of the nicest you will see.
I use clear lacquer, which emulates the original finish yet is durable and still breathes, unlike poly finishes.
This instrument is being restored to like-new condition inside and out, and can be electrified if desired. This piano includes a matching antique stool, and it can be electrified for an additional charge. I will also create a photo book detailing the restoration process, a written guarantee, and an appraisal.

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