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This portable solar powered charger earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it charged devices the fastest and was the most durable. People who are unable to install central or window-based air conditioning systems often turn to portable AC units which do not require any duct work or installation. Old houses that prohibit any type of modification can also stay cool with the help of this device. Portable Grills are very nice to have, espcially if you are living in an apartment, or you don’t have wide open spaces.
I’ve always wanted a portable gas grill, but needed to make sure I could cook a full meal. I also purchased the additional propane hose and adapter for a big propane tank so I could just take my home tank with me. I have enjoyed two tasty meals on the Cuisinart gas grill as a result of not only good food but also a superior product. This is a great heavy weight grill without being too heavy to transport and the two wheels made for easy rolling once I had picked my grilling spot. I’ve loved grilling via propane and for years I could get away with it in apartments (in Florida) Then I moved into a house and grilled regularly.
Even vegetarians like to grill out, and the portable Element handles vegetarian fare wonderfully! It's time to ditch the cable snakepit and move your music into the wide Bluetooth yonder with these portable party boxes. Logitech knows a thing or two about making top-notch portable speakers, and scaling down the size hasn’t diminished its skills. Its hands-free phone function, is fiendishly simple, though, and depending on how loud you like your music, it claims an impressive 10 hours of tunage at a 10-metre range. Bose tends to have its eyes on the high-end pocket, and the SoundLink looks designed to appeal to the traveller who considers business class a god-given right. We narrowed our search for the loudest portable Bluetooth speakers down to three distinct size categories: Ultra-Portable, Portable, and Large Portable.
By contacting manufacturers, pouring through technical information, and listening to these products we have discerned the list of the best speakers on the market today. It is important to note that we determine the loudness of a speaker system by the decibels generated at a fixed distance.
We are going to kick off the reviewing process with the “Best” wireless speaker currently on the market and use it as a basis of comparison. During the research process we found this product to have the highest reviews and its stats speak for themselves. The Stanmore is also the most expensive speaker in our comparison, but it brings some impressive features to the table. The unit has a sensitivity of 99 dB (100 MV at 10,000 Hz), which puts it at the top end of our roundup.
Now onto the portable offerings we have found in our all-encompassing search for the loudest speakers! These are the small, but loud, products in our round up designed to (as the name suggest) take your need for loud music wherever you want!
It cranks out over 80 dB of sound, which is four times quieter than the AC powered Marshall, but for being over 100 times lighter, 19 times cheaper, and incalculably more portable we will accept this small issue.
These bad boys can be linked together to create a multi-speaker system (boosting sound intensity) and the fact you can fit a bunch in your pocket, make them by far the most portable in the round up. They feature 6 hours of audio playback through the 1.5 Watt, 31 mm magnetically shielded driver. All in all, the X-Mini Me turns out some quality loudness for the price, but if you have more money to spend look toward our other options. Sound quality is immensely impressive as it can dish out between 95 and 97 dB at half a meter away. A 12 hour audio playback (at roughly 76 dB), microUSB charging port, 3.5 mm audio jack, and incredibly knowledgeable reps on the support side all make this unit an incredible offering! The Soundlink III is the newest in the incredible Soundlink line up and has some serious shoes to fill. 14 hour battery life, over 90 dB volume, 3.5 mm aux jack, and warm full sound all make this product one of the best in the industry.
However, a DC jack (instead of a microUSB) for charging and large price tag kept it from taking top honors in this category.
The Jambox features a frequency range of 85 to 20,000 Hz and utilizes a pair of passive subwoofers and dual drivers. The audio quality is there, but it is not quite what you will get from the Bose nor from the original Marshall.
This is a more encompassing range than our original Stanmore which is impressive from a battery powered system! The V2 utilizes 2 25 mm drivers and a passive radiator while the bass has a “Linear Magnetic Driver,” dual passive radiators, and provides 30 watts of amplification. Also the notable (unpaid) endorsement of Black Flag singer Henry Rollins, innumerous positive reviews, compact size, and usage of the microUSB standard led to the foxL Duet system to the top of our review for the portable systems. It also features 10 hours of playback, which is very respectable considering its large size, as well as a microUSB charging port and a traditional 3.5 mm aux cable (in addition to the Bluetooth compatibility). All of these speakers allow for high quality play back, high volumes, and a certain amount of portability. The best system would have to be the Marshall Stanmore, as it gives the best audio experience, but its lack of mobility and high price tag make it ineligible for this round up. There is no absolute winner out of the seven systems outlined above, as each has its own personality as well as their own pros and cons, which we have done our best to describe.

