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Just sending out a quick email today to announce that registration for the upcoming Fall 2016 session of my Piano Pedagogy 101 online course will be available this Friday (July 29) at 9am Eastern time. If you live anywhere near Ohio or Indiana, I would love to invite you to join me at a couple of upcoming conferences for music teachers this Fall. Discover new repertoire for engaging your students as we explore the profusion of piano literature for children composed after the example of Robert Schumann’s Album for the Young, Op.
Registration for the full conference is $80 for IndianaMTA members and $95 for non-members.
I will also present a session during the OhioMTA state conference occurring November 3-5, 2016 in Kent, Ohio. Seven of my students registered for this camp this year, plus I had a high school student volunteer as my helper.
As I informed my students on the first day of our camp, the goal of the week is to be able to listen to an unfamiliar piece of classical music and identify the style period (or, at least, take a good guess). Each day, we had a listening quiz game where we listen to pieces from a YouTube playlist with the goal of identifying the style period we hear. I am pleased to announce the two randomly-chosen winners of the promo code giveaway for the Note Rush app.
Today, I am so excited to introduce to you a brand new app for music teachers called Note Rush.
The app automatically calibrates to the piano, allowing the app to be useable even if the piano may be slightly out-of-tune. Because the rounds are timed, students are invited to repeat the rounds to try to improve their times.
The three themes appeal to a wide range of students while not creating a distraction through too many options. On our final day of camp, students reviewed the drafts of their composition that I had updated and printed from Finale the previous evening.
Students took turns using the piano and keyboard to practice their compositions, so that they could perform them for the group. There were a number of other games and activities we used throughout the week, but I mostly wanted to highlight the process of guiding all ten of my students to complete a composition by the end of the week. I used guiding questions to help the students figure out how to dictate the rhythm and properly notate their compositions. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with how the week went and with the resulting compositions! That evening, I updated each student’s composition in Finale and printed nearly-completed drafts for students to work from the following day.
On Day 2 of our composing camp, our goal was to get a good amount of our pieces composed and written down by the end of the day. That evening, I took it upon myself to enter each student’s composition so far into Finale. As mentioned previously, this week is the week: it’s composition camp for my students and me!
Throughout this camp, students will experience the joy of creation while composing their own music: from the energy of the initial creative urge, following the path of their personal inspiration, then settling it all into a captured vision. On the first day of camp, our goal was for each student to (1) chose a subject for their musical composition and (2) draw an illustration.
It is so fun to see what each student chooses and how they choose depict the subject matter through their drawing. The rest of the group provided feedback about how the improvisation made them feel or what the music reminded them of. This is good preparation for Day 2, when we will start formulating the structure of our compositions and writing them down on staff paper.
That evening, I scanned each student’s illustration so that it would be ready to digitally insert into Finale software later in the week. For a long time, I have identified myself as someone who is terrible at remembering to take my daily multivitamin pill.
So, I started experimenting with putting my multivitamin bottle in a certain place in the house that might help me create a daily habit of taking my multivitamin each morning.

Next, I tried putting the multivitamin bottle in the bathroom, near my toothbrush and other getting-ready-for-the-day items. Then, I tried putting the multivitamin bottle in the kitchen pantry, on the shelf just below the cereal boxes. This experience made me wonder: What other behavior changes can I make in my piano teaching or in other areas of my life?
We piano teachers tend to cite a lack of motivation when it comes to students failing to practice regularly. Instead of focusing on motivating our students to practice, what if we helped our students brainstorm and implement practical ways to eliminate the barriers that make practice difficult or inconvenient? To receive notifications when Sara’s other compositions became available, please like her Facebook page or join the email list at her website. To be successful in business, it takes a winning combination of services, competitive pricing and dedication by all employees to excel at customer service excellence. These are week by week introductions to one note at a time for the student ,with games to play on the Stave House board to reinforce the learning, a practice tick box section and video links . After these tutor books we progress to LCM steps with Stave House teaching notes and then LCM Grades with Stave House theory notes.
With music from the stage show “Elaines Exciting Adventure”  and some remixed and rather funky tracks from the  “Here is a House”  c.d. We offer private instructions in piano, guitar, voice, violin, music theory, harmony and history.
First day of next art session for children and adult is Tuesday , July 12 - August 23, 2016. Available studios with piano, art room, dance floor for hourly, daily, weekly and long term rent. I used to think that being a great teacher and building an amazing business was about time and effort. I was stressed and had nothing left for other things that mattered– like family, health, and fun. One day, I took a step back and began to restructure my business– changing my long-time routine was scary, but it came like a breath of fresh air. Grace authors a lifestyle blog about music, travel, self-improvement, and entrepreneurship. During this session, we will learn how to best choose or create music games that will inspire, activate, and spark memorable learning moments.
Each day of camp, we study a music style period (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern) as well as a particular composer from that time period. This is the same goal that my college professor had for us during the first semester of music history class. As I mentioned in my full review, Note Rush has quickly become my favorite app for piano teaching. As I have been experimenting with this app during beta testing, I soon discovered just what a useful tool this app is for my students. For a chance to win a free download of Note Rush, leave a comment below before Tuesday, June 28 at midnight (Eastern time) sharing your favorite aspect of Note Rush. The goal for this four-day camp was to experience the process of expressing something through the piano and writing it down. With that in mind, we spent time discussing form (AB, ABA, through-composed, etc.) as well as various aspects of proper music notation. On this particular day, one of my students brought in a birthday snack to share: homemade ice cream sandwiches!
By the end of the week, each student will take home an illustrated copy of their composition, printed using professional music notation software. I hoped that seeing the multivitamins when I came into the kitchen for breakfast would serve as a good reminder every day.
I tend to eat a bowl of cereal every morning, so I thought this would be a good place. And I liked that the bottle was out-of-sight instead of out on the countertop. But what about when the problem isn’t a lack of motivation? Many of our students want to practice, but there are barriers preventing it from occurring daily.

