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August Wilson was a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning playwright who lived the final 15 years of his life in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. There she married David Bedford, a black man who had once been a high school football star and had become a city sewer worker, community leader, and avid reader. The battle was joined in earnest when he entered Central Catholic High School and was the only black student in his grade. Wilson enrolled in Gladstone High School and it wasn't long before he experienced one of the defining points in his life, also involving a teacher.
After he turned the paper in, the teacher told him he had intended to give him an A-plus but became suspicious that the paper was too good. Over the decade, Wilson supported himself with a variety of odd jobs -- dishwasher, cook, gardener, porter, and mailroom clerk -- yet he continued to prepare himself for his true vocation of literature.
Meanwhile, he had discovered the art form that would infuse so much of his later work: the blues. He also began to hang out at Pat's Place, a Pittsburgh cigar store and pool hall, where he absorbed the stories of the elderly black men. He married Brenda Burton, a member of the Nation of Islam, in 1969, and had a daughter with her, but the marriage lasted only two years. Wilson was also inspired by the art of Romare Bearden (1911-1988), who created paintings and collages depicting black life. During his off-hours, he hung out at a fish-and-chips restaurant and polished Jitney!, about the men he knew at a Pittsburgh taxi stand.
A resigned Wilson resumed work on his Ma Rainey play, about the 1920s blues singer Ma Rainey (1886-1939) and the musicians who surrounded her.
Wilson wrote most of his next play, Seven Guitars, at two Capitol Hill eateries, the Broadway American Grill and B&O Espresso. The Seattle Rep had meanwhile staged four of Wilson's plays, including a version of The Piano Lesson, directed by longtime collaborator Richards.
However Wilson would soon develop a close and fruitful relationship with the Seattle Repertory Theatre. In May 2003, Wilson delivered a new work to the Seattle Rep that was a complete departure from his usual format. Wilson worked steadily -- between bouts with his punching bag -- on completing what came to be called his Twentieth Century Cycle or Pittsburgh Cycle.
In the summer of 2005, bad news arrived: Wilson was being treated for liver cancer and his prognosis was serious.
On October 2, 2005, Wilson died of liver cancer at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, surrounded by his family. Pittsburgh's African American Cultural Center was renamed the August Wilson Center for American Culture. The conflict is over an upright piano, which held the history and secrets of the family’s hardships in the South.
LeRoy McClain, Charlie Hudson, III, Charles Weldon and Keith Randolph Smith in August Wilson's The Piano Lesson.
We were welcomed to Monday’s recording by Indira Etwaroo and introduced to the show by the veritable artist, Sonia Sanchez. The evening was unforgettable and the cast was astounding, especially Brandon Dirden as Boy Willie, the aforementioned Chuck Cooper as Whining Boy, and Rosalyn Ruff as Berenice. His 10-play cycle of dramas covered each decade of African American life in the twentieth century. In kindergarten, he was already entertaining his class with his stories, and by grade school he was writing poetry.

