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The African influence is seen in the blue notes and the so called call-and-response pattern found in blues music and lyrics. The 12 bar blues gets its name from the length of the music which is twelve bars that fits with typical Blues lyrics. For example, when playing a C major Chord you will slide the finger from Eb onto E Natural. The easiest way to learn Blues piano is to learn the LEFT HAND rhythms LONG before you learn all the fancy licks in the RIGHT HAND.
Purchase a good blues piano beginner book with chord diagrams that illustrates piano keyboard with fingerings charts and the name of note. After becoming familiar with the basics of piano blues seek out other musicians to play blues, jazz, and boogie woogie.
So if you desire to improvise your music then learning blues is a great way to make it happen. In addition, you will have to learn all about riffs which are mini tunes played when small groups of notes are played together. Learning to play Blues Piano is a fabulous way to improve your piano playing skills. It will help you learn to play by ear, understand how music is constructed, and enable you to fly over the keys. While learning blues, we’ll work on some extra music theory, to round out your understanding of how things fit together. Since the 1800’s Blues has been greatly influenced all types of American music, Classical, Folk, Rock n’ Roll, Jazz, and more.
Some well known Blues piano players from different time periods are: Otis Spann, Albert Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, Oscar Peterson, Randy Newman, Professor Longhair, Keith Jarrett, Michel Petrucciani. The way I teach Blues Piano is unique; developed over years of teaching, it’s easy to follow and understand. In the 60s and 70s blue rock which was a hybrid form of blues was born by combining blues and rock and roll. So, if you want to learn to play blues piano then you will need to learn the blues scale and the 12 bar blues chord progression along with the 1st, 4th and 5th chord.

Knowing which notes to play and how to add rhythms to the notes you will be ready to improvise over the 12-bar blues forms. Learn blues piano improvisation with chords by playing different chords with different rhythms. Students who learn Blues Piano acquire a sense of freedom to play piano and keyboards effortlessly.
Learning to play twelve bar Blues begins with the left hand chord progression and right hand Blues Scale. There is a special feeling of freedom and accomplishment to being able to play without music.
To become a real Blues musician you will have to learn to slide off a black key with any right hand finger.
Learn to jam with others playing blues to help you become more proficient at playing the piano. The twelve bar blues progression is a structure of chords combined with melodies and improvised. Jamming Blues Piano with friends makes a great music connection. It’s the fastest way of learning to play music with others. Once you learn to slide with your right thumb and index finger your will increase the smoothness and range of your Blues riffs. Goals should include chord progression in two keys, blues rhythms, and a single signature piano lick. Complete beginners, after spending a few months learning to read music, can begin Blues Piano, learn new techniques and expand their proficiency.
Usually played as a twelve bar progression, there is a distinct chord and melody structure which gives it such a unique sound. Everything you need to know to master the basic styles of Blues will be presented in an easy to understand progression.
On the piano, blues often has no vocals, and the music is much faster, and full of creative energy.

Blues Piano is often played solo, and is a lot faster and more innovative than Blues generally played on guitar. Studies show that children who have played a blues piano do well in math problems that involve fractions and ratios.A blues piano also enables people to be more organized.
The pressing of key boards and using the pedals require that you to learn how to coordinate your hands and legs without overusing one. If you already play piano and want to learn this great American piano style, then you can begin right away.
Playing Blues Piano helps students acquire a nice fluid playing style and improve all areas of their playing. You have to pay attention and understand which notes are supposed to be used and which ones are not.
Training your brain to remember things is the easiest way of maintaining your memory in future. You also become innovative since you can then try out different tasks on the piano.Blues piano lessons will also make you to gain a lot of confidence and high self esteem. The learning of the piano itself will make you realize that good things do not come easy and a lot of hard work is needed to produce any substantial results.
You will therefore learn to be stronger and determined even while facing other situations in life.Many parents are always in a fix when their children cannot involve themselves in constructive activities after school. Teaching your child learn how to play a blues piano, is a good way of incorporating a good hobby.Learning a blues piano will also make you want to show case to other people on the fruits of your hard work. This builds your self esteem when people appreciate your effort.Apart from the fact that you will learn to appreciate your skills, you will also be able to appreciate others peoples work.
There are a lot of pianists out their trying to make a living out of blues music, but few people really appreciate them.It would also be a great idea if you could take up a career in music too.

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