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When we're playing in fixed hand positions we assume that a piece is made out of five notes in each hand.
When the melody is going down from G to F we can simply continue to descend until we reach D with the first finger.
After landing on the fourth finger when G is played in the long note we can lift our finger and replace the fourth finger on F again. We'll speak about that in a moment but first here are a few exercises that will help you to practice different gaps. As you proceed with your study you'll get there automatically; but remember that anticipation is essential in improving in this field. An arpeggio is a broken chord in which the individual notes are sounded one after the other instead of simultaneously.
When you play an arpeggio you basically have to play a few piano fingerings stretch at once. If we take a C major chord in its root position but we'll add the root on top as well we'll have to perform some changes in our hand position. So if usually the third finger played the E note in the C position now the second finger will play it to allow the G note to be played on the third note. The second way is by replacing the piano fingerings when a note repeats and the last one is by the cross over or cross under. In this beautiful piece by Bach called Menuet we have to switch the hand position from the G position to C position in the third bar. The second bar ending in staccato allows us to lift our hand from the keyboard and replace it on the E note in the beginning of the next bar in a musical and elegant way. In this next Sonatina by Diabelli we have to switch hand positions in from bar six to bar seven through a jump as well.
This is an important trick that makes it easy to play 6 notes with 5 fingers and to switch a hand position without lifting your hand. When the second finger cross over the first finger the wrist should be kept high, and straight and the twisting of the hand should be avoided in the cross over.

We start with the fifth finger on the upper C, and then we descend until we reach the F note with the first finger, then what? In order to move to the E note we can simply cross over the third finger above the thumb while keeping the wrist high and straight. In this next invention by Bach we had to find an original way to overcome the problem of playing a six notes pattern with only five fingers. There we start with the second finger and on the next note we pass the first under it which gives us an extra finger that will allow us to complete this musical phrase. In bar four a passing of the thumb under the second finger is performed in the imitation in the left hand.
Here's an example of how we could use the passing 1 under 3 in heavenly Aide by Guiseppe Verdi. Many students told me that they would like to improve their fingering dexterity and their piano fingering technique.
Hear and Play made this handy Finger Exercises Course that will help you to improve with it. Until today we used to play the melody with both hands while moving from the upper piano staff to the lower piano staff.
In today's piano lesson the melody will be played with the right hand, written on the upper piano staff.
The middle register is ideal for the harmony, and therefore, the left hand will be playing the harmony part at the moment, written on the lower piano staff.
Before we go on there's another important element in music I'd like us to discuss - the BASS. Being the lowest part in a composition, the bass naturally goes to the lowest piano staff so it is played with the left hand. Later on, in our piano course we'll learn about scales, and from that point on we'll learn to realize the logic behind different scale degrees.
Now, you might wonder how it is possible to play the melody, the harmony and the bass when all we have is two hands.

When we try to read piano notes on both the treble piano staff and the bass staff there's a lot of information we need to process at the one time.
The best way to practice reading notes on the piano staff is to FIRST READ AND PLAY EACH HAND APPART. In a partnership each side of the relationship has to know his own part before he can communicate and connect with the other.
Therefore we will first learn to read and play with each hand apart until we play the parts written on each piano staff fluently and only then we'll try to read both the treble and bass clef together.
Before we go on pay attention to a new hand position that will help us to play pieces with harmonic interval on the grand staff.
Here below you'll find some great beginner piano sheet music with harmonic intervals on the staff. At this point many students start to encounter difficulties in combining between the right hand and the left hand. I believe you'll find them very usefull in bringing that technique all together in your system.
Since we have to leave free fingers for the jump from G to the upper C played by the fifth finger. That will allow us to have more finger (four instead of two) as we move in the ascending line to E. It's a succession of melodic intervals arranged in a certain musical shape that makes sense to us.
This combination of the harmonic intervals with the melody, produces chords (You must have at least three notes in a chord). Have a look at a piece before and explore its piano fingerings to save some troubles in advanced.

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