At Raydene Koch, Piano Teaching Professional, our philosophy is simple; to be the best we can be in servicing your needs. Our continued growth is testament to our pledge to provide you with products of the highest quality and unmatched customer service; we have built our reputation on this belief. If you don’t see what you are looking for, call us at 587-983-0292 and we will be happy to discuss your needs. Beginners need to learn a whole new language; memorizing the notes, practicing scales, and getting a feel for chord structures are just a few of the basics. Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting.
The notes mentioning particular pages are in relationship to these books but there is no reason why you cannot use a different tutor book with the same exercises and Stave House board work. Graduate of Odessa State Music College  she has been teaching since 1989 in Ukraine,Lithuania and Canada. As we study each composer’s childhood and career, students will learn about the music, fashion, art, and architecture of the time. It’s so important for students to learn to associate staff positions with the corresponding piano key in the correct octave, and Note Rush encourages this! In addition to individual work, students will get to take part in group-based improvisation and composition throughout the week. The problem was that it wasn’t convenient to get a drink of water for swallowing the multivitamin. As it turned out, however, my eyes did not always see the multivitamin bottle there in the pantry. This works because I always take out a cereal bowl every morning, so I can’t miss seeing the bottle. How can we help students create their own opportunities to achieve “small wins” on their way to establishing new habits? We believe that our customers come first; it is not just a cliche but a commitment we make to all our past and future customers. After that, though, you’ll be able to dive into more exciting things, like dynamics and ornamentation. He studied music for six years at Canterbury Christ Church University, England, where he had frequent Master classes with one of Britain's leading classical guitarists John Mills. Every year, students are fascinated to find that they can relate to the life stories of composers who lived hundreds of years ago. I have no doubt that this group of students will be composing more pieces down the road, sooner rather than later, at which time we can spend more time on refinement during their private lessons.
I had to find my water bottle (which tends to travel all over the house with me) or go to the kitchen for a glass. In the long run, having this broader context of music history enriches later years of piano study, especially when playing classical piano literature. After coming to Canada, she established herself as a sought after accompanist and coach, working with Centuries Opera Association, Toronto Opera Repertoire and various choirs. In England, Jonathan was a freelance guitarist as well as a Peripatetic teacher visiting various schools in Kent along side teaching the guitar privately from his home studio. Edita has worked with conductors such as William Shookhoff, Mark Dubois and singers such as Gisele Fredete, Igor Emelianov, Eric Shaw, and Michelle Strano.
In 2003 Jonathan emigrated to Canada where he continues to compose, perform, and teach as his full time profession. Edita has collaborated on five CD recordings and appeared as a soloist and an accompanist in many concerts in Canada, USA, Russia and Lithuania. His music has been licensed for television commercials and is used regularly on television shows such as Last Call with Carsen Daly, Pranked, UFC Ultimate Insider, Ultimate Fighting Championship,E News Daily, Newly Weds First Year, MTV News, Tricked Out Trains, Bad Dog, When Vacations Attack, Extreme Parking, and Armchair Directors.

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