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Introducing a groundbreaking digital grand with a graceful style and stunning Satin Black finish that blends elegantly into any environment.
This new-concept digital grand is perfect for players who desire high-end piano sound, playability, performance and the look of a classy grand piano.
The RG-1 is equipped with Roland’s finest 88-key stereo multi-sampled piano sound in which the distinctive acoustic properties of each key have been captured, to accurately reproduce the subtlety of a full concert grand piano. For the most authentic keyboard feel, the RG-1 features Roland’s acclaimed PHA II keyboard with Escapement and Ivory Feel keys, which yields a heavier touch in the lower range and lighter touch in the upper. Play along with your favorite songs by simply inserting an industry-standard USB Flash Memory or optional USB CD drive. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about anything piano, from instrument comparisons and aesthetics to lessons, maintenance and practice tips. Loaded with top-of-the-line features, this piano packs an incredible amount of performance power into a smaller, lighter frame. The KR-117M Intelligent Grand Piano combines all the realism of a fine acoustic piano with functionality available only from the world’s best digital pianos. With the stately presence and form of an acoustic grand piano, the RG-7-R is a digita grand piano that combines the inherent beauty of an acoustic piano with digital technology.
Roland’s Digital Grand RG-7-R gives you the same gorgeous form as a luxurious acoustic grand, the same natural keyboard touch, and the most realistic stereo-sampled grand piano sounds ever, with “all 88 keys sampling.” It also provides a host of advanced digital features which no acoustic piano could ever provide, including total volume control, a non-mechanical playback system, and no need for tuning. The RG-7-R also includes 18 other fabulous instrument tones — such as electric piano and harpsichord — carefully selected from Roland’s very best sound resources.
We have radically re-thought and completely redesigned the speaker system to make the sound utterly “natural,” both from the position of the player and that of the audience.
For the most authentic acoustic grand piano feel, the RG-7-R incorporates Roland's PHA II "Ivory Feel" keyboard with Escapement.
The elegant form of the RG-7-R, which is very close to the size of an actual acoustic grand, will draw every eye in the room. The RG-7-R incorporates an advanced automatic keyboard movement function that’s ideal for parties and gatherings.
The built-in CD drive is an exciting musical playback system that adds atmosphere to any environment. Adopted especially for use in hotels and restaurants, the RG-7-R’s locking panel lid can be slid down to hide the control panel, protecting it from spills and bumps, and preventing guests from touching the controls during playback. Using the RG-7-R’s built-in USB port, you can import your very own slideshow and display it on an external screen.

VIMA TUNES CD-ROM content comprises songs that play along with slideshows of beautiful photographs or illustrations and lyrics.
The RG-7-R is lighter than an acoustic grand piano of its size, and also lighter than an acoustic player piano, so it can be moved more easily.
The piano sound and touch are exquisite, akin to playing a world-class grand, yet its bonus features such as the USB memory port give this instrument much more functionality than meets the eye.
It also provides lighter resistance for pianissimo passages and stronger resistance for fortissimo.
The Escapement architecture of the RG-1 keys reproduces the characteristic “click feel” of a grand piano for the ultimate in realistic performance and expression. The RG-1’s flexible file compatibility enables playback of .WAV files and Standard MIDI Files through the built-in stereo speaker system — great for “one-man-band” type performance, or skill-building play-along sessions. Call us at 800-373-2000 and ask to speak with a Piano Associate, or use the button below to access our contact form.
From its exquisite polished ebony cabinet to its expressive grand piano sound, powerful speaker system, and assortment of vocal and instrument sounds, this instrument combines a grand piano with modern, flexible features.
One is Roland’s all-new 88-note world-class concert grand sound with individual multisamples for every key, and the other is the revered Roland piano sound which has brought such joy and fun to players everywhere. This amazing new keyboard technology reproduces the real feel of ivory for the natural keys and ebony for the sharps.
Its exquisitely crafted grand piano cabinet with beautiful polished ebony finish makes it the natural centerpiece of any space in which it’s placed. Simply select an SMF or other music file for playback and watch the automatic keyboard as it “plays” the music. It lets you play commercially available CD libraries for player pianos, standard audio CDs, and CD-Rs with SMF data saved on them. And with the locking panel lid down, the instrument looks even more like an acoustic grand.
Show your menu, or a list of scheduled events, or a preview of coming attractions — or anything that you want to broadcast visually to your customers. And because it’s completely digital and has no strings, it requires very little maintenance. Ne objavljuju se komentari koji sadrze: Psovke, vredanje, VELIKA SLOVA, licne poruke, oglase, reklamiranje i cene kod konkurencije.
The RG-1 is available in a gorgeous Satin Black finish that will complement any space, small or large.

The white keys have a two-piece structure that reduces the surface “click” noise when playing. Both are touch-responsive to the subtlest pressure and nuance — from the deepest bass to the most delicate high notes. And should you need to play with even more presence and dimension, you can connect external speakers.
The natural keys have a 2-piece structure, which consists of base- and surface-material layers.
The large lid can be opened or closed just like on an acoustic grand, helping to create, together with the music rest, a true grand piano presence. Or choose one of the onboard jazz standards or classical masterpieces and watch the keys play the song.
In addition, the RG-7-R houses a USB port, so you can input music data or contents not only with a CD but also with a USB flash memory device. E-Z PLAY TODAY® is compatible with the VIMA TUNES CD-ROM format and displays pitch names of the notes on large-font music scores.
The newly-developed keyboard surface material is designed to absorb moisture, ensuring a secure, slip-proof feel that your fingers will love. Wherever you use it — at home parties, in a hotel lounge, or at a fine restaurant — it will capture the eye, delight the ear, and provide unforgettable elegance.
The piano part comes from the piano itself, while the accompaniment comes from the external speakers, making it sound just like there’s a live band or orchestra right there with you in the room. If you use the optional VIMA TUNES CDs, you can supplement your performances with slideshows and lyrics.
The authentic coloration of grand-piano keys can also been seen on the sides of the white keys. With a wide variety of background music in your library, you can create different moods to suit every occasion.

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