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Playing the piano is a skill that many people think has to be started young, and practiced for years and years for anyone to ever get really good at it. Piano For All is a series of 10 ebooks that teaches the reader how to play piano quickly, while eschewing many of the staid standbys of traditional piano teaching. Piano For All can best be thought of as a way for learning music like it’s a foreign language. In addition to focusing on playing and gaining an air for music, Piano For All also does away with many of the childish songs that have been the bread and butter for many people just learning to play the piano. Piano For All is not something that will instantly make someone able to play all of the popular tunes from a variety of genres of music.
The books are meant to be read and learned in order, and every book moves through a new genre of music. Students should also play UP AND DOWNA A in higher and lower registers, and explore additional keys, as well. As a professional pianist and teacher, I adapt my teaching style to my students’ unique personalities and learning needs.
I have great experience teaching children in classroom settings, as well as private lessons.
I teach a wonderful technique that eliminates chances of injuries or stress, and that creates a beautiful sound. Some time ago I made a worksheet called Funny Thanksgiving Food, and recently I drew a version  to use on the iPad or Android, and it is also a printable. I also significantly updated the print-friendly version below, which has keys instead of notes on the staff.  Funny Thanksgiving Food has been a very popular coloring printable over the years, but I think I draw better now. The mention of the iPad brings up the subject of Skitch, my (used-to-be) favorite app to use with worksheets.
I wrote Evernote very politely asking if they could put the first version back in the app store for those of us who use it for education, but they never bothered to reply. I have made a lot of worksheets to help students learn piano keys, but I have not made one for baseball. If you want to try it on a mobile device, here is one easy way to download this into Skitch, a free app for Apple and Android. Click the camera icon on the top left side of the app.  Skitch saves the graphic and places a tiny icon of it on the home page for future use.
Now the student can use the arrow or pencil tool and draw a line from the keyboard to the correct letter. The trash can icon at the bottom of the left hand side will clear the graphic of any marks your student makes so that it will be ready for your next student. The younger the beginning student, the more they need reinforcement on concepts they have learned.
With that in mind, I created a little puzzle for students to color in order to reinforce the names of the keys.

This worksheet is in black and white for those of you without access to a color printer, or if you want to save ink. If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources · Music, games, teaching material, and iPad ideas for piano teachers.
However, learning how to play piano is just like learning how to speak another language; anyone with the time and sufficient dedication can learn how to do it.
The books can be downloaded one at a time so that students can go through them as needed, and they come with illustrations in addition to video instructions and, perhaps most importantly, audio so that learning players can understand what sounds they should be making. While Piano For All is most definitely a series of books that helps people learn how to play the piano, that is like saying that monsoon season is wet.
As research has shown, the best way to learn a foreign language is to do so organically, through immersing oneself in it, hearing it spoken and learning it the same way people originally learned how to speak.
All of the video and audio is meant to provide those following along at home with a sense of what the music is supposed to sound like. However, if one downloads the entire series of them, reads all of the ebooks, follows all of the instructions and makes sure to practice often then it is much more likely that these books will, in fact, teach that person how to play piano. So whether someone wants to learn how to play classical piano, jazz piano, or they want to do something that’s a lot more rock and roll, this ebook series has everything that someone could want to learn in a series of convenient downloads. I thoroughly enjoy teaching children everything about playing the piano, music theory, and how they can most effectively practice and learn music. I am sure not to create a strenuous or harsh environment for children – I want everyone to enjoy learning, and to want to practice! This is a necessary focus that many teachers do not spend enough or any time on; we incorporate a stress-free technique in everything you play. The coloring version is good to use with younger children at a group lesson while waiting for everyone to show up. Imagine my disappointment a few weeks ago when I discovered the company that bought Skitch, Evernote, has totally revamped the app in version Skitch 2.0, so that it is no longer useful with my students!  As a matter of fact, it has created a lot of resentment and angst among long time Skitch users. You cannot change my graphic (other than crop it or zoom in or out), but you can draw or type all over it. I wanted an app that was easy to use and didn’t take much time to learn, and Skitch is my favorite. One of my students loves bunnies, and around the Easter season is a good time for coloring bunnies. Of course, it also helps to have the right program that uses all of the best teaching methods to help someone really grasp the material as soon as possible. As such, newer programs don’t deal with vocabulary memorization and useless repetition.

The program teaches people how to recognize music and how to play by ear before it introduces the concept of reading off of sheet music as well. Rather it focuses on more popular songs that people might actually be interested in learning, or even breaking out at a party if there happens to be a piano in the room.
However, because of all the audio lessons and the videos that come with the books, the full program is nearly half a gigabyte in size.
I equally love teaching adults after a strenuous day of work; it CAN be a fun and relaxing activity after work! There are so many parts of music to learn – I find that my adult students are always very surprised and intrigued at all the different things that go into playing the piano. Along with learning the technicalities of the piano, there is a lot of music theory and history to learn that actually has a great impact on how one plays the piano. The larger print also makes it possible to use this on your iPad with older beginners who can write smaller. In order to save paper and make it more fun for students, I designed it big enough to use on an iPad. Instead they focus on letting someone listen to the words in the language, and understand the meaning as concepts. This may seem backwards to some people, but it’s very much like learning how to speak before one learns how to read and write. I have been trained for years in conservatories in these fields, and would love to teach anyone from the very beginning, or someone who has been playing for years that would like to start taking lessons again. You will have to experiment because pre-children vary a lot in their ability to write on the iPad. However, since it is a PDF so it can be printed, laminated, and used with dry erase markers. If you have the first version of Skitch, I advise you to keep using it and DO NOT update it! If you don’t  want to use this on a mobile device, print it out just as you usually do. After all, if someone is only going to read through the lesson plan one book at a time, then there’s no reason to have more than a single book open and reading at a given time. Don’t try to click on the picture above, because that will just pop up a low resolution image that is only for illustration purposes and it does not look good in print or a mobile device. Click the heading under the picture and it will take you to my website where you can print it.

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