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Autism and music do definitely go together, but it can be a challenge for the parents, the child, and the teacher. My piano student is not one of those "autistic savants" -- one of those individuals who perform brilliantly within a narrow specialization.
Have you got experiences, insights, knowledge or just plain frustrations to share with others who teach music to these special kids? Finding the Right Music Teacher for My Musical Genius I enjoyed reading your webpage and thank you for a list of your favorite resources and etc.
Students with Autism Can Participate in Music Ensembles I am a Special Education teacher in Texas and have worked with students with autism of all grade levels for many years. Autistic Student Can't Tell If Notes Are On Lines Or Spaces I have been teaching a 9 year-old girl with autism for about a year. New Therapy for Autistic, Dyslexic, and ADD kids For those interested in more information about helping kids with autism, dyslexia and ADD, I recommend the book, "Disconnected Kids" by Dr.
With Aspergers Kids, Try singing your instructions and using videos I have a very musical child with Aspergers - perfect pitch, good pianist and excellent harpist.
After Two Years, Autistic Student Still Not Recognizing Notes I have taught an autistic student for 2 years. Teaching an autistic with perfect pitch Hello, I found your site looking for advice about teaching piano to an autistic child with perfect pitch.
Autistic non-verbal 6-year-old I teach a very bright and musical 10-year-old boy in his home whose younger sister is autistic and non-verbal.
How to Teach Piano to an Autistic 4-Year-Old? I've been teaching piano for 17 years and recently I started teaching a 4 year old autistic boy. My Autistic Child My daughter is two and a half and has just been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.
My Only Autistic and Wonderful Piano Student I am currently teaching piano to a wonderful 9 year old young boy who has autism.
Where to Find A Good Teacher for My Autistic Son? I am searching for a good teacher for my child, recently diagnosed Autistic at age nine.
Asbergers and piano lessons Not rated yetThis has completely changed the way I am going to teach my children to play the piano. Your songs and resources are going to help me out SO MUCH this year! Not rated yetThis website is saving me! Reading your story, the thing that strikes me most is the problem you have presenting concepts step-by-step.
Piano Lessons Have Been A Safe Place For Autistic Student Not rated yetI have been teaching piano lessons for the last 25 years.
Free keyboard music Brian Boru's March, a piece of Irish sheet music, is a very beautiful piece of music, instantly like-able. Then, the thumb stays stretched as the chord changes to a G, while "2" and "4" fingers form the body of the G chord in the RH.
Please note that all comments are moderated, and will not appear until I have approved them. It is hard to know all the things going through the mind of our 6-year-old, Walt, about how his little brother, now nearly 4, is changing.
So we join him upstairs, all of us, on a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon in November 1994. Walt starts to shout, a€?Owena€™s talking again!a€? A mermaid lost her voice in a moment of transformation. There are attractions in Fantasyland a€” the Mad Tea Party, Snow Whitea€™s Scary Adventures, Mr. But by midafternoon, ita€™s clear that Owen isna€™t self-talking in the streams of gibberish or flapping his hands as he usually does. On the way out of Magic Kingdom, when Walt spots the Sword in the Stone near the carousel, we cana€™t help indulging in fantasy. We dona€™t say anything at first and then dona€™t stop talking for the next four hours, peeling apart, layer by layer, what just happened. After dinner is over and the boys retreat upstairs to their attic lair, Cornelia starts to think about what to do now. I freeze here for a minute, trying to figure out my opening line; four or five sentences dance about, auditioning. Ita€™s a Jafar line, in Jafara€™s voice a€” a bit higher-pitched, of course, but all there, the faintly British accent, the sinister tone.
Just as Baloo looks at Mowgli, I look at Owen; he looks squarely back at me, and then it happens. Disney movie again and again, he was collecting and logging sounds and rhythms, multitrack.
Owen gets this look where he raises his eyebrows and presses his face into the widest of smiles. Back at Ivymount in the fall, Owen, now 11, is not being challenged academically or socially.

