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If you enjoy all the great sounds and intelligent features that the keyboard provides then it is definitely Roland FP-7.
Yamaha QL1s added to hire stockWe are very pleased to announce the addition of a brace of Yamaha's small but perfectly-formed QL1 digital mixing consoles to our PA hire stock. Sennheiser LSP 500 PROOne of the most popular ranges in both our PA hire stock and our sales department is our selection of battery-powered wireless PA systems. We have added a Soundcraft Vi1 digital mixing console to our hire stock, complimenting our existing Vi6 console.
Roland's 88-key V-Piano provides more than just an incredibly rich and expressive keyboard experience; it puts the authentic, natural sound and detail of a real piano into a standalone digital stage piano you simply have to hear to believe. Stage Piano · Roland V PianoNo review for this product available.› Be the first to rate this product!

The DP-990R adds Roland’s acclaimed PHA II Ivory Feel keys, which are made of moisture-absorbent material to offer the natural look and tactile feel of real ivory and ebony.
The DP-990R features a world-class 88-key concert grand sound with individual multi-samples for every key. The FP-7 features Roland’s finest 88-key new PHA II keyboard, with adjustable touch in 100 incremental steps. The Roland V-Piano lets you create your own dream piano, offering amazing presets as well as sound choices that extend to the smallest details, down to the hardness of the hammer felts. The FP-7 incorporates the intricate details of a real piano, including hammer and damper noise, tons of other instruments sound on-board, string and key-off resonance, hammer and damper noise, large LCD display and maximum Polyphony, which makes your performance sound like a solo concert pianist or an entire ensemble. The Audio Key features allow audio files from USB memory key to be played back with the keyboard.

You get astoundingly natural feel and response from the keys, and an easy-to-use control panel makes it easy to get stunning sound after stunning sound from the Roland V-Piano.With the Roland V-Piano stage piano, you can choose from beautifully crafted vintage grand-piano presets or you can create your own custom dream collection. Put a world-famous grand under your fingertips or play a futuristic piano that has never been heard before.Even the most demanding pianist will appreciate the Roland V-Piano’s new PHA-III Ivory Feel keyboard with Escapement.
This advanced keyboard technology reproduces the feel of ivory for the natural keys and ebony for the sharps, and provides a true grand-piano touch and response. Even the subtle click feel when the hammer is released from the key, escapement is reproduced.

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