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A practical, easy-to-play approach to all the keyboard chords used in pop, country, rock, blues, jazz, gospel, and folk music. In Teach Yourself Keyboard Chords, piano chords are clearly described and spelled out, with easy-to-understand fingerings and diagrams that show you how to play the chord immediately. Want to go beyond "Chopsticks?" This visual guide to tickling the ivories will show you the way. The .zip file contains all of the extras you will need to help you learn from your Mel Bay book.
Let the teacher open the lid of the piano and explain to the student the operation of the hammers and dampers. Many students imagine that this pedal is to be used for the purpose of strengthening tones. Let the teacher strike a chord continuously and that with equal force, using the pedal, and then again discontinuing its use. This will demonstrate the lesson that, while through sympathetic vibrations of all strings there may be greater volume of sound, yet in reality there is no decided increase in strength.

This teaches the lesson that when a forte mark occurs in a piece of music; it does not signify the use of the loud pedal, but rather a greater display of hand or wrist power. The pedal may also be used with broken chords, as for instance when they are written in this wise: etc. When the chord C, E and G is, however, followed by another, as for instance G, B and D, the pedal must first be released before striking the last named chord, for the chords of C and G when heard together make a discord. As the hammer strikes the key, the damper is removed from the strings and remains in that condition as long as the finger presses down the key. According to this principle only keys that lie within the reach of the hand can be kept sounding together.
Now let the teacher strike the same chord alternately loud and soft without using the pedal. In fact, some of the finest effect produced by players is through playing piano with the use of the loud pedal. For instance, the chord C, E and G, sound pleasing to the ear, no matter if the several tones are doubled or trebled, no matter which stands below and which above. You'll progress from getting familiar with notes, symbols, and keys to playing basic chords and reading music like a pro. By the aid of the pedal, however, all dampers are removed from the strings and remain in that condition as long as the foot presses down the pedal.

This teaches the lesson that strength of tone can only be secured through greater force of touch. The piano mark often stands by the side of the word Pedal or Ped., which indicates its use. As long as this chord continues, the pedal may be used, though a too lengthy use of the pedal even with one chord may be faulty. As long as they comprise C, E and G, they produce a concord and the pedal may be used with them.
Without getting bogged down in boring theory, you'll learn what you need to know and enjoy playing as you go! Whether you like Bach or rock, jazz or country, golden oldies or new age, you'll love learning to play the fun, visual way.

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