Standing silently over him, I can see hea€™s stopping at pictures of Sebastian, the wise crab who watches over the heroine, Ariel. As the credits roll, we do a few voices a€” I say, a€?Sacre bleu, invaders!a€? as Lumiere (Jerry Orbach, doing a stagy French accent). Owen and I walk gingerly down the icy steps of a side entrance to Dan Griffina€™s basement office in Takoma Park, Md. Owen doesna€™t have friends, other than kids he encounters through carefully structured activities. Before we can nod, Owena€™s off and running, doing a scene in which Phil is trying to tell a crowd of doubters about Herculesa€™s potential. We watch as Owen seems to access the emotions of Phil, Hercules and the three other characters in that scene. Since Owen turned 3, the daunting, never-enough demands of autism have remained inelastic, bottomless.
The immediate issue is what comes next, how the autistic world and the a€?neurotypicala€? world might be fitted together for Owen.
Many autistic people, though, can watch that favorite a hundred times and seemingly feel the same sensations as the first time. Disney provided raw material, publicly available and ubiquitous, that Owen, with our help, built into a language and a tool kit. The challenge is how to make our example useful to other families and other kids, whatever their burning interest. Owen, now 20, is opening the microwave in the galley kitchen when we arrive at Riverview on Cape Cod one day in April 2012. Starting Disney Club has been a highlight; he has never been a member of a club, never mind the president of one. We always knew there were other autism-spectrum kids who focused intently on Disney a€” wea€™d met several, after all, over the years. One young woman talks about how her gentle nature, something that leaves her vulnerable, is a great strength in how she handles rescue dogs.
Therea€™s a reason a€” a good-enough reason a€” that each autistic person has embraced a particular interest. Owen stands up, that little curly-haired boy now a man, almost Griffina€™s height, and smiles, a knowing smile of self-awareness. Owen, with his reliance from an early age on myth and fable, each carrying the clarity of black and white, good and evil, inverts this pyramid.
He starts with the moral a€” beauty lies within, be true to yourself, love conquers all a€” and tests them in a world colored by shades of gray. Ita€™s the sidekicks who help him navigate that eternal debate, as they often do for the heroes in their movies. He giggles under his breath, then does a little shoulder roll, something he does when a jolt of emotion runs through him.
This article is adapted from a€?Life, Animateda€? by Ron Suskind, to be published April 1 by Kingswell, an imprint of Disney Book Group.
Ron Suskind is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and the author of four books about presidential power. Here is an arrangement of a classical piece from the ballet repertoire of Tchaikovsky, sent to me by Tabitha S. To turn this piece into a duet, try broken Am chords played quickly from left to right and held, followed by an F broken chord, and ending with a deep Am again. Download easy piano sheet music Swan Lake with harmonyI hope your students enjoy these two versions of Swan Lake! Do you have a funny story about this music, or does it remind you of something you'd like to share with other readers?
I personally have teaching experience with only one child with autism, and another one with Asperger's Syndrome.
He is a storyteller, and loves to talk about his favorite things -- mostly the video games he's been playing, the cartoons he's been drawing, and what mischief his baby brother has been up to.
He is just a nice kid who enjoys music, especially music with which he is familiar.Though he is willing to take instruction, his autism means his processing time for questions and directions can be slow. Unless he really likes a piece of music, he may not be focused enough to make it SOUND like music. This is an important consideration in a band!It is hard to balance the needs of an individual child against the aims of a group which necessarily aims for precision. I have worked with 23 autistic children (all ages, all levels) on keyboard and piano skills. My name is Dee Cucinotta and I am the owner of Piano For Special Kidz, where I teach only students with disabilities to play the piano. I first heard this music played on the flute, used as a procession during the Shakespeare play "Midsummer Night's Dream," and the melody's whimsicality, melancholy, and feeling of forward motion suited well the slow advance of the leotard-wearing, ivy-bedecked players across the stage. It involves simply an ordinary five-finger scale position, but with the thumb stretched to the left as if for a chord inversion during the broken C chord of the left hand.

Finger 5 just "hangs out."Finally, it all comes together when the chord really does change to Am.
Also, IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR MUSIC THAT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, YOUR REQUEST WILL BE IGNORED. My girls are finally willing to touch the piano, and are now asking to take formal lessons, because they have realized that it is not as intimidating as they thought.
I have been struggling as a music student, not having any previous instruction in high school. Not only would such an insight be improbable for a typical 6-year-old; it was an elegant connection that Cornelia and I overlooked. One scene Ia€™ve seen him watch and rewind is when Iago tells the villainous vizier Jafar how he should become sultan. That is where he stops, at a slide of Sebastian with a fearful look, mouth open and eyes wide. But here is a rendering of a Disney character that might have easily appeared in any one of 20 animation books in his room. Cornelia spends time in here, in his head a€” this child she carried a€” whispering to him. This project will take a good deal of work and preparation, but should be a lot of fun and also immensely beneficial to Zazu.
At our prompting, he tells us how various sidekicks would solve his problems, quell his fears. After the third viewing of a good movie, or a 10th viewing of a real favorite, youa€™ve had your fill. Revealed capability, in turn, may lead to a better understanding of whata€™s possible in the lives of many people who are challenged. Ita€™s running through him, first and fresh, which is what he tells Griffin as they sit in the office. Teaching younger kids can be difficult enough, but special needs students require extra attention and patience.
So far I'm very pleased with it, and the way my students are looking at notes in a new way. He had a hard time letting go of the old pattern, because it was so ingrained (and he liked it).This time I persevered, treating the piece as a duet between him and me, and at last we won through. The RH thumb retracts to an "A," and the RH chord is fingered with 1, 3, and 5 on the chord tones. Gordon, Owen also sees Brian and Robert, two autism-spectrum boys who are also really into movies. The students, many of whom have very modest expressive speech, summon subtle and deeply moving truths. She is a piano teacher, arranger and composer from the Netherlands, where Swan Lake is called "Het Zwanenmeer." This easy arrangement lays nicely in the hands of a beginner.
When your student plays Swan Lake at home, the ear of the imagination will fill in the missing harmony. I tend not to try to fix everything in one lesson; this is a boy with a lot of challenges at school, and autistic kids can be prone to depression. Then,some time later, I decide it was time for him to learn the regular "easy" version. One week, he finally played the basic pattern for me, WITH SYNCOPATION, just as well as many of my more naturally musical kids. Her own son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, and she hit the ground running, so to speak, to find answers.
Now, stretch your thumb to the left." It seems to be easier for them to see it this way, as if it is really an Am chord, just stretched for a moment. Sometimes he doesn't understand humor as intuitively as other kids, so I can't always interact with him in just the same way as with other students.
What she has to say about a compromised digestive system that fails to nourish the body, and instead turns food into toxicity for the body, is eye-popping. It is her belief that many afflictions which bear different names, such as epilepsy, schizophrenia, depression, ADHD and ADD, as well as dyslexia and dyspraxia, all share a common origin with autism -- the condition of the digestive system. He doesn't polish most of his music, and I probably give him too much to work on, but he steadily improves.
Her book deals not with the symptoms of these challenges, but with going to the source and changing the health of the gut.

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