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In order to serve you better and get a faster reply , If you have request about above questions. Obtenez le double des points de revue si vous votre revue est l'une des 3 premieres publiees ! The slim Toshiba tablet keyboard is the most portable of the bunch, if you dona€™t mind using a flat keyboard and having to deal with an extra cable for charging. The Toshiba Wireless Keyboard ($70 as of December 1, 2011) is the slimmest Bluetooth tablet keyboard I've tested to date. A switch on the bottom allows you to turn the keyboard on and off, and a small but difficult-to-press button lets you put it in pairing mode.
The lack of a battery bump saves some thickness, but it also means that the keyboard sits flat on a desk. The flat, matte-plastic, island-style keys are sturdy and well spaced, although they're closer to netbook spacing than to full-size desktop spacing.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. It hasn't been all too long ago that we tested the Megabook GX60 from the renowned manufacturer Micro-Star International, better known under their abbreviation MSI. Thanks to the aluminum case the GX620 is very resistant against selective compression and only gives away slightly at a very strong use of force. The connections of the GX620 are concentrated mainly on the right and left side and on the back of the notebook.
The pretty smart and compact distribution of the connections could convince us in the test. The Megabook GX620 has various options to choose from for communicating with other computers or the internet. As meanwhile almost standard, the GX620 has an integrated webcam placed in the center of the upper area of the display frame. Back side: HDMI, VGA-out, power socket, batteryInput DevicesAs for the keyboard, the GX620 offers a separate numeric block, too, which goes to expense of the rest of the keyboard. Just as strange and still known from the forerunner, is the Fn key which is exactly there where the control key is usually found. The touchpad of the Megabook GX620 is set a bit to the left and can be described as precise and exact. TouchpadDisplayThe Megabook GX620 has a 15.4 inch WXGA LC display making a maximal resolution of 1280x800 pixels possible. PerformanceThe MSI Megabook GX620 has been equipped with an Intel Core 2 processor of the Penryn generation, the P9500 with 2.5 GHz.

The Megabook GX620 has, thanks to the built in hardware and not least again through the turbo button, quite a bit to offer in consideration of performance. PCMark Vantage gives the Megabook GX620 a total of 3901 (4132) points, equivalent to an increase of approx. Click and drag to crop the area of the image, then let go of the mouse button to take the picture.
Make any edits to your image by going to the top of the toolbar and clicking on "Tools." Save your image.
That thinness is mostly due to the fact that it uses a built-in battery instead of a pair of AAA's.
I like how the Shift keys are both full-size and positioned in convenient places, where you'd expect them to be. Not far beside these are two additional USB ports, of which one can be used as an eSATA port. One or two centimeters further to the right are the VGA-out socket and the connection for the power converter. Since the front side is kept clear, typing and working on the notebook is very pleasant because there isn't a disagreeable cable tangle and the ejecting DVD tray of the optical drive is spared. The manufacturer MSI equipped the GX620 with a glossy display, just like it's currently customary in many other notebooks, generally not being a problem as long as the display brightness is high enough and one refrains from outdoor use.
The Megabook GX620 presents saturated and powerful colors, the displayed images are sharp and we couldn't observe schlieren formations at any time. The possible viewing angles turned out to be generous in the vertical as well as in the horizontal area. The already somewhat moldy PCMark05 awarded 6297 (7358) points for the performance of our test device. In the application area the GX620 could get a good 16% more performance with help from the turbo feature. The already dated 3DMark01 run came up with 30009 (34297) points, slightly more than 14% of performance increase. The Print Screen button lets you take a picture of whatever you are working on, and takes only seconds to use.
The flat design, however, permits the keyboard to slide into a bag without creating extra bulk. With this, a shortcoming of the forerunner has been improved and weighs, despite the aluminum case, only 2.7 kilograms, still being light-weighted for a notebook in the 15 inch range. In order to lift gaming ambitions the WSAD keys are highlighted in color.A further flaw of the keyboard is that it gives away quite easily and bends through somewhat.

For indoor use this might be sufficient but one has to watch out that it's not too light because the Glare display can be used as a mirror in radiant surroundings. Fast games like Crysis, Hellgate London or World in Conflict didn't prove to be a problem for the screen and looked (as far as the performance allowed) beautiful and smooth. Tests were made with PCMark05, Cinebench R10 and the newest offspring from Futuremark, the PCMark Vantage.
5286 (6144) points were given to the test candidates in the multi-core test, which is a performance increase of a bit over 16% in both cases. And since the Toshiba Thrive tablet has a full-size USB port, you can even charge the keyboard directly via the tablet. It will also stay put on the desk while you're typing away, as the rubber grips on the bottom are long strips that hold firm. Doing this, the manufacturer not only refurbished the built in hardware but also gave the whole notebook a new design, or rather a new case. Besides the multimedia keys lit in blue and the silver grid-like covering for the loudspeakers in the area between the keyboard and the display, the rest of the rough notebook surface is kept in a plain but elegant black. That firmness, combined with the solid build, gives this keyboard a stable feeling while you pound away at the keys. On the top row, you get keys for opening and controlling your tablet's Web browser, accessing email, using the file manager, and opening the calendar, as well as playback controls and a key for locking the screen.
We had the opportunity to put the successor model, the MSI Megabook GX620-9543VHP, through its paces.
Here it becomes obvious that the turbo function doesn't have any influence on the graphic card. Along the bottom are keys that correspond to the Android navigation keys: back, home, menu, and search. The only point of critique here is the area of the multimedia keys which surface isn't made out of aluminum and therefore can't keep up with the rest of the case concerning resistance. Unfortunately, fingerprints are rather easily seen despite the rough surface, making it necessary to clean the areas concerned frequently.ConnectivityWith regards to the offered connections in the GX620 there is not much to belittle. The elaborate offer reaches from standard ports like USB 2.0, Firewire and VGA-out up to modern interfaces such as HDMI or eSATA ports. How this system operates in applications and how qualified the MSI Megabook GX620-9543VHP notebook is for gaming, we will find out shortly.

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