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The instruction book is simply to be your aid and guide; yourself must be the soul that breathes life into it. A good instruction book, however, contains sufficient material to satisfy the wants of all, even the slowest. From the very first lesson train your pupil to think, and discourage all mere mechanical routine work. Establish friendly relations between yourself and your pupils, for thereby you make your lessons pleasant and more profitable. We have known not a few pupils that have taken a dislike to music because their first teachers were not what they ought to have been. Strive to be a friend to your pupil, never become a mere taskmaster; neither command nor demand, rather lead than drive. Some deem themselves above it, others dislike the work and denounce it as too dry and uninteresting. The best teachers should give the first lessons, and there is none so learned that he is above teaching the rudiments of an art like music. Some time ago I made a worksheet called Funny Thanksgiving Food, and recently I drew a version  to use on the iPad or Android, and it is also a printable.
I also significantly updated the print-friendly version below, which has keys instead of notes on the staff.  Funny Thanksgiving Food has been a very popular coloring printable over the years, but I think I draw better now. The mention of the iPad brings up the subject of Skitch, my (used-to-be) favorite app to use with worksheets. I wrote Evernote very politely asking if they could put the first version back in the app store for those of us who use it for education, but they never bothered to reply. I have made a lot of worksheets to help students learn piano keys, but I have not made one for baseball. If you want to try it on a mobile device, here is one easy way to download this into Skitch, a free app for Apple and Android. Click the camera icon on the top left side of the app.  Skitch saves the graphic and places a tiny icon of it on the home page for future use.
Now the student can use the arrow or pencil tool and draw a line from the keyboard to the correct letter. The trash can icon at the bottom of the left hand side will clear the graphic of any marks your student makes so that it will be ready for your next student.
The younger the beginning student, the more they need reinforcement on concepts they have learned. With that in mind, I created a little puzzle for students to color in order to reinforce the names of the keys.
This worksheet is in black and white for those of you without access to a color printer, or if you want to save ink.

If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources · Music, games, teaching material, and iPad ideas for piano teachers. Bradley has seen this too, which is why he is running a hands-on improv camp (coming up in July!) with Leila Viss that’s perfect for piano teachers who are wanting to venture into this way of teaching.
Click the player below to listen or visit our iTunes page where you can download this episode to your iPod and take us on the go!
Lead sheets are a great way to introduce chord inversions and the more advanced chords such as the second, sus and more expanded chords. Miracle Piano Teaching System SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!
A poor mechanic fails to do good work though he have at his command the best tools, while a skilled artisan succeeds even with poor tools, so the inferior teacher fails with the best book, while a good instructor manages to get along, if necessary, with a poor one. The intelligent teacher will readily see what he needs and what his more gifted pupils may leave unused.
Study the operation of your pupil’s mind, and use every possible means to awaken thought.
To cause a pupil to understand a truth, to remember it and to practically apply it, is teaching.
Which pupil learns most, he who is eager for his lesson, or he who tries to escape from it f he who loves his teacher, or he who does not care for him? Many teachers have lost pupils, because they were not capable of entering into the spirit of children, because they were neither cheerful nor forbearing toward those whom they instructed.
The teacher may not be capable of giving such instructions, or he may be too lazy to do so, but he is by no means above it.
The coloring version is good to use with younger children at a group lesson while waiting for everyone to show up.
Imagine my disappointment a few weeks ago when I discovered the company that bought Skitch, Evernote, has totally revamped the app in version Skitch 2.0, so that it is no longer useful with my students!  As a matter of fact, it has created a lot of resentment and angst among long time Skitch users. You cannot change my graphic (other than crop it or zoom in or out), but you can draw or type all over it. I wanted an app that was easy to use and didn’t take much time to learn, and Skitch is my favorite. One of my students loves bunnies, and around the Easter season is a good time for coloring bunnies. They provide the instant gratification teens crave, they give adult students the boost in motivation they need to really get invested in piano lessons, they provide fabulous opportunities for creativity for young students….

There is still something tangible in front of your student, and how much (or how little) they choose to do with in terms of being creative it is up to the both of you. I’ve seen the inclusion of improv in my own teaching provide me with inspired students, fabulous word-of-mouth, increased retention and more creative students who truly understand the music they are playing.
And, for more great creative music making materials check out our composing resource The Curious Case of muttzart and Ratmaninoff. It enables the plodders to play along with the quick learners by adjusting the chord voicing.
I was under the impression these could be used for teaching pop tunes, but finding them is a nightmare! No instruction book can be written that shall exactly suit all pupils, for the simple reason that they are not alike gifted, nor alike diligent.
Show the lesson in hand from all possible sides, and before proceeding to another, convince yourself that it is thoroughly understood. The larger print also makes it possible to use this on your iPad with older beginners who can write smaller. In order to save paper and make it more fun for students, I designed it big enough to use on an iPad. It is better that the student arrive at a truth through a course of judicious questioning, than to simply state it for his benefit. Only that which a pupil can say or write down in his own language, he understands and knows.
You will have to experiment because pre-children vary a lot in their ability to write on the iPad. However, since it is a PDF so it can be printed, laminated, and used with dry erase markers. If you have the first version of Skitch, I advise you to keep using it and DO NOT update it!
If you don’t  want to use this on a mobile device, print it out just as you usually do.
With that being said, it’s really nice to have step-by-step instructions on how to begin with students who have never seen a lead sheet before!
Don’t try to click on the picture above, because that will just pop up a low resolution image that is only for illustration purposes and it does not look good in print or a mobile device. Click the heading under the picture and it will take you to my website where you can print it.

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