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Easy guitar songs that are as beautiful and well-known as The Water is Wide are true treasures. Download folk sheet music The Water is Wide for guitar in the key of D Something I like to do with my guitar students when reading the tablature is to hunt for all the eighth notes, by looking in the staff above. The book by William Cole is especially handy, because it has simple piano accompaniments, and chord symbols for guitarists, giving you lots of easy guitar songs!The book edited by Cecil Sharp has some wonderful songs in it, but no chord symbols, and the piano accompaniments tend toward being a bit heavy, even difficult, and maybe somewhat "Romantic" in flavor. Do you have a funny story about this music, or does it remind you of something you'd like to share with other readers?
Reminds Me of High School I sang a song very similar to this one when I was in High School. Lori: I will be returning to this site over and over again from here on out and am excited to present some of the tools I found today on here to my voice and piano students later this week! Matt:THIS SITE IS AMAZING!!I've been teaching guitar for about 5 years now, and I've only just found your website! Learn to play this easy arrangement for beginners of this popular American gospel hymn with free guitar tablature, sheet music and video tutorial. One of the easiest ways to quickly improve your guitar playing is to start thinking of your instrument as being more than just a single guitar. If you use this strumming template through the song, and if you can make the chord changes in a timely manner, then you’ve already got this song down cold. The easiest thing to do, as a beginner, is to learn to develop a bassline as part of a strumming pattern. Adding a bassline (more accurately in the case, a single bass note on specific beats) to our strumming pattern. Playing the D and A chords should be fairly easy, since both the roots and fifths are simply open strings. So you see, with a minimum of effort, we’ve taken a song that, in all likelihood, we would have simply strummed and given it some added depth and color. As always, please feel free to write in with any questions, comments, concerns or topics you’d like to see covered in future columns.
I have been searching for an easy to use and understand online guitar tuition for what seems like ages now, and finally in this I believe that i have found it. Please note that all comments are moderated, and will not appear until I have approved them.

Please contact us with your requirements if you wish to purchase a transposed copy of this piece. A treasured collection of 70 songs, including The Christmas Song, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Jingle-Bell Rock and more!
These books, for all acoustic and electronic pianos, feature professional piano arrangements designed for amateur adult pianists.
When we spot the "fast" notes, we take a pen or pencil and "hook" the tab notes beneath together to make them look like the eighth notes in the staff.
It was "Across the Wide Missouri" (the version as sung by Ray Price), and you're right, …Click here to write your own.
I've already printed several for my children, including the Pretty Little Horses TAB and Carol of the Bells for piano.
My thirteen-year old son is happily, as I type, working with the guitar chord sheets I just printed for him!
I have used your guitar tabs for Shenandoah and Amazing Grace, and find it exciting to hear real music coming out of my guitar for the first time.
I have just started teaching some really keen Y6 boys who want to play Scarborough Fair, and your version is perfect. Once you’ve gotten the strumming part down and have a fairly good grasp (no pun intended) of the various chords, you can start to put together actual arrangements of songs.
Since this is a fairly happy-go-lucky, tropical song, at a relatively moderate tempo, a nice, light, airy strumming pattern seems to be just the thing to play. As beginners, guitarists tend to worry about one aspect of playing at a time and that is probably a good thing. Named after a cocktail, the song reflects on the laid-back lifestyle of living in a tropical climate. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea for the root note to be the lowest tone (of that particular chord) that you can attain on your guitar. It should make for an interesting contrast to the strumming of the verses, not to mention keep you from being bored from playing the same strum template over and over. The trick of any walking bassline (and you can read up on simple walking basslines in our four Connecting the Dots lessons) is to make certain that you arrive at the proper note at the proper time. You’ll be amazed at how many songs (not to mention how many songs you probably know) that have only three or four chords.

The left hand has lots of simple chord inversions, good practice for early intermediate pianists.
Also, IF YOU ARE ASKING FOR MUSIC THAT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, YOUR REQUEST WILL BE IGNORED. Our purchased sheet music is high resolution and can be enlarged without any reduction in quality. They're easy to read and easy to play so even beginners can play their favorite songs quickly, easily, and well. Thank you so much for your hard work getting these on the web, you have made many children very happy!! Even a relative beginner can work out simple arrangements using a little thought and a little theory to dramatically improve his or her playing. But there comes a point where you have to branch out a bit and today we’re going to take a step in that direction. Buffett wrote the song while living in Key West, Florida and it has gone on to become his signature song.
The simplest way to go about playing these two chords would be to first hit the root note (the open D string for the D chord and the open A string for the A chord) on the first beat, then striking the rest of the strings of the chord in an down-and-up pair of eighth notes on the second beat.
Chord symbols are included for use with the automatic chord feature found on many portable keyboards and electronic keyboards. Then you’d pick the fifth of the chord (the open A string for the D chord and the open low E string for the A chord) on the third beat and finally repeat the down-and-up eighth notes of the chord on the fourth beat.
Since the G is on the first beat, simply play F# (second fret on the low E) the previous (fourth) beat and play the open E string the beat before that. Best wishes to you with your college studies and we look forward to chatting with you again. In the strumming pattern that we’re using on Margaritaville, it is easy to play the root on the first beat (followed by the chord on the second) and the fifth on the third beat (again followed by the chord on the fourth). This is a very simple thing to do, using the ideas from the Moving On Up lesson on movable chord shapes up and down the neck.

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