LOUDEST LARGE PORTABLEFor the Large Portable category, the Big Jam Box wins for superior design and sound! Those who cannot afford to procure, install and maintain a central air conditioning system can easily find a portable conditioner that can fit perfectly into their budget. Charboil grills can be taken with you on camping, electric or propane are perfect for balconys.
This grill is big enough to cook 5-6 good sized hamburgers at one time which is perfect for my family. It was easy to put together, packs up nice, and does a really nice job cooking up burgers and dogs.
The Tabletop Gas Grill cooked my food to perfection because of high heating and consistent temperatures. The coals at this point had pretty much given their all, but the closed vents sped up the cool down period.
When I’ve used up my supply of regular Kingsford charcoal I’d like to try the hickory briquets! Anyway I had to go back to an apartment now and almost all of them don’t allow grills anymore. This grill was pricey, but after several charcoal grills,large and small, higher priced and lower, we finally found the “keeper!” You get a LOT for the money! I live in an apartment building with a terrace and gas & charcoal grills are not permitted. We have had this Cobb cooker for a little over 3 weeks and I’ve used it about 12 times.
This cranks out a loud and clear sound, handling bass so well that we were left wondering where it all comes from.
With Jawbone claiming a range of 10 metres and a hefty 85dB output, this 4W box is capable of a big noise, and for up to 10 hours.
Looking like a 21st-century travel radio, the Model XS packs a 2.1-speaker set-up and a 12W amp into its solid snapcase.
The 24cm-long slab’s (optional) smooth leather cover folds back to form the stand, and the chunky buttons up top are satisfyingly positive compared to namby-pamby touch-sensitive efforts.
Battery life is a rather lacklustre three hours for music and four for calls, after whichyou’ll need to charge it via micro USB. If you like the article and if it has helped you then do share it on Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter.
Our definition of best as follows: loud, quality of sound, price, and other features specific to the speaker. It doesn’t quite fit into the review, as it does not have an internal battery and is around 11 lbs, therefore the antithesis of portable; however, when it comes to audio quality, loudness, wattage, and hardware quality that is pretty easy to take with you, this unit is hard to beat. This allows the end user to customize the sound coming from the unit to their specific preferences. Obviously battery life of the Stanmore cannot be discussed here as it doesn’t have one and relies on AC power. X-Mini is based out of Singapore with distributors in over 80 countries; the miniscule X-Mini Me features only a $23 MSRP! Frequency range is not as broad as the Marshall’s, only 200 – 20,000 Hz, but such a small driver cannot physically generate as low of tones as a 5.25” subwoofer. It is quite pocket sized and offers a convertible case (think iPad Smart cover) to allow it to stand on edge and has speaker-phone capabilities.
Two 25mm (~1”) drivers and a passive woofer offer up a better frequency range than the X-Mini, of between 70 and 20,000 Hz. The Dash 7 can also be paired (through audio jacks or wirelessly) to Soundmatters’ separate woofer, the foxLO (detailed more later on with the foxL V2). They aren’t as portable as the Ultras, but they are still easily stowed in a back pack, purse, pocket, or satchel for simple transport!
Its (more) attractive price tag coupled with impressive output (over 90 dB) and a very nice design lead to its place as second in our line up.
It offers 15 hours of playback and once the battery is drained it can be recharged with the ubiquitous microUSB standard cable. However, the color choice, price, and functionality made it stand out from our other top offerings and therefore merit a 2nd in this review.
These two are capable of being tethered physically (with a 3.5 mm aux cable) or wirelessly (both via the Bluetooth protocol) and together allow a frequency range from 30 Hz all the way up to 20,000 Hz. As such, they offer larger and louder drivers, deeper bass notes, and a more rounded sound on the whole.
With its larger drivers, the Big Jambox is able to turn out 60 to 20,000 Hz and a reported maximum of over 100 dB. All of these features make it a fantastic unit to fill larger rooms and for occasional transportation.
We will not be assigning an overall winner, as the true winner will be the end customer, if they decide to buy any of these systems. Unlike other chargers that were not waterproof, The Best model did not sustain any damage when submerged under water for one hour or when dropped repeatedly from 5′, thanks to its durable construction of polycarbonate and automotive-grade urethane. Since there is no duct-work, the unit should be easy to move around from one room to the next.