Then he returned to Pittsburgh where, in April 1964, he bought a used typewriter and sat down in his boarding house room and embarked on his new career as a poet and writer. Wilson would continue, all of his life, to sit and write in places that were full of life and conversation. He married a white social worker, Judy Oliver, and found a job adapting Native American stories into children's plays at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Wilson submitted the play to the National Playwrights Conference, an annual event at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center in Waterford, Connecticut, where selected playwrights develop new works.
Wilson articulates a legacy of unspeakable agony and rage in a spellbinding voice" (Rich, 335). Wilson, now firmly established as an important new voice in theater, rejected overtures to become a Hollywood screenwriter and instead threw himself into an ambitious theatrical project: a cycle of plays about black American life, covering each decade of the twentieth century.
Wilson considered it the best of his three plays thus far, although he added that he always considered his last play to be the best.
For that reason, I think I embrace the award a bit more than the award for Fences" (McFadden). What it does is change the way people look at you, but it doesn't change the way I look at myself. In a 1996 interview, Wilson was asked why he had not worked with the Seattle Rep's artistic director Daniel Sullivan (b. His play King Hedley II, set in the 1980s, was produced at the Seattle Rep in March 2000, not long after its premiere at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre. One writer has given me enough work to look forward to for the rest of my life" (Dirden). In 2006, a pedestrian-only stretch of Republican Way -- running through Seattle Center from Warren Avenue to Marion Oliver McCaw Hall -- was renamed to honor Wilson.
23, 1987, that the August Wilson play, The Piano Lesson, made its world premiere, starring Samuel L.
Boy Willie wants to sell the piano to buy the land where their ancestors had toiled as slaves and sharecroppers. What stood out the most was the amount of depth and reality these skilled actors brought to the recordings having just done the production earlier this year with full costumes, sets etc. His stories are largely set in his native Pittsburgh, where he grew up in the black section of town known as The Hill.
Around 1957, his mother divorced his father and moved the family to the nearby working-class neighborhood of Hazelwood. Wilson threw himself into the assignment, researching it, writing it, and renting a typewriter and paying his sister 25 cents a page to type it.
Wilson joined the Playwrights Center of Minneapolis and began writing a series of plays depicting black life in America, with titles such as Jitney!, Fullerton Street, and Ma Rainey's Black Bottom.
Crucially, the play also captured the attention of Lloyd Richards (1919-2006), the artistic director of the conference and the head of the Yale Drama School.
He already had drafts of two plays ready -- Fences (set in Pittsburgh in the 1950s) and Joe Turner's Come and Gone (set in Pittsburgh in the 1910s).
I had been there a couple of times, and it was as far west as I could get and as far away from New York as I could get.
He often took the bus to other Seattle hangouts, including Lowell's at Pike Place Market, Cafe Minnies, and the Mecca Cafe. It was his acting debut, and he told stories of his childhood and coming of age while puffing on a cigarette. In April 2005, Radio Golf, set in the 1990s and the last of the cycle, opened at the Yale Repertory Theatre.

Wilson's body was displayed for mourners in a Seattle funeral home before being taken to Pittsburgh for his funeral.
The portal into the promenade is a 12-foot high steel and glass door, decorated with his image and quotes from his works.
The sister wants to keep the piano because of the sacrifice at which it had come and the memory it contains.
The play was inspired by a collage called “Piano Lesson” by another child of the Migration, the artist Romare Bearden….
Even without these added objects that can greatly assist in a performer creating their character, nothing from their performances presented felt lacking. He wrote several poems and sent them to Harper's Magazine, where they were quickly rejected. Then in 1976 a director friend, Claude Purdy (1940-2009), suggested that Wilson turn his poems about a character named Black Bart -- a Western satire -- into a play.
In April 1985 Richards directed Fences at the Yale Repertory Theatre, and in April 1986 he directed Joe Turner's Come and Gone, also at Yale. In 1987 Fences won the Tony Award for Best Play and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the two biggest prizes in American theater.
Just days before the Broadway opening, it won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Wilson's second in three years. Seven Guitars, set in the 1940s, premiered at Chicago's Goodman Theatre in 1995, later moving to Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Broadway.
It became one of the few Broadway theaters named after a playwright (the only two others were the Eugene O'Neill Theater and the Neil Simon Theater) and the only one named after an African American.
Many of the performers from The Signature’s production were also part of the recording!
Sanchez was introducing the performance that evening, it felt as though she was the start of the show with her passionate delivery infusing various sounds, volumes, and rhythms. After listening ot the interviews are you surprised by anything Alexis had to say about splitting her time between school and performing? So every morning for the rest of the school year he walked out the door and spent the day at the local library.
He had directed the landmark 1959 Broadway hit about black life in America, A Raisin in the Sun.
His first ambition was to be a poet but he later turned to theater as a way to tell the stories of the American black experience. I think they are responding to the humanity of the characters, recognizing themselves on some level. Boy Willie arrives in Pittsburgh from Mississippi in 1936 and clashes with his sister, Berniece, who had migrated north. There followed a series of critically acclaimed plays, the best known of which are the Pulitzer-winning Fences and The Piano Lesson. It was an immediate critical success and was mentioned in glowing terms in The New York Times. His early play Jitney, heavily revised and shorn of its exclamation mark, premiered in Pittsburgh in 1996 and then moved on to New Jersey. A Broadway theater was renamed the August Wilson Theater and a pedestrian promenade in Seattle Center was renamed August Wilson Way.

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