With portable machines, you do not need to wait several days for the installer to be available.
When you buy a portable air conditioner, the only other thing that you will need is the spaces where the device will be placed.
The Cuisinart CGG-200 which is compact (no bulky propane gas tank) and light (35 pounds) was perfect during one of my meals at a city apartment.

Lower and upper vents were about half way open creating a nice draft to keep the charcoal going and imparting that wonderful smokey aroma and taste on the food. I bought this based on the reviews and I would say it takes a little longer to heat up, but so far the food cooked (steaks) has been very good and it seems like a great alternative when propane is not available., very small, easy to tuck away and lots of cooking space in a small grill.
It cooks lots of food using relatively little charcoal, and since the grill surface is substantial, small pieces of food don’t fall through into the fire.
I had a big gas grill a few years back and I really did not enjoy cooking on it or cleaning it.
Its five-hour battery life is nothing special, but the red touch controls, allowing you to switch between Bluetooth, FM radio and the 3.5mm input, are dashing and very responsive. Overall, the XS is a class apart – and while you pay extra for that, what you get is worth every penny.
Here we have shortlisted some of the best portable speakers for laptops & computer which have both good sound quality and are affordable as well.
There are many theoretical and mathematical descriptions of the decibel, but we will be addressing real world values and perception instead of theories. Turning all three to 10 will produce a wall of sound similar to what you could expect from an entry level sound system, while still maintaining the audio quality. The Marshall unit does offer an RCA input (red and white wires you plug into your old TV), an Optical port, a 3.5 mm input (same as a modern cellphone, iPod, or similar audio playback device), and obviously Bluetooth capability.
This will lead to a more full sound than the smaller Singaporean product, but this is expected with the sizeable price increase.
If it is on the expensive side of your budget, they offer the “Dash a” a scaled back model (decreased battery life, thicker, and a few other metrics) for about a hundred dollars less! We have looked into over 50 speakers in this category and have chosen three that truly sound like winners! Bose, the company opened its doors in 1964 and has since been making some of the highest quality audio equipment in the industry! The Best model has a built-in, adjustable stand that allows the integrated solar panel to be repositioned for optimal sunlight collection and comes with seven adapters for powering virtually any smartphone, e-reader, camera, or an iPad. The reason why the device is referred to as portable is because it can be moved from one place to another easily.
Yet, it’s compact and light enough to carry easily and will be perfect for tailgating. It is much better than charcoal and lighter fluid in a campsite grill, and did not take up much room in the back of the car. Of course, leaving the domed lid on the grill made the food cook faster while imparting the flavor of the charcoal. We did not order a cover for the grill, and wish we had saved the box for dust-free storage.
So here we present some of the best portable speakers both usb speakers and wireless speakers which will suit to your sound quality need. What you are hoping for aside from a glass of cold drinking water is a breeze of cool air sweeping across your face. Over the last couple of years, these machines have become more efficient due to technological advancements.
If you are a renter, you can take the device with you when you decide to move to another house. All prior grills would either have hot spots, get too hot or cold, extensive flareups which caused you to be watching over the grill constantly. The grill grate is easy to handle and clean, making maintenance of the grill pretty simple. I use the lump wood charcoal as suggested by lots of folks and Diamond brand firestarter and it works great. JBL Pulse Bluetooth Speaker is little bit costlier than JBL Flip 2 Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker.
With this information in mind, let’s get down to the hard facts and figures about each one of these wireless speakers! It is important to note that few apartments come with AC machines, and renters are prohibited from installing window units or central air systems.
JBL Flip 2 Wireless has an amazing stereo sound which i think is not possible for any other speaker in this range. Even you don;t have a laptop or computer then you can use the power plug to use it and connect audio jack to your Mobile Phone or iPod. It must be the design of the grill and it also holds a constant temperature once you set it. During my other use of the grill, 13 teammates from a summer league cooked out and enjoyed the grilling experience. It has an in built 2000mAH battery which can be recharged and then this speaker can be used wherever you want. The stainless steel cover and temperature gauge is cool looking and the “grilldozer” accessory is a must have for any guy!! It is a bluetooth speaker so you can connect them with any of the device containing Bluetooth.
It takes a bit of experimenting to get your cooking times adjusted but everything has turned out great so far.
I watched a lot of You Tube videos on this cooker before buying it and they were very informative.

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